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Another Sacred Lord

Back in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, one black and one white figure surrounded by Sacred power sped across the limitless ocean and soon arrived at the Duke's Palace. Sacred Lord Sky Splitter and Old Ghost floated in the clouds above the Duke's Palace and released surges of their terrifying aura downward.


At this instant, all the beings within several thousand miles of the Duke's Palace felt unable to breathe and froze.

"Hmm? Duke Nanfeng isn't here?" Sacred Lord Sky Splitter scanned over the place with his senses and revealed a surprised expression.

"Sacred Lords, this one is the leader of the Duke's Palace guards. Is there anything I can help you with?" A golden-robed general who was a Peak-tier King slowly flew up and greeted the two Sacred Lords.

This male was extremely uneasy. He had never seen two Sacred Lords come to the Duke's Palace ever since he had become a guard. The only one he had seen was the Demonic Dao Sacred Lord from not long ago. What was going on? Emperors and Sacred Lords were coming and going constantly all of a sudden.

"Where has Duke Nanfeng gone?" Sacred Lord Sky Splitter gazed down as if he was a god.

The golden-robed general instantly felt a pressure bear down on him that made him unable to breathe and caused him to almost faint. "Duke Nanfeng has left for the inner regions of the lord dynasty a couple days ago."

The two Sacred Lords looked at each other with surprise, then revealed a deadly smile. Duke Nanfeng wasn't even here. This meant that they had no pressure. Even if Zhao Feng was killed, Duke Nanfeng couldn't do anything to them even if he wanted to.

At the same time, regret flashed through Sacred Lord Sky Splitter's eyes. If Duke Nanfeng had left a while earlier, he wouldn't have needed to go get Old Ghost and split half of Zhao Feng's possessions.

The golden-robed general instantly took a big breath as the two Sacred Lords left, then he returned to the Duke's Palace, unable to calm down.

When they were flying, Old Ghost suddenly remembered something and asked, "I remember that the Ocean Smoke Pavilion is one of Nine Darkness Palace's subordinate forces. Now that Zhao Feng's taken over the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, why isn't there any reaction from Nine Darkness Palace?"

Nine Darkness Palace used to be a four-star power, and although it was a bit weaker now, it was still a peak three-star force and the leader of the Demonic Dao forces. Old Ghost didn't dare to think about Nine Darkness Palace even if he had several more guts.

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter had just come out of seclusion and only knew a limited amount of information, but he pretended to be very confident, "The Nine Darkness Palace is located in the inner region of the continent and can't do much to this place since they're too far away. Furthermore, the Nine Darkness Palace is focusing on Nan Gongsheng, who has the power of the Evil God."

Old Ghost couldn't help but be surprised when Nan Gongsheng was mentioned.

"It's really incredible that Nan Gongsheng can inherit the power of a God."

Old Ghost sighed in his heart. He had broken through to the Mystic Light Realm ten thousand years ago, but he was still only at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm. A junior who was only a King had been able to receive the power of a God. That was quite a fortune. If he was able to comprehend just the slightest amount of divine power, he would probably be able to break through to the middle stages of the Mystic Light Realm immediately.

"Hmph, so what if he got the power of a God? He's still not strong enough, and that's his sin." Sacred Lord Sky Splitter snickered coldly and felt angry as well, but he became excited when he thought about Zhao Feng's possessions. Apparently, he had obtained many legendary materials in the ancient mysterious palace and two substandard God weapons.

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter's eyes spun as he spoke, "Old Ghost, you take care of Old Monster Xu while I go take care of Zhao Feng. We can't give him the chance to use the Misty Spatial World."

"Okay," Old Ghost agreed on the surface, but he knew what Sacred Lord Sky Splitter was thinking.

The Misty Spatial World was a support-type item and didn't require the user's cultivation to be very high. As long as they got it, they could use it right away. If Zhao Feng used the Misty Spatial World to run away, they wouldn't be able to chase after him, but the God Slaying Arrow was different. A measly King wouldn't be able to fully unleash its power. Even those at the early stages of the Mystic Light Realm could only use half the power of a substandard God weapon.

Several months later, in the Misty Moon Island Zone, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was much bigger than before and had many members travelling around. Bi Qingyue would spend a lot of time in the information hall reading the news.

The earlier one got to know the news, the more valuable it was. This was the motto for all information agencies.

A surge of power suddenly covered the entire Water Transverse Sacred Land, and this power was enough to change Heaven and Earth and make everyone bow down. The members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion felt unable to breathe, and those below the King-level instantly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Old Monster Xu immediately charged out and was stunned by the white and black balls of light in the distance.

Two Sacred Lords!

One of them was Sacred Lord Sky Splitter from Earth Spirit Hall while the aura of the other Sacred Lord was extremely weird, and his aura was even stronger than Sacred Lord Sky Splitter.

Old Monster Xu's expression was bitter. He didn't expect that this would be his first battle after becoming a Sacred Lord.

Bi Qingyue took a deep breath, and the other two Emperors of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion also quickly came out. Their hearts dropped when they saw the sun-like and moon-like figures in the sky.

