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Peak of the Assassination World

The Lightning Wings Spatial Flash was the highest-level technique of the Wind Lightning Inheritance. It was no longer purely flying; by utilizing the power of Space, the user could instantly blink great distances.

Shua! Shua! Whoosh~~~~!

One could see an arc of lightning blinking over the limitless ocean. Every blink was more than ten thousand miles away from each other.

Of course, since this was in the limitless ocean, there was less resistance, gravity, and whatnot; thus, anyone would more than ten times faster here than inland. This meant that, in the limitless ocean, Zhao Feng was able to travel ten thousand miles in a single blink, and that was still under the fact that he wasn't giving it his all.

After re-cultivating and learning the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, Zhao Feng's Wind Lightning True Yuan was thicker and more profound than his previous life. Using the Lightning Wings Spatial Flash now was like a fish swimming in water.

Elsewhere in the limitless ocean:

"What a joke! Giving me ten breaths to run away? Is that brat not scared that the wind will cut his tongue?"

The outline of Supreme Emperor Dark Night could be seen within a dark light.

After leaving the Duke's Palace, Supreme Emperor Dark Night used his secret technique and flew a hundred thousand miles in one breath. Mockery formed on Supreme Emperor Dark Night's face; if he had ten breaths of time, even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would be unable to chase after him.

He instinctively turned around and looked back. Indeed, that junior hadn't chased after him. Looks like all Zhao Feng wanted to do was win with words.


Just as Supreme Emperor Dark Night was thinking that, the sound of wind and lightning came from behind him alongside a faint spatial disturbance.

"That… how is this possible!?" Supreme Emperor Dark Night's expression changed dramatically, and his body went cold after scanning over that disturbance with his Divine Sense. A streak of lightning was flashing over the limitless ocean and chasing after him. With every breath, the distance between them was shortened by several thousand miles.

"Such terrifying speed! He's almost exceeded the Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords that don't specialize in speed…." Supreme Emperor Dark Night was frightened.

Shua! Shua!

He took a deep breath and turned into a streak of darkness that suddenly split into two, then flew out seven or eight thousand miles before disappearing.

"Hmm?" Zhao Feng felt that the two auras were completely the same. If it was a normal Emperor or even a Quasi-Sacred Lord instead of him, they would have been tricked and lose sight of the target.

Hmph! Zhao Feng snickered coldly and followed one of the streaks without hesitation.

"Lightning Wings Spatial Flash!" The wings behind Zhao Feng released a brilliant light once again as he turned into an arc of lightning that flashed through the air. In just a couple breaths, Zhao Feng caught up to one of the hidden streaks of darkness.

"It's not effective at all!" Panic finally appeared on Supreme Emperor Dark Night's face. Not only was the opponent's speed faster than his, he also had profound tracking technique. Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline countered all the ways he could escape. The arc of lightning was closing in on him, and he was unable to avoid it.

"If I can't run, then I'll just give it my all!" Frenzy and insanity appeared in Supreme Emperor Dark Night's eyes. He had many forbidden techniques that could threaten even Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords; just one or two of them might be able to dissolve this danger.


In the next instant, Zhao Feng flashed once more and was now within a couple dozen miles of Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

Deadliness flashed through Supreme Emperor Dark Night's eyes as the technique he was brewing was completed. All he needed to do was wait for Zhao Feng to get a bit closer and counterattack.

However, Zhao Feng didn't move. He opened the bloodline of his left eye, releasing a surge of Soul eye-bloodline power.

"Soul Chains!"

Transparent crystalline purple chains of lightning passed through the soul-dimension and wrapped around Supreme Emperor Dark Night's body. The Soul Chains instantly restrained Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul and started to numb him.


Supreme Emperor Dark Night's body froze. When his soul was restrained, all physical attacks lost their meaning.

These Soul Chains were also called Soul Restriction since they were used to restrict the soul. No matter how strong one's battle-power was, if their soul was restricted, then it would all be for nothing.

"Open~~~!" Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul was stronger than most peak Emperors, so he had the ability to struggle against the Soul Chains.


Black smoke appeared from the transparent crystalline purple chains of lightning, and they started to emit a weird sound. In the physical world, black flames rippled around Supreme Emperor Dark Night and covered everything within dozens of miles.

However, Zhao Feng remained unmoved. He simply increased his power that restricted Supreme Emperor Dark Night. The defense of his Sacred Lightning Body was extremely high, so the fiery shockwave that was able to kill Kings was unable to harm him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The number of purple lightning chains increased, and they lit up as they released a sizzle of God Tribulation Lightning that thundered onto Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul.

"Arghh!" Supreme Emperor Dark Night started to struggle and cry out as scorch marks were left all over his soul. Supreme Emperor Dark Night then started to struggle less, and he lightly trembled as the barrage of God Tribulation Lightning continued.

Zhao Feng slowly increased the strength of his Soul Chains.

When the restriction reached a certain level, the target would lose complete control over their body. Because Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul was about the same level as Zhao Feng's, it wasn't easy for him to do this, but luckily, Zhao Feng could use the power of God Tribulation Lightning to increase the damage to Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

More than a dozen breaths later, 60-70% of Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul had been confined by Zhao Feng.

