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Raymond (on his knees): after the death of my wife, I was plunged into sorrow until the first day I set my eyes on you. Your coming into my life brought me happiness which I want to be forever. Debby, can you give me the opportunity to be happy by being my wife?

Me: as much as I am scared of going into a relationship, I had a rethink and decided to give you a chance. I hope you won’t let me down

Raymond: by God’s grace, I will never let you down. So, is that a yes?

Me: it is a yes

Raymond shouted happily, slipped the ring into my middle finger and place a kiss on my lips allow.

Me: Han Han, why did you kiss me without my permission? I wanted my first kiss to be magical

Raymond: let me give you a magical kiss

Me: magical ko magical ni

I ran away from Raymond while he ran after me hoping to catch me. Coolval stories We played and played then went home when we became tired.

My relationship with Raymond was lovely as I experienced true love. Relationship with Raphael was no where that of Raymond and me I. Another thing that surprised me was the way Esther and Raymond love each other. Sometimes, she do spend the weekend with him.

Six months into our relationship, Raymond took me to meet his parents, we decided to take Esther along with us. On our way there, I was so nervous. I hope his parent accept me because most parent don’t usually want a lady that has a child before to marry their sons. Raymond noticed my uneasiness and calmed me down.

Getting to his parent’s house, we went in and came face to face with his parents. Raymond looks just like his father. While I was still checking his parents out, I suddenly heard Esther’s voice.

Esther: good afternoon sir and ma, my name is Esther, here is my mom and my big friend. So what are your names?

Hearing Esther speak like that almost gave me a heart attack. I don’t understand why she isn’t as calm as I am, she is just a complete opposite of me, talkative, bold, always making friends and not afraid to speak to anyone irrespective of their age. After greeting Raymond’s parents, I had to apologize on Esther’s behalf.

Me: Mummy and Daddy, please forgive me for her talkativeness

Mrs. Ajakaye: it’s okay my daughter, she is a very smart girl

Esther: you are very beautiful big mummy

Mrs. Ajakaye: ohh thank you, my daughter, what a lovely girl

After having lunch, Mrs Ajakaye took me with her to her room while Esther and Raymond had a talk with. Mr. Ajakaye.

Mrs. Ajakaye told me the incident that led to her daughter’s death and praised me for not aborting Esther. She approved my relationship with Raymond and pleaded with me to make him happy because he had gone through a lot.

I wanted to tell her about myself but she told me never to worry because Raymond has told her and being with me made him happy. She told me to see her like the mother I never had.

To say I was happy was an understatement because I never thought it would be so easy for his family to accept me.

When we came back to the sitting room, I was surprised to meet Esther sitting on Mr. Ajakaye’s lap. I wanted her to come down but he told me to let her be.

When the evening was approaching, Raymond stood to announce our departure but my silly daughter came up with something surprising.

Esther: Mummy, I don’t want to go, can I stay with Big Mummy and Daddy?

Me: is better you don’t make me beat you

Mrs. Ajakaye: there would be no harm if she stays with us

Me: I don’t want her to bother you ma

Mr. Ajakaye: this is not a bother my dear, let her stay with us for a week then you can come for her later

Me: okay sir but I have to inform my pastor’s wife because she has been like a mother to us

Mrs. Ajakaye: no problem dear

I called the Pastor’s wife and gave her the information and surprisingly, she didn’t object to it. She only spoke to Esther to see if she was really okay with it.

Esther jumped for joy when I told her she could stay with them. Before we finally left, I gave her a stern warning.

After a week, I went to pick her up but my daughter refused to go with me. She was looking more beautiful than when she came, she showed me the clothes and shoes that were bought for her.

I appreciated Mr and Mrs Ajakaye for the gifts. Mrs Ajakaye pleaded with me to allow her complete the holiday with them. I had no choice but to give in to their plea.

To be continued

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