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Excelling in all Aspects

"Master, I'm called Bi Qingyue, and I'm the Pavilion Master of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. I'm responsible for the information near the oceans for Nine Darkness Palace…."

The female was surrounded by a layer of moonlight and had a pure aura, as if she was a goddess under the moon.

No one would expect this half-kneeling beauty to be a peak Emperor and the leader of a two-star power.

"Ocean Smoke Pavilion? Tell me about it." Zhao Feng revealed a surprised and joyful expression.

Bi Qingyue's identity exceeded what he had imagined; she was actually the Pavilion Master of a two-star force. She was also much younger than most Emperors but had the battle-power of a peak Emperor. From this, one could see that she was talented.

Bi Qingyue obediently started to talk about the Ocean Smoke Pavilion while Zhao Feng listened and started to form a plan.

The Ocean Smoke Pavilion had existed for several dozens of millennia. When it started, it wasn't a force that focused on cultivation, but one that collected information. This information agency then started to recruit more members, and it became a rising two-star power.

However, the timing of their rise was unlucky; when they were trying to expand, they met Nine Darkness Palace, which was trying to revive. Nine Darkness Palace was the leading Demonic Dao force of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. It was once a four-star power, and it wanted to return to its glory days.

"…just a couple dozen years ago, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion became a subordinate force of Nine Darkness Palace. There's about ten more forces similar to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that are also subordinate forces of Nine Darkness Palace," Bi Qingyue recalled.

In reality, after being threatened by Nine Darkness Palace to become one of its subordinate forces, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion became stronger due to the support it received. Furthermore, as the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan became weaker and lost control over the area, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion was closer to becoming a peak two-star force.

Zhao Feng couldn't help but click his tongue when he heard that. Even though they weren't a four-star power anymore, Nine Darkness Palace still managed to reach all the way out here.

An information agency was just what Zhao Feng needed right now.

"How is your control over the Ocean Smoke Pavilion?" Zhao Feng questioned.

The leader having the battle-power of a peak Emperor meant that her two-star force was an elite amongst the other two-star powers.

"Nine Darkness Palace focuses on the middle-northern regions of the continent, so I have about 60-70% control over the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. There are some experts and spies of Nine Darkness Palace though."

Bi Qingyue revealed a weird look as she guessed what Zhao Feng was trying to say. It wasn't hard to guess what Zhao Feng wanted, but after being enslaved by the Dark Heart Seal, Bi Qingyue obeyed everything.

"I want you to go back to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and clean out the poison that is Nine Darkness Palace. From now on, the Ocean Smoke Pavilion will exist to serve me…." Zhao Feng said emotionlessly as the plan in his heart became clearer.

From the very beginning of his cultivation, Zhao Feng was always being protected by other forces.

When he was in the Martial Path, he was a member of Sun Feather City's Zhao Family. He then entered the Broken Moon Clan with the help of Lord Guanjun. From there, Flooding Lake City… the Iron Blood Religion… the Mystic True Sacred Clan.

Even now, Zhao Feng was being protected by the Duke's Palace, which was because Duke Nanfeng's identity was unique, preventing normal forces from taking action on the surface.

"I can't go to the Duanmu Family right now. Besides, I've already sent a letter to the Duanmu Family, and Yufei met me in the Divine Illusion Dimension…."

Zhao Feng's eyes were calm. Whenever he wasn't being chased by someone, he was being protected by other forces. Now, he wanted to create his own superpower.

"I will make this force spread across Heaven and Earth and rule the world. In the future, no one will be able to threaten anyone that's related to me…!"

Zhao Feng's desire became stronger.

Creating his own force was extremely beneficial. For example, finding resources or scouting out secret dimensions.

"Yes, Master. I will do as you wish, but I can't guarantee there won't be any resistance in the process," Bi Qingyue said carefully.

Through the Dark Heart Seal, she could feel how ambitious Zhao Feng was.

"I will go with you to the Ocean Smoke Pavilion and help deal with everything there. Although Nine Darkness Palace is strong, they can't send too many people here."

Zhao Feng was very confident.

The place where they were right now was hardly the center of the lord dynasty. It could be said that Zhao Feng hadn't even entered the inner region of the continent yet.

Hearing that, Bi Qingyue relaxed. With Zhao Feng's strength, not many people below the Mystic Light Realm would be able to threaten the Ocean Smoke Pavilion.

