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Using her obsession against her


Chase Delgado



Driving through the untarred road , we soon got to the abandoned school

I parked beside the school and we alighted from the car

Are you sure this is the exact place ? Nick asked to be sure

I nodded without taking my eyes off the building, it was so old and dark ….


We walked into the dark building, i on the torchlight of my phone so we could get a clearer view

This is so odd! I mean are you sure there is someone in here? Nick asked looking around

I think there is….. I stopped when I heard a faint sound

Did you hear that? I asked staring at Nick

No. he shook his head

Listen carefully, I instructed and he tilted his ear to do so

bronze penthouse . the voice became clearer

Candy! I called as we rushed in the direction of the sound and I gasped in shock at what I saw

A lone figure covered in blood on the blood

I bent down to have a closer look at the person and widened my eyes when I saw it was Loretta

Loretta! I gasped and held her to me

bronze pent house , bronze pent house. She kept on mumbling

What the hell happened to her? Nick yelled

Loretta! I called brushing the hair off her face

She opened her eyes slowly

What happened to you? Where is Candy? I asked rushingly

Bronze pent house . She repeated weakly

What the hell is she saying? Nick bit his lips

I don’t know but …. wait a minute! that is Kira’s penthouse. I informed

Are you sure about that? Nick asked

Yes, I have been there twice.

If that is the case, what are we waiting for? Let’s get the hell out of here. he half yelled

But what of Loretta, we can’t leave her here like this, we need to call the ambulance. I retorted

Fine! he sighed

You stay here with her while I drive over to Bronze penthouse

No, it won’t work that way . I shook my head

Why?he gave me a curious look

We don’t know how dangerous that place is .. I mean can’t you see the way Loretta is

What are you trying to say? he probed on

The Whole game might turn against you , Kira is a beast and she might hurt you . I explained

He sighed

So what is your suggestion?

I will go ,so you stay with Loretta .

And do you think you will be safe? he ruffled his hair

She loves me right , I will use it to an advantage


Carrying Loretta in bridal style , I handed her over to Nick

Call the ambulance and make sure she is save. I instructed

And what about you? he asked staring at Loretta bloody face

I will be fine. I assured him and he sighed

be careful bro .

I will. I promise and rushed out of the building…..


With a heavy heart, I drove speeding to Kira’s penthouse

What exactly is wrong with Kira, when did she become a beast? I wondered

bringing out my phone from my pocket , i dialled my manager number

he picked it on the second ring

hello Chase! he greeted

I need your help Dave. I pleaded

What is wrong? he asked in alarm

Candy has been kidnapped, I nee…I tried to say but he cut me off

Who the hell kidnapped her?

Can you please let me to talk. I barked and he apologised

Inform the police and bring them over to Kira’s penthouse at Bronze . Is that clear?

Yes , I will do just that

Good! be fast about it . I said and ended the call …..

Candy please be safe , Candy please be safe ……



Candace Noah



Opening my eyes , I sat up on the bed

Where am I? I wondered looking around the room, it was beautiful and ….. with a minute! why is there a video camera in the room?

I can see the sleeping beauty is already awake! a voice remarked distracting me from my thoughts

I turned to look in the direction of the voice and screamed in fright when I saw a hefty man seated at a corner in the room….

Sorry for startling you Princess. he apologised

Who are you? I yelled and he smirked

Don’t you remember me? we met at Rolex club

Rolex club! what is …..oh my gawd! tears rolled down my eyes as the memory of all what happened flashed on

Do you remember now? he grinned

Loretta, where is she? I asked ignoring his question

She should be dead

dead! how?I asked with a trembling voice

You should be less worried about that. he drawled staring at my chest

You are crazy! I cursed and he smiled

I can’t wait to have you baby, I really can’t wait to hear you moan , I can’t ….

Shut up! I barked and he chuckled

Chase will come for me, Nick with come for me . I said in between sobs

We will see about that …

The door suddenly flung opened and the b---h walked in with a fat man

She smirked when she met my gaze

Crazy b---h! I mumbled

What did you say? She asked while moving closer to me

I glared at her

What did you say? She repeated

I said you are a crazy b---h! I repeated and she gave me a thunderous slap

I winced in pain

You are really crazy, just let me go . I yelled and she smiled evilly

Don’t worry I will send you off to hell after the video

hell! What video ? I asked in alarm

Guys strip her naked . She commanded and the fat man moved closer to me while the hefty one just stared on

No please , you can’t do this to me. I pleaded

And why can’t I? She retorted

because I am not your enemy . I tried to reason with her

She laughed loudly

It seems you don’t know how much I hate you…. Guys strip her off

I tried to get off from the bed but the fat man pulled me back

Chill Princess, i won’t hurt you . he grinned

Get off me . I tried pushing him but he was too strong

he pinned me down on the bed and ripped off my shirt

Please don’t do this . I pleaded and he smirked

No… I screamed loudly when he pulled off my trousers

Please don’t do this , I am still a virgin. I pleaded and Kira laughed

Are you for real? Don’t tell me Chase haven’t touched you or are you so ….. she stopped when the door creaked opened and my Chase walked in…….

