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Miao miao!

The little thieving cat jumped out of the Misty Spatial World and sat on Zhao Feng's shoulder as it gave a sigh and shook its head, as if saying that its untrustworthy owner was going to sleep again.

Ever since Zhao Feng had traded for the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly from Duke Nanfeng, the little thieving cat hadn't been as bored as before. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly also became the little thieving cat's underling and listened to his commands.

Now that Zhao Feng was sleeping, the little thieving cat couldn't take its underling around because it needed to guard Zhao Feng.

The little thieving cat was also in charge of the resources and the Five Poison Distinct Bees within the Misty Spatial World. The little thieving cat felt a lot of pressure.

Ding! Ding!

The little thieving cat threw the old bronze coins into the air and caused a clatter as it landed back into its paw. The little thieving cat seemed to go crazy by what it saw, and its eyes were filled with helplessness.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat called out to Zhao Feng, as if saying that he needed to pay it after waking up.

"You're Emperor Withered Shadow, ranked 32rd in Black Screen Corner?" Old Monster Xu was stunned by the skinny and wrinkled male.

He didn't expect Earth Spirit Hall to hire such a strong assassin to stop him from breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm. Furthermore, Emperor Withered Shadow had been hiding in the darkness last time he tried to break through as well, but he didn't do anything after realizing that Old Monster Xu was going to fail.

Thinking up to here, Old Monster Xu couldn't help but feel lucky.

"Earth Spirit Hall, I'll take revenge on you some time." Hatred flashed through Old Monster Xu's eyes.

Zhao Feng's goal was to rule the coast, so he obviously wouldn't let go of Earth Spirit Hall.

Now that Old Monster Xu had become a Sacred Lord, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan had returned to its three-star glorious days. It would recruit more disciples, but it would give even-harder tests.

According to Zhao Feng's orders, Old Monster Xu was to stay in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion most of the time and familiarize himself with the power of a Sacred Lord, so he gave the management of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan to the other two Emperors.

Everyone could see the changes to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, but only some of the upper echelon members knew the true reason. Precisely because they knew what it was, they were stunned.

From the perspective of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan disciples, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and Ocean Smoke Pavilion had teamed up, and the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan would return to its glorious days. These young disciples felt their blood boiling.

Elsewhere, in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, with a top assassin protecting her, Bi Qingyue did everything more decisively. She was more courageous as she started to expand the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. They had resources from Zhao Feng and manpower from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

In just half a year's time, the power of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion wasn't weaker than a three-star force. The only difference was that they didn't have a Sacred Lord themselves.

Another half a year passed, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night returned with his group of elites from Black Screen Corner. There were two Emperors and eight Kings in the group. The rest were Great Origin Core Realms or half-step Kings.

Overall, this was a very strong group of elites, and Supreme Emperor Dark Night was in charge of forming the assassination organization, which was to be based close to the Misty Moon Island Zone.

"Emperor Withered Shadow, why are you here?" Supreme Emperor Dark Night was surprised at seeing someone familiar in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. They were both top assassins of Black Screen Corner and the difference in their ranks wasn't very big, so they had talked to each other in the past and occasionally exchanged information.

Emperor Withered Shadow was also surprised and then spoke, "Master gave me a chance to restart. I didn't think it was you that accepted the mission of stopping Duke Nanfeng's breakthrough. No wonder you didn't return afterwards; you became Master's servant as well."

"Hehe, Master can realize my ambition. Us two combined can definitely form an underground assassination organization that's only below Black Screen Corner." Supreme Emperor Dark Night was very ambitious.

"I don't care about that, I just like to assassinate people." Emperor Withered Shadow revealed a cold and cruel expression.

In a secret hall of Earth Spirit Hall, located in the Ocean Earth Island Zone.

"The Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and the Ocean Smoke Pavilion have teamed up?"

"Furthermore, the members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that are responsible for getting information are very active."

"They're not putting Earth Spirit Hall in their eyes."

Most of these voices came from Domain-level Kings, but there were also some Peak-tier Kings and Emperors.

At the very top was an elder in deep blue robes who floated in the air. He was covered by Mystic Light Sacred power and didn't speak.

"Reporting to Grand Elder, back then, Zhao Feng killed two Emperors and sixteen Void God Realm Kings of Earth Spirit Hall. If it wasn't for the fact that Duke Nanfeng stopped him, I probably wouldn't have been able to return." Emperor Zhang Xuandong lowered his head in shame.

"The force that Zhao Feng's staying in has teamed up with the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, which has just become a three-star power. They definitely want to fight against Earth Spirit Hall."

"Grand Elder, please make a decision."

The elder floating at the very front suddenly opened his eyes. He didn't expect this to happen just as he exited seclusion. A group of Void God Realm experts had been slaughtered by a junior. If news of this spread, Earth Spirit Hall would lose all face. In addition, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan hadn't asked Earth Spirit Hall if they could rise or not.

The invisible aura made the entire space tremble, and the hall was dead-silent. Many Domain-level Kings felt their blood freeze, and they became unable to breathe.

"Hmph, Earth Spirit Hall is the ruler around the oceans." Sacred Lord Sky Splitter harrumphed coldly and made the hearts of all the experts present shake.

The Elders of Earth Spirit Hall were planning to send a strong force of unrivalled Emperors and numerous regular Emperors to kill Zhao Feng, but they received news that Old Monster Xu had broken through to the Mystic Light Realm and was personally guarding the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. They could only give up and wait for Sacred Lord Sky Splitter to come out of seclusion.

