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Ocean Smoke Pavilion

The island zone where the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was located was the Misty Moon Island Zone. This island zone was extremely unique, and it was very rural. There weren't many islands nearby.

Although the Misty Moon Island Zone hadn't reached the level of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, this place was very rich, and it was about twice as large as the Azure Flower Continent. Around the Misty Moon Island Zone were more than a dozen places similar to the Eight Desolate Mountain, which each had their different resources.

All of this was under the control of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. After all, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was a peak two-star power and had Nine Darkness Palace behind it.

"The advantage of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion's location is that there aren't many powerful island zones nearby, so it's a good place to expand." Bi Qingyue gave a faint smile.

Any force would be able to expand steadily in such a rich environment with not many strong enemies nearby.

"This place is too safe, so it's not competitive enough, but it's a good place to start conquering the oceans." Zhao Feng was satisfied.

He had always lived in a competitive environment since he was young, which was one of the reasons why he could increase his strength by leaps and bounds.

"Master is correct." Bi Qingyue smiled and didn't disagree. "But the Ocean Smoke Pavilion is also an information agency, and many of the members are spread out abroad. Those that manage to survive are all elites."

Hearing that, Zhao Feng was surprised. Although Bi Qingyue would obey him no matter what due to the Dark Heart Seal, she had her own independent thoughts. She would have her own perspectives; she wasn't just a machine.

From the looks of it, the Dark Heart Seal exceeded his expectations after he had perfected it time after time. Originally, he wanted to perfect it because he wanted the target to preserve their potential, and in order to do that, the target must retain their own individual thoughts and not become a complete doll.


Zhao Feng and Bi Qingyue soon entered the Misty Moon Island Zone on the flaming chariot

As the ruler of the Misty Moon Island Zone, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was located in a heaven-like place. The air above was covered in a misty array, and one could see buildings one after another inside. The size of the place was close to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"This is the main headquarters of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, and it's similar to cultivation-based forces. The real net of information is spread all over the place, and the different training grounds are in the nearby smaller zones…." Bi Qingyue introduced.

Zhao Feng knew that the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was a half-cultivation, half-information-agency force. The main headquarters of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was similar to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, and it supplied new disciples. After that, the disciples would be sent to different training grounds depending on their strength, talent, and potential.

This process was rare to see in the lord dynasty.

Sou! Sou!

On the way to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, the two met the occasional member of the pavilion.

"Greetings, Pavilion Master."

Those that called out were at least at the Great Origin Core Realm. They were curious about Zhao Feng who was next to Bi Qingyue, but they didn't say anything.

Bi Qingyue soon led Zhao Feng to a quiet and elegant building next to a lake. This building was at the very center of the Water Transverse Sacred Land, and it was Bi Qingyue's personal building.

"Master, are you satisfied with living here?" Bi Qingyue asked respectfully.

"Not bad." Zhao Feng was a bit surprised that Bi Qingyue let him stay where she stayed.

Zhao Feng realized that there were some changes to the Dark Heart Seal after it was perfected and decided to pay some attention to it while living here.

"Master, you're back!"

Right at this moment, a girl about eighteen years old wearing a green dress flew over. Her face seem to come out of a painting, and it gave a refreshing and pure feeling.

Even Zhao Feng, who was used to seeing beautiful women, was faintly stunned. This made him think of Zhao Yufei and Liu Qinxin.

While he was recalling his memories, Zhao Feng's eyes landed on the girl, and he gave off the impression that he was dazzled by her beauty. The girl in green seemed to be used to such a thing, and she felt slightly disdainful.

She was curious about why her holy master had a male in her building.

"Jie'er, come greet Senior Zhao," Bi Qingyue quickly said and signaled to the girl in green. She also saw the "dazzled" look when Zhao Feng's eyes landed on her disciple and was slightly worried.

"Senior Zhao?" The girl revealed a surprised look of doubt and disbelief, but she couldn't go against the orders of her master. She bowed unwillingly toward Zhao Feng; "Disciple Zhan Jie greets Senior Zhao."

Zhao Feng inspected Zhan Jie'er. Her age was similar to Zhao Yufei's, and she had just broken through to the Void God Realm. She was extremely talented.

"My disciple came out of the Divine Illusion Dimension a few months ago and was quite lucky, managing to break through to the Void God Realm not long ago, but compared to Mas… my Lord, it's like the difference between the clouds and mud," Bi Qingyue explained with a smile.