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter's Divine Sense soon found Zhao Feng's location, but he paused. Wasn't Zhao Feng in seclusion? Why was he just lying there sleeping?

Old Ghost also sensed the sleeping Zhao Feng at the same time.

"Hmph, I can feel a strong power starting to awaken in his left eye," Old Ghost snickered coldly and messaged.

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter gave a wicked laugh. "Then let him never wake up."

Old Monster Xu slowly floated into the air and blocked the pressure for the other members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. "Sacred Lord Sky Splitter, you're a Sacred Lord and yet you want to attack a junior?"

"Hmph, those that accomplish big tasks don't need to care about the details."

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter didn't talk about logic with Old Monster Xu, he just circulated the Mystic Light Sacred power within his body and was about to attack while Old Ghost watched from above. He didn't even need to do anything since it would be too boring, but Old Ghost's expression suddenly changed, and he turned around.

Whoosh! Boom!

A ball of green light shot toward them like a falling meteor. The expressions of Old Ghost and Sacred Lord Sky Splitter both changed as they felt the enmity within the green light.

At the same time, all the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion were stunned. The combination of three Sacred Lords made them feel as if the sky was going to fall.

At this moment, three Sacred Lords had appeared, and all the members fell into despair.

Even normal three-star powers wouldn't be able to fight back against three Sacred Lords.

A male with snow-white hair and starry eyes walked out from the green light. His looks were perfect. His Divine Sense scanned toward where Zhao Feng was sleeping.

Old Monster Xu and Bi Qingyue looked at each other. They felt as if this Sacred Lord wasn't their enemy, so they felt some hope.

"I am Sacred Lord Sky Splitter of Earth Spirit Hall. May I ask who you are?" Sacred Lord Sky Splitter stood next to Old Ghost and asked.

The aura of this Sacred Lord was not simple, but they wouldn't be scared even if he was here to help the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. After all, from the looks of it, he was a Wood-elemental Sacred Lord that didn't specialize in battle.

"Duanmu Qing of the Duanmu Family," the male with white hair said. He wasn't scared of the two Sacred Lords auras.

One of the Eight Big Families? The expressions of Sacred Lord Sky Splitter and Old Ghost were like two deflating balloons. The Eight Big Families were extremely old and heavily related to the lord dynasty.

Even though the Duanmu Family was ranked last, it wasn't something a three-star superpower could mess with, let alone the merely-average three-star Earth Spirit Hall.

Old Monster Xu and Bi Qingyue were even more stunned. They didn't expect that this Sacred Lord would be from one of the Eight Big Families. Could their master have some connections with the Eight Big Families?

"May I know why Sacred Lord Duanmu is here?" Sacred Lord Sky Splitter gave a faint smile and asked. If he was a Sacred Lord of the Duanmu Family that was here for Zhao Feng's possessions, then they could still discuss things.

Old Ghost had a grim expression, but he was helpless.

"I'm just here to find my disciple." Duanmu Qing looked at the two as his white hair blew in the wind.

"Disciple?" Sacred Lord Sky Splitter paused for a moment. Ever since Duanmu Qing arrived, his Divine Sense had been inspecting Zhao Feng. Sacred Lord Sky Splitter thought that he was here for Zhao Feng's possessions as well, but he was here to find his disciple?

Disciple...!? Sacred Lord Sky Splitter's mouth twitched, and he was speechless. Could Zhao Feng be the disciple of a Sacred Lord from the Duanmu Family? How was that possible? How was Zhao Feng a disciple of a Sacred Lord of the Duanmu Family? Why didn't anyone from Earth Spirit Hall tell him this? If they took action against Zhao Feng, they would be offending the Duanmu Family.

"That's right, my disciple is called Zhao Feng," Duanmu Qing said confidently as he came over to Old Monster Xu's side and looked at Sacred Lord Sky Splitter and Old Ghost.

Old Monster Xu was overjoyed. He didn't expect his master to be directly related to the Duanmu Family. Bi Qingyue let out a breath and admired her master even more.

Those that were still conscious acted as if they had woken up from a dream and were filled with excitement.

"Grand Elder is from the Duanmu Family?"

"That's one of the Eight Big Families of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty!"

"A Sacred Lord from the Duanmu Family is here to save us!"

Sacred Lord Sky Splitter and Old Ghost had ugly expressions and remained motionless. If they fought right now, they would still have the advantage, but they couldn't and didn't dare to.

"Well, we were just passing by, we won't be interrupting you."

"Goodbye, Sacred Lord Duanmu."

The two Sacred Lords gave deep sighs and left helplessly.

At this moment in time, one side of Zhao Feng's hair had turned faint gold, and a ripple of gold spread throughout the air.

This golden ripple wasn't True Yuan nor Soul Intent, and it passed through everyone's body.

Everyone trembled and felt uneasy. The instant the golden ripple scanned through them, they felt as if all their secrets had been exposed.

The two Sacred Lords looked toward where Zhao Feng was sleeping with puzzlement before quickly leaving.

Those from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion let out a breath and were filled with joy.

Duanmu Qing slowly descended and spoke, "After this evolution, Zhao Feng's God Eye will become even stronger."

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