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"What happened between you and longyi?" Quan Nanzhai didn't know what Shen Lingxi was worried about. He asked repeatedly.

Shen Lingxi: "I......"

She looked at Quan Nanzhai and wondered whether he knew she was imprisoned or even forced these days.

Shen Lingxi hopes that no one will know about this kind of unspeakable thing, but she also knows that there is no wall in the world.

As long as that happens, sooner or later, it will be spread out. With so many eyes and ears under Quan Nan Zhai's hands, it will soon reach his ears, and naturally it will also reach longyi's ears.

Others don't know, she doesn't care. The only thing she cares about is longyi. What does longyi think of her?

Quan Nan Zhai sighed and said: "Lingxi, longyi has suffered in this year, I'm afraid we can't imagine it. If he does something we can't understand, we should understand him more and don't blame him. "

"How can I blame him. I just She felt that she had not been able to protect herself and return her whole body to longyi, so she was blaming herself rather than blaming him.

Quan Nanzhai added: "we are the only family members of longyi in the world. If we don't help him out of the shadow in his heart, who can he expect?"

Shen Lingxi's reaction was a little slow. At this time, it was clear what Quan Nanzhai wanted to express to her: "Nanzhai, what's wrong with longyi? What happened to him? He didn't come to us this year. He must have had a hard time. "

"You don't know?" As soon as Quan Nanzhai asked, he quickly figured out the key to the problem.

The real reason why Shen Lingxi didn't want to see longyi is that she didn't know the real identity of longyi, not what happened between them.

"Nanzhai, what did longyi experience? Please tell me, will you? " Thinking of the suffering of longyi this year, Shen Lingxi blamed herself for stabbing herself hard with a knife.

"A year ago, longyi was seriously injured But I'm glad he's lucky enough to come back alive. " The aim is not to make Shen Lingxi nervous.

After all, things have passed. Longyi is back alive. What they have to do is not to grieve for yesterday, but to live for tomorrow.

Even if longyi changed his face, he was still their longyi, a relative more close than their blood.

"He must be very sad." Knowing that he was seriously injured, their life and death are unknown. This year, they will not find him. But at this moment, hearing Quan Nanzhai's own words, Shen Lingxi still feels like someone stabbed her in the heart with a knife, which makes her almost unable to breathe.

"He's all right. Don't worry, but think about it and see him when you've figured it out." No matter for public or private, Quan Nanzhai still hopes Shen Lingxi to be brave. "For such a long time, you must be the person he wants to see the most."

"I want to see him!" Compared with the missing of longyi, she worried that it was not so important for longyi to see her unclean.

She wants to confirm with her own eyes that longyi is still alive, and has come back alive, back to Linhai, and back to their side.

"Lingxi, I'm not forcing you to do what you don't want to do. You don't have to decide so quickly." Long Yi may be suspicious again if he doesn't see Shen Lingxi, but Quan Nanzhai will try to make it clear to him, so he still hopes that Shen Lingxi will calm down and think about it. He is willing to respect her decision.

"I know. I want to see him as soon as possible." Shen Lingxi took a deep breath of air conditioning and looked up from the window. "I've been waiting for him to come back for a year. I've been looking forward to him every day this year. Now that he's finally back, why don't I see him? "

"Sister Lingxi, go to see him if you want to. If you don't want to go, don't bother yourself. " Quan Nanzhai didn't understand Shen Lingxi's worries, but Qin lelan understood. She stood behind the door for a long time to eavesdrop. She forgot that she was eavesdropping. She couldn't help but interpose because she was in love with Shen Lingxi.

"No coercion. No one can force me to do what I don't want to do anymore. " Shen Lingxi smiles and has firm eyes.

What she wants to see is the person she has been thinking about. She wants to see him. How can she be forced.

He came back, came back to her side, with him, he would not let anyone force her to do what she did not want to do.

Yes, for longyi's feelings for her, she believed so firmly.


Hundreds of kilometers below the fog mountain is Linhai, the capital of country a.

This city is the political, economic and entertainment center of country a, and the birthplace and growth place of longyi, quannanzhai and Shen Lingxi.

Longyi lived in this city from birth to the age of 29. This is his root, his home and the place he vowed to build.

However, a conspiracy a year ago took all the lives of the dragon family except him, and he left here because of serious injury.

Coming back a year later, the city seems to have undergone tremendous changes, especially the East-West thoroughfare in front of the North Palace.

The east-west road used to be a bare main road in the city. Now the road is extended to both sides, and the flower bed is built in the center. It has become one of the eight scenic spots in Linhai City.

But just a year ago, back to the city, which is developing rapidly, longyi felt that he would not know it.

It seems that 29 years of his previous life are illusory. This city makes him feel strange, but he doesn't make this city strange to him.

"Young master, when you arrive, do you want to go in and have a look?" The car had been parked in the hospital parking lot for half an hour, but longyi didn't get off the car. Looking at the owner, Longtian said nothing and asked bravely.

Asked for a long time, Dragon Wing did not answer, eyes are still fixed in front of a certain place, do not know what to think.

Longyi didn't answer, and Longtian didn't dare to ask again. He sat in the cab and looked at longyi, but saw nothing.

"Let's go." For a long time, long until long Tian thought that time had come to an end, Long Yi finally spoke.

"Go, where?" Today, they went down the mountain to see Miss Shen's family. They all arrived at the hospital. The owner of their family didn't get off the bus and let go. Longtian said he couldn't figure out what the owner was thinking?

"It's good to go anywhere." Said longyi.

It's good to go anywhere. Just don't stay here. Don't let him think of Shen Lingxi. She doesn't know what to do. /p

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