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On this day, in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, Grand Elder Old Monster Xu, who had been in seclusion for the last couple hundred years, left the forbidden grounds. This stunned the other two Emperors, but before they could ask anything, Old Monster Xu had flown away.

Old Monster Xu was impatient after knowing that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord was going to take action against Zhao Feng.

"I hope that Zhao Feng is still alive."

Old Monster Xu was in a rush. In reality though, he was more concerned with Zhao Feng's Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

He knew that Zhao Feng was mysterious and strong, but the difference between him and a Sacred Lord was still similar to the difference between Heaven and Earth. How could he be so arrogant?

All Old Monster Xu could hope for was that Zhao Feng had become stronger and would be able to hold his ground at least.

"I'll go to the Duke's Palace and find Duke Nanfeng first, or else there'll be no chance of victory," Old Monster Xu planned.

Firstly, the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord definitely wouldn't dare to take action against Duke Nanfeng because behind Duke Nanfeng's back were the Great Gan Imperials. Secondly, he and Duke Nanfeng were both Quasi-Sacred Lords, so they might be able to fight against a Sacred Lord if they teamed up with Zhao Feng.

As long as he saved Zhao Feng and made some promises, he believed that the latter wouldn't reject him again.

"Ehh? Is that the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord?"

Old Monster Xu was surprised as he felt the magnificent Sacred power, and the True Yuan within his body start to tremble. Didn't the Nine Darkness Sacred Lord chase after Zhao Feng? Why did he appear here? Where was Zhao Feng? Was he dead already?

Old Monster Xu was filled with complex emotions.

"Not good." Old Monster Xu's expression changed suddenly. He bit his finger, drew a weird talisman in the air with his blood, and disappeared.


A golden storm full of loud metallic screeches sounded in the air. It was like two armies clashing together, and it was the only sound in the world.

Shua! Shua! Shua!

All living begins below were cut into dust by the storm.


Old Monster Xu, who was dozens of thousands of miles away, was hit by a shockwave and slammed into the ground.

When Old Monster Xu reappeared, he looked forward with a dazed look and lost the ability to think. There was a large crater that spanned almost ten thousand miles, and it was dozens of yards deep. The surface of the ground was filled with cracks, and every inch still radiated an invisible piercing force.

This was all under the fact that the explosion happened in the air.

It was hard to find the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord's aura within a radius of a couple dozen thousand miles.

"Didn't the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord go chase after Zhao Feng? Why did it turn out like this?" Old Monster Xu murmured in a dazed manner.

"Could this be the power of a God Slaying Arrow?" Old Monster Xu remembered the figure of the golden arrow behind the Demonic Lord's back and raised his head with understanding.

He didn't expect that Zhao Feng had obtained a substandard God weapon in the ancient mysterious palace. Substandard God weapons were something that only Demigods could completely control, and the power of a one-time-use item such as the God Slaying Arrow in particular wasn't something normal substandard God weapons could be compared to. Even Demigods would need to avoid such a thing.

A Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord who directed matters of the continent had been killed by a middle-stage Void God Realm King just like that, turning into dust right next to Old Monster Xu.

Old Monster Xu was still in disbelief. Thinking up to there, Old Monster Xu's back started to sweat; if he had been just half a beat slower or didn't use that secret escaping technique or went in the wrong direction, he would have turned into dust.

"Zhao Feng!" Old Monster Xu recovered from his thoughts and flew into the air.

Old Monster Xu found Zhao Feng very quickly by following the aura of the God Slaying Arrow. At this moment, Zhao Feng's skin was withered, and he had a pale expression. Blood was still dripping from his mouth as he sat in a ruined cave.

Old Monster Xu's footsteps stopped, and his eyeballs started spinning. Just a moment ago, Zhao Feng fought with a Sacred Lord and unleashed a God Slaying Arrow. He should be at his weakest state right now, with no ability to fight back at all.

Zhao Feng was one of the biggest winners of the Divine Illusion Dimension and had many secrets. If Old Monster Xu took action now…

Old Monster Xu's eyes were deep, and his right hand trembled with hesitation. At the end, Old Monster Xu gave a light sigh and walked toward Zhao Feng, "Little Friend Zhao, how are you?"

"Help protect me while I recover," Zhao Feng's lips faintly moved, and some peak-grade Primal Crystal Stones in his hand shattered as a stream of pure Heaven Earth Yuan Qi entered his True Yuan dimension.

Zhao Feng first converted this Heaven Earth Yuan Qi into the Water of Wind Lightning since its recovery ability was strong and could heal his injuries. He then converted part of the Water of Wind Lightning into the Wood of Wind Lightning because they complemented each other, then he healed himself.

The God Slaying Arrow had depleted all of Zhao Feng's energy. If he didn't replenish it quickly, there would probably be severe aftermath.

Zhao Feng's left eye had seen Old Monster Xu arriving a long time ago, so he waited here.

Old Monster Xu's heart jumped. Zhao Feng was still as deep as the ocean. He was severely injured but still acted normal, as if he wasn't scared of Old Monster Xu attacking him.

"Okay," Old Monster Xu replied as he spread his Quasi-Sacred Lord aura without affecting Zhao Feng at all.

