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Getting home, the pastor’s wife noticed my sad countenance and decided to let me be. After a few hours, she came into the room and met me crying while lying on the bed.

Pastor’s wife: Debby?

Me: mummy?

Pastor’s wife: didn’t you settle your differences?

Me: of course we did mom but he keeps saying he loves me and I can’t just be with him

Pastor’s wife: and why?

Me: after all, I went through, I can’t find the heart to love anyone. The last time I fell in love, I was heartbroken

Pastor wife: you don’t have to close your heart to love my dear, you are still a young lady who needs a man in her life

Me: but I am scared of being let down again

Pastor’s wife: Raymond fell in love with you the first day you worshipped with us. When he confined in Pastor and I, we rebuked him and asked him to stop being canal and go to God in prayer because we thought you were married. After listening to your story, we decided to give him a chance. Moreover, Holy Spirit said we shouldn’t hinder His will

Me: hmmm but……

Pastor wife: no but dear, I advise you go back to God

With that, The pastor’s wife went out of my room. Immediately she left, the voice started speaking to me again.

Voice: you are finding it hard to love because your heart hasn’t been healed

Me: healed?

Voice: yes, there are some things a man has to go through which are meant to build him for his future. One of them was what happened to you but the issue now is that you are finding it hard to let go. If you don’t let go of the hurt in your heart, you will miss the glorious future God has prepared for you

Me: Glorious future?

Voice: yes and my son Raymond is the gateway to that glorious future

Me: I am getting confused here, was Raphael not meant for me?

Voice: Raphael wasn’t the ordained man for you, you picked him by proxy that was why he couldn’t stand for you when you had those challenges. Raymond has the experience and spirituality to bring your dreams to reality. If you lose him, you might never fulfill your destiny

Me: not being able to love him back isn’t my fault

Voice: tell God to heal your heart and remove every hatred in you

On hearing that, I fell on my knees and wept sore. For hours, I cried and prayed to God. After the prayer, I suddenly felt happy and light. When I remember all I went through, I just smiled.

My 23rd birthday came and I decided to celebrate it. I bought a cake and celebrated with The pastor and his family. I received prayers and wishes.

Raymond came in the evening to celebrate with me. He handed me a bag containing a beautiful gown with accessories to go with it. I was surprised to hear him say I should dress up because he was taking me out.

I went into my room and changed into the dress Raymond gave me. After dressing, I stared in the mirror and was surprised to see how gorgeous I looked. When Raymond’s eyes fell on me, he was speechless.

Raymond: wow, you look term I mean you look beau….ti….ful

Me: thank you

Raymond: shall we?

Me: Sure

At first, we went to an exquisite restaurant where we had a very nice meal. Raymond told me to buy anything but I couldn’t because I wasn’t used the kind that kind of lifestyle. When he saw that I wasn’t ordering things, he then started ordering them. We ate and ate until we could no longer eat anything again.

After being filled, Raymond paid the bills then took me to a garden behind the restaurant. We sat down and Raymond started throwing jokes. I never knew Raymond could be so funny, I laughed and forgot my worries. Raymond suddenly stopped his jokes and looked at me.

Raymond: Debby, I really loved you and am looking forward to the day you will give me a yes

Me: how will I love someone I don’t know?

Raymond: what do you want to know?

Me: who are you?

Raymond: I am Raymond the only son of the Ajakaye family and the heir to Imperial hospital. I lost my little sister fifteen years ago when some armed men came to rob us, she was raped and got pregnant in the process. My mom couldn’t bear the feeling that her only daughter was pregnant for a rapist so they decided to abort the pregnancy. Sadly, she died during the abortion.

Me: Holy Christ! That’s so painful, I am so sorry for your loss

Raymond: it’s okay dear, we have gotten over her death

Me: So tell me, is this your first relationship?

Raymond: of course not, I was married before but she died two years after our wedding

Me: oh my God! What happened?

Raymond: she was diagnosed with fibroid, the first operation was successful. After some months, she was diagnosed with fibroid again and after the operation, she died.

Me: Jesus! You have gone through a lot. I really feel your pain

Raymond: it’s okay, have gotten over her death and have been given consolation and that’s you

Me: me?

Raymond: yes

I sipped my drink and suddenly, an object met with my teeth. I dipped my hand into the drink and brought out a ring.

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