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Bi Qingyue's Request

"Who is that mysterious youth? Why do I feel that he's so familiar?"

"He seems to be a bit similar to the person in our report…."

It wasn't just the Demonic Dao Emperor and those from Nine Darkness Palace that looked at Zhao Feng. Even some of the other upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion looked at him. The reason why Bi Qingyue changed so suddenly was most likely related to this youth.

"Purple-haired youth? Such a young Void God Realm King."

"Could he be… the person that Nine Darkness Palace and Pavilion Master were supposed to kill?"

The hearts of a few upper echelon members shook. They knew some information about Zhao Feng's identity but weren't certain.

"Could it be him…!?"

The expressions of the Demonic Dao Emperor and the other two Void God Realm Kings changed dramatically. Just this thought alone caused cold sweat to appear on their foreheads. Only a small number of people knew that Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo had been defeated by Zhao Feng.

"'Him'? Who is he?"

The change in the upper echelon members' expressions fell into Zhan Jie'er's eyes. Surprise flashed through her eyes as she suddenly realized that this purple-haired youth was similar to a certain genius that had recently risen in the Imperial Genius rankings.

That genius also had purple hair and became famous after the Divine Illusion Dimension ended, but even if it was that youth, it still wasn't enough for her master to change so much or change the Nine Darkness Palace members' expressions so much.

Of course, Zhan Jie'er didn't know the information regarding the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor.

"You're Zhao Feng?" The Demonic Dao Emperor's expression was solemn as he looked at the purple-haired youth in the corner. The two Kings on his left and right were also extremely wary.

"Zhao Feng? So it is him?" Zhan Jie'er's heart skipped a beat. "He became ranked 8th on the Imperial Genius rankings after the Divine Illusion Dimension, and apparently this ranking is still based on the fact that no one knows his true strength."

Zhan Jie'er was also a genius that had come out of the Divine Illusion Dimension. Although she hadn't entered Xie Yang Palace, she still managed to obtain great fortune. She was stunned when she heard about what happened in Xie Yang Palace. The danger and fortune she had experienced was nothing in comparison.

When mentioning Xie Yang Palace, no one could ignore the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo. Apparently, they were the biggest winners of Xie Yang Palace. However, Zhan Jie'er didn't know that Zhao Feng wasn't just a junior – he was also the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor.

At this moment, she took a deep breath as she inspected the mysterious youth that only appeared in the rumors.

"That's right, I'm Zhao Feng."

Zhao Feng finally inspected the three Void God Realm experts of Nine Darkness Palace. The only Emperor present wasn't even a peak Emperor, so Zhao Feng wasn't interested at all.

"Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor Zhao Feng! Run~~~!"

The trio's expressions lost all color, and they tried to run without hesitation.

This reaction stunned most of the other upper echelon members within the hall.

"What's going on…?" Zhan Jie'er was dazed. All Zhao Feng did was say his name, and the three Nine Darkness Palace members were scared witless.

"Want to run?" Bi Qingyue snickered coldly and was about to take action.

"Let me handle it," the purple-haired youth in the corner suddenly spoke.

Bi Qingyue and the other upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion had the ability to kill the three from Nine Darkness Palace, but it wouldn't be easy. Furthermore, it would cause destruction.

As soon as he spoke, divine light shot out from Zhao Feng's eyes, and thunder seemed to boom across the soul-dimension.

Boom! Boom!

The divine light turned into two transparent beams of purple lightning that shot into the souls of the two Demonic Dao Kings.



Two screams sounded in the soul-dimension, and the upper echelon of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion felt two King Yuan Souls die. Some Divine Senses even saw the souls of the two Demonic Dao Kings turn into ashes.

Plop! Plop!

Two perfectly unharmed bodies of two Demonic Dao Kings fell from the sky – their souls were destroyed.


The upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion all took in cold breaths. Zhan Jie'er felt a coldness pass through the bottom of her feet and spread across her body until she hiccupped.

Those two Demonic Dao Kings were both old Kings, and one of them was a Peak-tier King, but they couldn't do anything against Zhao Feng. In just one gaze, he killed two Void God Realm Kings.

"Terrifying…!" The Demonic Dao Emperor's face was grey, and his guts almost shattered from fear.

Zhao Feng looked at the Demonic Dao Emperor after killing the two Demonic Dao Kings with his Emperor Intent.


The Demonic Dao Emperor sped out of the hall, and the upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion couldn't help but be slightly worried; the one that was escaping was an Emperor, and Zhao Feng didn't seem to have any intention of chasing after him.

"Gaze… of… the… God's… Eye!"

Zhao Feng's left eye released a surge of purple eye-bloodline power that formed a whirlpool.

The Demonic Dao Emperor felt a powerful Soul aura close in on him after flying out a short distance. The purple-haired youth's eye-bloodline had already locked onto him.


The Demonic Dao Emperor's soul struggled as he fell into limitless coldness. It was as if he had been confined; he struggled with his utmost strength, but his soul was still slowly leaving his body.