Zhao Feng was surrounded in mystery from the very beginning. Old Monster Xu couldn't see through him and didn't dare to attack him. More precisely, he didn't dare to gamble. He didn't dare to gamble whether Zhao Feng was just acting confident or whether he actually still had power left.

If Old Monster Xu wasn't able to get the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey within three years, he would die.

On top of that, the death of the Nine Darkness Demonic Lord stunned him. Life and death was decided in just a thought, so Old Monster Xu decided to take it steady.

A smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face while he sat down and recovered. This was a test toward Old Monster Xu; if Old Monster Xu decided to use this chance to threaten Zhao Feng, then he definitely wouldn't give him any Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

As for his source of confidence, the little thieving cat and Supreme Emperor Dark Night were hiding in the darkness and wouldn't give Old Monster Xu any chance to take action.

Zhao Feng quickly circulated his Water and Wood of Wind Lightning and started to recover the lifeforce he had lost. He then took some Hundred Origin Fruit Juice and some Green Water Sky Lotus leaves.

What made him overjoyed was that, after being depleted earlier, his Sacred Lightning Body had broken through to the peak stages of the 5th level. Zhao Feng only needed to drink the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey to reach the limits of the 5th level and create a solid foundation for the 6th level.

His cultivation was also closing in on the late stages of the Void God Realm, and he would be able to break through after consolidating it for a little bit.

What made him most moved was that the whirlpool in the center of his eye's blue lake wasn't as calm as before; it glittered with a weird light as if it was brewing something.

Seeing that Zhao Feng's injuries were quickly recovering and that he was becoming even stronger, Old Monster Xu quickly gave a faint smile and said, "Little Friend Zhao, I'm here to apologize for what happened last time and that I wasted your gratitude…."

Old Monster Xu spoke in an awkward manner. After all, he was extremely old and powerful, and yet he was apologizing to a youth who was only at the middle stages of the Void God Realm. However, when he thought about the fact that a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord had been killed by Zhao Feng, he felt much better.

Seeing that Zhao Feng was continuing to heal himself and acting as if he hadn't heard him, Old Monster Xu continued to speak, "I'm here to beg Little Friend Zhao for another portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. If you have anything you want to be done in the future, I will do my best without any complaints."

"Don't say anymore. You don't need me to tell you how precious the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey is. Here's the deal – you serve me for a hundred years. I'll give you back your freedom after a hundred years. If you don't agree, then there's nothing more to discuss," Zhao Feng's unquestionable voice sounded.

Old Monster Xu's expression froze as he started to think. The value of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey was immeasurable, and his chance of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm would be 80% if he used it.

Old Monster Xu wouldn't be able to get a single portion of it even if he traded off all his wealth. If he accepted this offer, that would mean he would have received two portions total.

However, having a Sacred Lord as a servant was something only the Great Gan Princes could enjoy. What right did this Zhao Feng have to receive such an honor?

Wait, Zhao Feng's already reached the middle stages of the Void God Realm at such a young age, and he even has the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord. He also has the resources from the Divine Illusion Dimension and even substandard God weapons. It definitely isn't a problem for him to become a Sacred Lord in the future or even higher. No one knows how far he'll reach, Old Monster Xu's thoughts spun quickly.

"There are too many people that need Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, and their chances of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm and their future potential are much higher than yours," Zhao Feng warned once more before getting up and leaving.

With a flash of silver, the little thieving cat landed on Zhao Feng's shoulder and nodded its head toward Old Monster Xu, as if saying that he should agree.

A figure covered in darkness appeared behind Old Monster Xu and walked next to Zhao Feng before entering the Misty Spatial World.

This made Old Monster Xu, who was still hesitating, instantly break into a cold sweat. Wasn't that Supreme Emperor Dark Night, who was ranked 25th in Black Screen Corner and had the record of participating in the assassination of a Sacred Lord?

He and that cat that was always around Zhao Feng had been hiding right here, and Old Monster Xu actually didn't notice them.

From the looks of it, Supreme Emperor Dark Night had agreed to work with Zhao Feng in exchange for some Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

Old Monster Xu gritted his teeth when he saw that Zhao Feng was about to leave. "Little Friend Zhao, don't go. I agree. As long as you give me one portion of the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey, what's the harm in being your servant for a hundred years?"

Old Monster Xu was going all-in. Although he was already half a step away from becoming a Sacred Lord on his own, that didn't meant that he would be able to actually do it – his remaining lifespan was simply too short. He only had three years left to live, so either he broke through and increased his lifespan, or he would die and wouldn't have to be a servant anymore anyway.

"Okay, come with me." Zhao Feng walked up and put one hand on Old Monster Xu as he opened the teleportation ability of the Misty Spatial World.

Zhao Feng didn't believe in a mere promise. He needed to put a Dark Heart Seal in, and since his Eye Intent hadn't completely recovered yet, he could only take Old Monster Xu away first.

Old Monster Xu felt a weird sensation and a disturbance of space when the white mist surrounded him, and in the next instant, he was in the Duke's Palace.

Is this… the ability to pass through space? Could it be the Misty Spatial World? Old Monster Xu's heart shook.

He had heard that the substandard God Misty Spatial World appeared in the Divine Illusion Dimension, but he didn't expect it to be in Zhao Feng's hands. No wonder Zhao Feng was able to come to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan unknowingly last time.

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