Seeing how angry Sacred Lord Sky Splitter was, they knew that the Grand Elder would take action himself.

"Reporting to the Grand Elder, Zhao Feng has been in seclusion in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion for a year, but Old Monster Xu, who is now a Sacred Lord, is personally guarding it," a peak Emperor below warned.

"Furthermore, Zhao Feng has a close relationship with Duke Nanfeng, who has also become a Sacred Lord."

"Duke Nanfeng became a Sacred Lord as well?" Sacred Lord Sky Splitter's face dropped. He didn't put Old Monster Xu in his eyes because he only just broke through, but Duke Nanfeng was an imperial. If Duke Nanfeng wanted to protect Zhao Feng, there was nothing Sacred Lord Sky Splitter could do.

However, how would Earth Spirit Hall manage to rule the coast if they let go of Zhao Feng, who had killed two Emperors and more than ten Kings of Earth Spirit Hall? Not to mention that Zhao Feng was one of the biggest beneficiaries of the Divine Illusion Dimension and had obtained multiple substandard God weapons.

"How dare Zhao Feng kill people from my Earth Spirit Hall! I will take action personally," Sacred Lord Sky Splitter said in a forceful tone and then disappeared into the darkness.

The Elders within the secret hall were filled with excitement. A few of them had survived Zhao Feng's slaughter.

I'll need to go discuss this with Duke Nanfeng, but before that… Sacred Lord Sky Splitter turned into a ball of light and sped across the limitless ocean.

Three months later, he entered a misty forest. Before Sacred Lord Sky Splitter descended, a voice sounded in his soul, "What're you doing here? Aren't you supposed to be guarding Earth Spirit Hall?"

"I've come to find you, Old Ghost, so of course there's something good," Sacred Lord Sky Splitter smiled and said before entering the depths of the misty forest.

The weird forest only had one simple and ugly wooden house next to a stream, but there were no living things within ten thousand miles.

"Tell me what you want. Get straight to the point," a wrinkled elder inside the wooden house slowly said.

"I haven't seen you for several hundred years and you're still the same." Sacred Lord Sky Splitter revealed a faint smile. He knew Old Ghost's personality, so he got straight to the point.

He didn't have much confidence in negotiating with Duke Nanfeng by himself, especially now that the latter had broken through to the Mystic Light Realm. If Old Ghost went with him, he believed that Duke Nanfeng wouldn't offend two Sacred Lords and the forces behind them for just one junior.

On top of that, they could get rid of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan together. One three-star power was enough for the coastal region.

Old Ghost had a weird expression as he looked at Sacred Lord Sky Splitter with twinkling eyes; "Negotiate with Duke Nanfeng, then kill the new Sacred Lord of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan and one Void God Realm junior?"

"Haha, nothing can escape from your eyes," Sacred Lord Sky Splitter spread his hands and said.

"Why do you need to take action against a normal Void God Realm junior? That junior should be Zhao Feng, right?" Old Ghost started to laugh wickedly.

Some news regarding the Divine Illusion Dimension had entered his ears. After all, the Divine Illusion Dimension this time was a lot different from the past.

"That's right. You and I will go negotiate with Duke Nanfeng first, and I believe that he'll give us face. Then we'll go and kill Old Monster Xu…." Sacred Lord Sky Splitter's eyes were grim as he suggested.

Old Ghost's eyes spun as he revealed a deadly expression, "I want half of Zhao Feng's possessions."

In the central regions of the continent zone, within a large providence-covered building belonging to the Great Gan Imperials:

In a glorious hall, the Thirteenth Prince was extremely excited, "Mother, is this real?"

"Why would I lie to you? Your father has already made an engagement with the Grand Elder of the Duanmu Family."

Before the Thirteenth Prince stood a beautiful female wearing a golden crown. She wore gold-and-silver robes and had love written all over her face.

A middle-aged male nearby walked over; "Chen'er, this is all thanks to your mother. She told the Sacred Emperor many times how much you liked Zhao Yufei."

"Thank you, Mother!" Zhou Chen's heart was filled with joy. He couldn't even think about how the Yufei that he liked would soon enter his arms.

"Because of this, many other forces joined our side and will support you." The eyes of the powerful male twinkled, and Zhou Chen knew what his uncle meant.

"Chen'er won't disappoint Mother and Uncle's hopes. I'm 90% confident in becoming the Crown Prince. Even Brother Second Prince might not be my match." Zhou Chen was extremely confident.

"Hahaha, looks like Chen'er managed to recruit some strong helpers as well." The powerful male started to laugh.

The Second Prince was the oldest prince and one of the favorites for becoming the Crown Emperor. He was extremely talented and had prepared almost a hundred years for this battle.

Since Zhou Chen dared to say such a thing, it meant that he was extremely confident.

At the same time, within another prince's room, a unique youth walked back and forth in his golden robes.

"Dammit, how much does Father like Zhou Chen for him to arrange a marriage with Duanmu Family? Isn't that basically forcing the Duanmu Family to support Zhou Chen!?" The youth's eyes were as sharp as lightning as he roared.

"Seventh Prince, please calm down. We can't do anything. The Sacred Empress is the Thirteenth Prince's mother," a male in white who had a white jade-like face said gently in front of the Seventh Prince. "But all this does is makes the Thirteenth Prince's starting point a bit higher. The battle to become the Crown Prince isn't just about who has more forces supporting them."

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