She noticed how Zhao Feng was looking at Zhan Jie'er and changed "Master" to "My Lord."

"My…'my Lord'?"

Despite the change, Zhan Jie'er's mouth fell wide open. She was the number one beauty amongst the juniors of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and she was extremely talented as well, but in her master's eyes, she couldn't be compared to this youth?

Could this youth be from Nine Darkness Palace? But even then, what kind of identity does he have for Master to call him like that? Zhan Jie'er's thoughts spun, but she couldn't imagine why her master, a peak Emperor in charge of a two-star power, would refer to Zhao Feng that way. Even if he was a prince, he shouldn't warrant such a title.

"May I ask what this senior's name is?" Zhan Jie'er finally took back her underestimations and glanced at the smiling purple-haired youth that seemed to be surrounded in mist. She became more and more curious as to the identity of this youth.

Zhao Feng didn't reply to her question. He suddenly remembered something before speaking to Bi Qingyue, "We should act as soon as possible or else the bastards of Nine Darkness Palace will figure out my identity and run away."

"I forgot about this." Bi Qingyue revealed a guilty expression. It wasn't much of a secret that Zhao Feng was the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor who had slain several peak Emperors and defeated Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo.

Bi Qingyue immediately gave out the orders.

"Give the order to lock down the entire pavilion. No one can leave, they can only enter. Kill all that defy this."

Bi Qingyue first sealed the main headquarters of the entire Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

This order was soon carried out. Being the only peak Emperor of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, Bi Qingyue's control over it was extremely strong.

She personally looked over the entire lockdown.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Some of the upper echelon members of the Water Transverse Sacred Land were alarmed and flew into the air to meet with Bi Qingyue.

"Pavilion Master, what happened? Why did you initiate a lockdown?"

"This hasn't happened in the Water Transverse Sacred Land for at least a couple dozen years."

These upper echelon members discussed with one another.

Bi Qingyue didn't reply. She just waited for the lockdown to finish. She then gave the order for all the upper echelon members to gather.

"Anyone that is a half-step King or higher, come to the Sea Sky Palace."

Bi Qingyue's orders were sent down one after another. No one went against her, but since no one knew the reason, a tense atmosphere was starting to spread across the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Zhan Jie'er realized that this tense atmosphere was because of the mysterious purple-haired youth.

The upper echelon of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion soon gathered at the Sea Sky Palace. Bi Qingyue sat at the very front of the palace, but there was a purple-haired youth leaning on the corner of a wall behind her.

The youth leaning lazily on the wall stood out in this tense atmosphere. Many of the upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion looked at this mysterious youth with curiosity, while a small amount of people looked at this purple-haired youth with puzzled eyes.

There were about nine Void God Realm experts from the Ocean Smoke Pavilion present. This wasn't their total amount though since some were spread out elsewhere.

However, three Demonic auras were extremely obvious amongst these upper echelon members of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. These three Demonic auras came from one Void God Realm Emperor and two Kings.

"Bi Qingyue, why did you call all of us here?" The Demonic Dao Emperor snickered coldly as his demonic power made the entire Sea Sky Palace shake.

While others respected Bi Qingyue's strength, this Demonic Dao Emperor didn't. This was an Emperor sent here by Nine Darkness Palace. Simply put, this Emperor was here to oversee the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

"From today onward, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion will officially leave Nine Darkness Palace."

Bi Qingyue didn't bother with the Demonic Dao Emperor as her cold voice rang across the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion instantly became dead-silent, then the members of Nine Darkness Palace that were here roared in anger.

"Bi Qingyue, how dare you betray Nine Darkness Palace!?"

"Hmph, you just want to destroy the Ocean Smoke Pavilion…!"

The Demonic Dao Emperor and other experts of Nine Darkness Palace growled. Apart from that, there were also some others that were close with Nine Darkness Palace that blamed Bi Qingyue.

Bi Qingyue and Zhao Feng looked at each other as they remembered everyone that questioned her just now. The owners of these voices were either from Nine Darkness Palace or close to it.

Is Master not scared of Nine Darkness Palace…? Zhan Jie'er in the green dress was dazed. How would Bi Qingyue not know the consequences of betraying Nine Darkness Palace?

Could Bi Qingyue have something to rely on for her to make this decision? The Demonic Dao Emperor and the other experts of Nine Darkness Palace had cold eyes as they looked toward the silent purple-haired youth in the corner of the hall. They didn't know why, but this youth gave them a familiar feeling even though they had never seen him before.

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