"This… what kind of technique is this?"

"This eye-bloodline technique is similar to that ancient Emperor of Death from the Cang Ocean."

The upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion within the hall were speechless.

When one reached the Void God Realm, they could feel it when their soul left their body.


An immortal and undying strike of lightning dazed the Demonic Dao Emperor, and his struggling ceased.

A cold smile formed on Zhao Feng's face.


The next instant, the Demonic Dao Emperor's soul left his body and finally turned into a black dot that was sucked into Zhao Feng's purple whirlpool.


The Demonic Dao Emperor's body fell from the sky. At the same time, the soul of an Emperor appeared in the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye.

At this instant, the hall was dead-silent. The upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion felt cold as they looked at the nightmare-like youth.

"Thank you, Grand Elder," Bi Qingyue let out a long breath as she said respectfully.

As a slave of Zhao Feng, she could feel just how terrifying he was. Back at the Duke's Palace, Zhao Feng relied more on trickery to fight the peak Emperors; he didn't even use his eye-bloodline.

My Soul Sea now has more than a thousand symbols of God Tribulation Lightning. If I combine it with my Emperor Intent, even peak Emperors wouldn't be able to last more than several breaths.

Zhao Feng slowly opened his eyes. The Demonic Dao Emperor's soul was being tortured in his Soul Sea.

"Greetings… Grand Elder?" The sound of greetings came from the upper echelon of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Grand Elder? Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he gave Bi Qingyue a deep glance.

He wanted to control the Ocean Smoke Pavilion from the shadows, not as a member. It was obvious that Bi Qingyue was the one that wanted him to be the Grand Elder. This would mean that Zhao Feng was in the same boat.

After all, Zhao Feng had slain a lot of experts from Nine Darkness Palace and made the Ocean Smoke Pavilion betray them. If he didn't care about the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, then only death awaited them.

"Oh well, I'll be the Grand Elder then, but you can take care of all the problems." Zhao Feng sighed.

Grand Elders had more power than the Pavilion Leader. This meant that Zhao Feng had become the person with the highest status in this two-star power.

Miao miao!

At this instant, the little thieving cat used the dark golden dragon snake whip and pulled the body of the Demonic Dao Emperor over.


With a wave of his hand, Zhao Feng put the body of the Demonic Dao Emperor into the Misty Spatial World.

For the next half a month, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion started a big purge; it killed all the experts and spies of Nine Darkness Palace.

Zhao Feng never appeared afterward; he simply stayed in the building where Bi Qingyue lived. Zhao Feng didn't realize that this made many people suspicious about the relationship between them since he was the first male to enter her place, let alone live there.

On this day, Zhao Feng came out of seclusion. Bi Qingyue told him some core information about the Ocean Smoke Pavilion in case he needed to make some decisions later.

The potential and strength of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion aren't bad, but it isn't enough to rule the seas…. Zhao Feng thought as he looked into the distance.

Right at this moment, the figure of a pretty girl came into sight.

"Grand Elder. Master."

Zhan Jie'er bowed respectfully and didn't dare to look into Zhao Feng's eyes. She felt uneasy when she remembered the dazzled look Zhao Feng had when he first saw her.

Bi Qingyue also remembered that scene very clearly and was worried that Zhao Feng would "take action" against her pure disciple. If Zhao Feng really wanted Zhan Ji'er, then no one in the Ocean Smoke Pavilion would be able to stop him. Bi Qingyue herself couldn't go against Zhao Feng even if she wanted to.

"Jie'er is full of potential. Raise her well," Zhao Feng said casually.

Hearing that, Bi Qingyue's heart shook. She thought that Zhao Feng was indeed thinking about Zhan Jie'er, but luckily, Zhao Feng didn't have any unreasonable requests yet.

Later that night, Zhao Feng sat down and observed the situation within the Misty Spatial World. The Demonic Dao Emperor within the Misty Spatial World had recovered and was now enslaved by Zhao Feng.

Zhao Feng decided to give this Demonic Dao Emperor to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

"Master," a soft voice sounded from outside.

"Hmm? Come in." Zhao Feng revealed a weird expression as he looked at Bi Qingyue in the doorway.

Bi Qingyue was covered in snow-white and gave off a holy aura in the moonlight. At this moment in time, Bi Qingyue seemed to glow like the stars and the moon, and she looked like a goddess.

"What is it?" Zhao Feng felt weird, but he didn't hide the admiration he had for Bi Qingyue's beauty.


Bi Qingyue closed the door and bit her lips. "Qingyue has a request. I hope that Master will not touch Jie'er. If you want anything, I can do it for you."

After saying that, the holy beauty unbuttoned her clothes and revealed snow-white skin that was enough to make one's nose leak blood. Her long legs were extremely attractive.

Hu~ Shua!

With the unbuttoning of her clothes, Zhao Feng could see her shoulders and breasts. When the dress fell down to her legs, the view was enough to make any male become crazy.

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