"That's about it." Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head and waved his arm.


A silver-gray light flashed. The next instant, a little silver-gray cat and a chubby silkworm appeared in the air above Supreme Emperor Dark Night.

Weng Whoosh~~~!

The little silkworm opened its mouth and spat out a wave of multi-colored silk that instantly wrapped around Supreme Emperor Dark Night. In the blink of an eye, Supreme Emperor Dark Night had turned into a multi-colored sticky rice dumpling.


The little thieving cat held a spade and whacked the sticky rice dumpling. Supreme Emperor Dark Night's body shook, and he felt dizzy as the sudden attack interrupted the secret technique he was trying to use.


The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly then quickly flapped its wings and spat out a wave of multi-colored pollen onto the sticky rice dumpling.

"Dream Pollen… it's over." Supreme Emperor Dark Night felt his body go numb as he lost control of his True Yuan. Adding on the fact that Zhao Feng was using his Soul Chains, Supreme Emperor Dark Night was completely confined, and he lost all ability to fight back. He couldn't even self-destruct.


Zhao Feng let out a breath, but he still maintained the Soul Chains and used the God Tribulation Lightning to make Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul even weaker. He couldn't give the opponent any chance at all if the opponent was an expert at Supreme Emperor Dark Night's level, otherwise Supreme Emperor Dark Night might become the second Emperor of Death and use a forbidden technique like the Cursed Words of Death to make Zhao Feng pay a heavy price. Besides, Zhao Feng wanted Supreme Emperor Dark Night alive. Even if he just self-destructed without using a forbidden technique, it would be a huge waste.

"Gaze of the God's Eye!"

Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline activated, and an endless purple whirlpool appeared in Zhao Feng's left eye. As Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul was already extremely weak, it was sucked into the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye without much resistance.

Everything that entered the dimension of his left eye would be suppressed, including the God Tribulation head and the souls of Emperors.


Zhao Feng first put Supreme Emperor Dark Night into the Misty Spatial World and then used the Dark Heart Seal on him.

Killing Supreme Emperor Dark Night wasn't too hard for Zhao Feng; his aim was to control an assassin who had battle-power close to a Sacred Lord. Supreme Emperor Dark Night stood amongst the peak of the assassination world in the lord dynasty. Supreme Emperor Dark Night had even participated in assassinating an injured Sacred Lord and succeeded. From this, one could see his strength.

"Don't even think about it…! I'd rather die."

Supreme Emperor Dark Night's willpower was extremely tough since he knew what was about to happen.

Zhao Feng was half-worried and half-happy. He had to slow down on using the Dark Heart Seal or else Supreme Emperor Dark Night's consciousness might be destroyed. The stronger one's willpower and Intent, the more strength and potential they would have once enslaved.

"Supreme Emperor Dark Night, I have some Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. If you agree to serve me for a hundred years, I'll let you live and give you some," Zhao Feng promised.

Supreme Emperor Dark Night started to think.

"Die, or become a Sacred Lord and regain your freedom after a hundred years."

After saying that, Zhao Feng circulated his Dark Heart Seal to the maximum and imprinted it into the depths of Supreme Emperor Dark Night's soul.

An hour later:


A non-human male with a pair of bat wings half-knelt in front of Zhao Feng. He had a weak expression, but his eyes were filled with respect.

"You go in and heal yourself. Don't worry about resources."

Zhao Feng nodded his head in satisfaction.


With a wave of his hand, he put Supreme Emperor Dark Night into the Misty Spatial World. The Misty Spatial World was filled with resources, so Supreme Emperor Dark Night would be able to recover quickly.

Around half the time it took to make tea later, Zhao Feng returned to the Duke's Palace alone.


Zhao Feng gratefully handed the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly back to Duke Nanfeng.

"Zhao Feng, it's good that you've come back."

Duke Nanfeng put the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly away and inspected Zhao Feng. He realized that there were no signs of battle on Zhao Feng's body. At the very least, there were no obvious signs of injury.

This meant that there were only two possible results:

The first was that they only exchanged a couple blows before splitting apart, or they never fought at all.

The second was that Zhao Feng had easily finished off Supreme Emperor Dark Night without taking any damage himself, but was that even possible?

"Zhao Feng, you need to watch out. Supreme Emperor Dark Night doesn't easily give up after failing. He's extremely patient and can wait for several years or even decades…." Duke Nanfeng warned in a solemn tone.

Any person would have moments when their flaws were revealed, and good assassins would grasp those moments perfectly. It wasn't weird for assassins to kill someone stronger than themselves.

"Duke, you can relax. Supreme Emperor Dark Night won't ever cause trouble for you or me again," Zhao Feng said confidently.

Hearing that, Duke Nanfeng cried out in shock, "Could it be… that you finished off Supreme Emperor Dark Night!?"

"You could put it that way."

Zhao Feng didn't explain much. He didn't want everyone to know about Supreme Emperor Dark Night yet since he would be one of Zhao Feng's trump cards in the future.

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