I sighed in relief

Chase! I called but he just stared blankly at me

What is wrong with him? I wondered

he faced Kira and tried to say something when the hefty man pulled out a gun

Who are you? he asked while pointing the gun to him

Oh my gawd! I gasped in shock


Chase Delgado



Parking a meter away from the penthouse, I alighted from the car

I walked towards the house and stopped in front of the huge door

I was about knocking on the door when I noticed it was slightly ajar

Pushing the door , it creaked opened. I walked in and was surprised to see no one in the sitting room

Where could they be? I wondered

I was about heading upstairs when I heard a loud scream

Candy! I panicked and rushed In the direction of the scream , it came from a smaller room adjacent to the dinning

I pushed the door opened and walked in

The sight I met was so appalling , a fat man was trying to strip Candy naked

I bit my lips to suppress my anger

I shifted my gaze to Kira, she had a shock expression on her face

Kira. I tried to say but stopped when a man seated beside the bed pulled out a gun

Who are you? he asked while cocking the gun

Oh no! I really need to act fast

Who are you? he repeated and I smiled

Kira! What is going on here? Why is the guy pointing his gun at me?I asked while brushing her hair

he erm he is . she stuttered not knowing what to say

Boss should i clear him? the man cocked his gun again

hell no! Kira screamed

but Why? the man stared at her in surprise

because he is my ……

boyfriend. I completed and I heard candy gasped in shock

boyfriend! What do you mean by that? the b---h widened her eyes in surprise and I chuckled

Or aren’t you interested in being my girlfriend?

Of course I am , but it is just too confusing

Why? I faked a smile

You were never into me .. I mean I thought you like her. She pointed to Candy

And who said so? I continued, I was trying to stall her at the same time trying to make her confused

You were always together, you defended her, you … she tried to say but I cut her off

It was all a game from the beginning, i never loved her .I lied

game? She repeated in disbelief and I nodded

tell me more about it? She continued

I will , but I can’t say it in front of this men. I said glaring at the men

What are you trying to say? She arched her eyebrow

Can you please tell them to excuse us? I continued and she scoffed

Are you trying to joke with me? do you think I am a fool?

What are you trying to say? I gave her a confused look

You are just trying… I shut her up with a brief kiss

Chase! she called softly

Do you believe me now? I glanced at Candy, she was watching us quietly with a puzzled look

You just kissed me Chase. She blushed and I smiled

That is how much I love you

Guys wait outside. She commanded

but boss it …. the fat one tried to say but she cut him off

Do as I say . She yelled

Alright! they dragged their feet as they left the room

Good! I remarked bolting the doors

Now she is powerless. I thought within

So tell me more about the game ? She said with a dreamy voice

I scoffed

What game? Is it the one you just lost

What do you mean? She asked in alarm

You are a big fool for believing I will ever love a beast like you. I retorted

What are you saying? She asked with a trembling voice

I hate you Kira with the depth of my heart

No baby , that is no possible! You love me Chase ,you even kissed me . She screamed

I guess it is time to wake up from your dreams

Is it because of this b---h . She said pointing to Candy

I scoffed and gave her a thunderous slap

She winced in pain

Don’t you ever call her a b---h again . I warned

But …. she tried to say but stopped when there was a sound of gunshots

I smiled

Put on your clothes. I instructed Candy and she nodded

What is going on Chase? the b---h asked with a trembling voice

It is time to face your doom. I smirked



Chase! Chase! I heard a familiar voice called and I smiled knowing it was my manager

I am here! I opened up the door and he walked In with two police officers

he sighed in relief when he saw I and Candy were safe


You are under arrest Miss Montes . one of the cops informed showing his card

For what? I did not do anything. She tried to defend

Come with us Miss Montes or else I will shoot . the cop threatened

I am not coming with you . She said taking a step towards the door and the cops immediately fired at her leg

Argh! She groaned and fell to the floor .

I am bleeding Chase, please help me tell them I am innocent . She faced me

I scoffed

Officer , please take this disgusting thing out of my sight

We will do Just that . one of them said

I watched them dragged the b---h out and smiled

Chase please help me , please help me . She kept on pleading

I never knew she was so evil! My manager remarked

Same here . I drawled

I turned to look at Candy, She was wrapping the bed sheet all over her

I moved closer to her and sat beside her

What is with the bedsheet? What about your blouse? I asked staring into her eyes

It is torn . She said in a trembling voice

Oh! I removed mine and handed it to her

Wear this, I will manage with my singlet

She nodded and hurriedly put it on

Did Kira hurt you? I asked and she shook her head

I sighed in relief

Come here. I pulled her close to me and hugged her

Thanks for saving me .she said in whispers

No I didn’t , Loretta saved you . I corrected

She looked up at me

How is she? Is she really dead?

No she isn’t , Nick will take care of her………..



holding her hands, we walked out of the penthouse just in time to see the b---h being pushed into the police van

but how did you do it? I mean how did you manage to keep the b---h the calm? My manager asked, he was standing beside me

I used her obsession against her

Which is? he arched his eyebrow



Chase! what will happen to Kira? Candy asked , she was holding unto me tightly

She will spend most of her d--n life behind the bars ………





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