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Where can I go?

Longtian felt that his master was just teasing himself.

Don't say the world is so big, just this coastal city is enough for them to turn to the next day.

He didn't know where to go.

He quietly looked at the master in the rearview mirror, and saw that the master's line of vision was still quietly looking to the distance, and it was not difficult to find his loneliness in the master's eyes.

In a flash, Longtian understood that their master was afraid to see Miss Shen and to see her as longyi.

Long Yi hesitated in the parking lot for so long, thought for so long, and finally couldn't summon up the courage to meet Shen Lingxi.

Compared with Shen Lingxi's betrayal, he is more afraid that Shen Lingxi looks at him with cold eyes, which are crueler to him than a thousand arrows pierce his heart.

He was afraid, so he ran away in such a hurry and wanted to run to a place to hide, pretending that he was still the man she loved most.

Man is such a strange animal. He loves but hurts each other. He loves but is afraid to love. He is afraid to hurt more deeply.


A car starts from the hospital parking lot, and when it goes out from the exit, a car stops beside the entrance.

Several people came down from the car, one was Quan Nanzhai, who was easy to make up, the other two was Qin lelan, and the other was Shen Lingxi, who had Dragon Wings in his heart.

Even though she was wearing a fluffy down jacket, because she was too thin, she still looked like the wind could blow her down.

She was not only thin and weak, but also hurt her face and feet. She walked unsteadily and was supported by Qin lelan.

Looking at Shen Lingxi, who was thin but still firm in his eyes, longyi shook his fist and said in a deep voice, "stop."

Longtian quickly stops, looks back at longyi, and then follows his eyes. This time, instead of looking empty, he sees Shen Lingxi.

"It's over!" Dragon sky called out.

When the young master of their family saw Shen Lingxi was injured, he was sure to trace the whole story of the escape, so what Xiaojiu did would be exposed.

Xiaojiu grew up in the dragon family. She was half a child of the dragon family. She did her best to serve the young master. All she did was for the good of the dragon family and their young master.

But the young master of their family is blinded by the woman named Shen. There are so many women in the world. He can only see one person named Shen. Other women are transparent in his eyes.

If they want their master to live a normal life, then only let the woman named Shen disappear completely from their young master's world.

But it never occurred to me that this woman surnamed Shen was also very lucky. She not only didn't fall into the trap, but also was accidentally rescued.

Damn it!

However, she should not be complacent too early. The trap is only the most superficial way to kill her. There are many other ways.

In any case, they have to find a way to prevent the woman named Shen from returning to their young master's side, and they can't let the story of the dragon family's extermination repeat.

Long Tian looks at Shen Lingxi not far away. His eyes are cold as ice needles. He would like to see her and kill her.

But soon, he picked up his mood. If the young master knew what they thought, he would kill them before they killed Shen Lingxi.

It's nothing for them to die, but even if they die, they must take Shen Lingxi's woman as their back.

Longtian took back his eyes, saw that longyi was still staring at Shen Lingxi, and once again strengthened his courage: "young master, can we go?"

Long Yi doesn't look at long Tian either. He watches Shen Lingxi and others enter the hospital. He gets off and follows him.

Many times, his actions are not under his control at all. Wherever Shen Lingxi goes, he will follow him.


"Sister Lingxi, don't worry. Brother lie said that longyi will come to see you, and he will surely come to see you." Seeing Shen Lingxi, who was half lying on the bed, clenched her fist with nervousness, Qin immediately comforted her.

"Well, yes, he will." Shen Lingxi nodded. She was more sure that longyi would come than Quan Nanzhai. Because of longyi's feelings for her, she knows more than Quan Nanzhai.

"Well, that's right for you. Anyway, you're very well. I'll wait for him with you." Speaking of this, Qin leran thought again, "sister Lingxi, wait for me, I have another word to say to brother lie."

Not long after brother lie left, Qin lelan has time to catch up with him. She rushes out of the room and calls him first.

Just after getting through, I heard brother lie's cell phone ringing in the next room.

Isn't brother lie going to work?

How does the phone ring next door?

Qin lelan was puzzled and pushed open the door. As soon as the door opened, he saw Quan Nanzhai.

There was not only Nanzhai in the room, but also a man in black with a gloomy temperament.

Seeing Qin lelan break into the house, two men look back at her at the same time.

When Quan Nan Zhai saw that it was her, his fierce eyes suddenly turned and he was very gentle: "it's not with sister Lingxi, how come?"

Qin leran didn't answer, so he received another look. It was very cold, which made Qin leran shiver.

She just had a reaction, and the next second Quan Nanzhai has protected her: "however, I'm talking about something, you go out first."

"Brother lie, is this man?" Qin leran leaned his head out of Quan Nan Zhai's waist and looked at longyi. "This man is longyi. He hurt you too, didn't he? "

The mysterious man who appears in the hospital at this time can let brother lie receive him in person. Apart from longyi, Qin leran really can't think of anyone else.

And the most important thing is to be able to let brother lie, who is good at martial arts and has bodyguards around him at any time, get hurt. Apart from brother lie's intentional letting, there is no other possibility.

In addition to longyi and himself, Qin lelan could not think of anyone else who could make brother lie and be willing to take a few punches.

Therefore, before the two men gave her the answer, she was 100% sure that this man was the one in Shen Lingxi's heart.

It's just that the face you see in front of you has no resemblance to the portrait you see on the materials Chang Li gave her.

It's hard to think of two faces that have nothing in common. It's hard to think that they're the same person. It's also hard to be close.

If he meets Shen Lingxi in the crowd without any hint, she may not recognize him.

Because of this idea, another possibility came to Qin leran's mind.

Will there be a possibility that the man who imprisoned and forced Shen Lingxi these days is the man in front of him.

The man named longyi changed his face.

Is it possible?

Qin leran is not sure, two round eyes looking at the man in front of him, hoping to find the answer from him. /p

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