Zhao Feng didn't immediately leave for the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. Instead, he cultivated quietly in the Duke's Palace for a while. Bi Qingyue's and Duke Nanfeng's injuries hadn't completely healed yet, and Zhao Feng had comprehended some things in his fight and wanted to consolidate his cultivation.

Half a month passed in the blink of an eye.

Within a chamber in the building, Zhao Feng suddenly opened his eyes as a divine Intent flashed through them, giving everyone a feeling that lightning and thunder were booming.


One thousand and three hundred symbols of God Tribulation Lighting in his purple Soul Sea flashed. These God Tribulation Lightning symbols gave off an immortal and undying aura that could counter everything in the word.

Very good. I now have 50% more God Tribulation Lightning than my previous life, and I can control it much better.

A faint smile appeared on Zhao Feng's face.

Of course, what he absorbed was just the remnant power of a failed God Tribulation, and it was probably just a dot in comparison to the real God Tribulation Lightning. The combined force of these symbols might not even be one hundredth the total amount of one bolt of God Tribulation Lightning.

After all, the head was just a container for the lightning that had been sitting there for many years. It was already a miracle that Zhao Feng could absorb any God Tribulation Lightning into his soul.

At this moment, there was about 50% of the God Tribulation Lightning remaining in the head.

Zhao Feng didn't need to just absorb the God Tribulation Lightning, he also needed to comprehend it. That way, he could increase the rate of its recovery, and perhaps even learn to form it himself.

Zhao Feng finally exited seclusion after half a month.

Duke Nanfeng's injuries had almost completely healed by now. Although he didn't manage to break through to the Mystic Light Realm, he was much stronger than before.

Zhao Feng told him that he was leaving for a while, then left.

"That's weird; why is Zhao Feng leaving? Is he not scared of Nine Darkness Palace?" Duke Nanfeng revealed a weird expression, but after thinking about it, as long as Zhao Feng didn't meet a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord, he had nothing to worry about.

A while later, Zhao Feng flew out of the Tianfeng Great Island Zone and headed toward the limitless ocean.


Zhao Feng raised his hand, and Bi Qingyue came out of the Misty Spatial World. At the same time, he also took out the flaming chariot that he had obtained in the Divine Illusion Dimension.

The flaming chariot was even faster in the limitless ocean, and with the substandard God crystal propelling it, its speed had reached the level of an Emperor. The important thing was that this chariot could fly steadily without any True Yuan from the driver, and it also had a protective barrier around it.

Bi Qingyue stood on the chariot and controlled where it went.

Her face was filled with surprise. She had stayed in Zhao Feng's Misty Spatial World for a while and was stunned by it. She didn't expect Zhao Feng to have a substandard God item or such a large amount of resources. Maybe the resources she had seen were just a part of Zhao Feng's total wealth.

Just a portion of those resources could allow the Ocean Smoke Pavilion to expand rapidly, and maybe it could even rule the ocean. Bi Qingyue took in a deep breath.

Although she had been enslaved by Zhao Feng, she still had her own thoughts. The Dark Heart Seal had been perfected time after time, and in order to even use it, one needed to have something similar to the God's Spiritual Eye. Others wouldn't be able to use it, or if they could, it would require a massive price.

On the journey, Zhao Feng sat down and cultivated while Bi Qingyue led the way.

This area was linked to the Nanlin Sea, the Xiwu Sea, the Dongchuan Sea, and some other places.

Half a month was needed even with the speed of the flaming chariot. In this period of time, Zhao Feng circulated the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique and multi-tasked.

He kept cultivating his Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. One day, Zhao Feng's Wood of Wind Lightning reached the peak of the 7th level.

After this was the Fire of Wind Lightning, which contained extreme offense.

Zhao Feng had started cultivating the Dao of Fire Lightning in his previous life when he cultivated the Scarlet Destruction Wind Lightning, which had surpassed the Wind Lightning Emperor's original technique.

"The 7th level corresponds to the King level while the 8th level and onward starts to correspond to Emperors, Quasi-Sacred Lords, and Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords."

Zhao Feng could feel that his Wood of Wind Lightning had reached a limit. A couple days later, Zhao Feng's aura rose once more.

"Middle stages of the Void God Realm."

Zhao Feng nodded his head. It was within his expectations to break through to the middle stages of the Void God Realm right now. At this rate, he would be able to become a true Emperor within another six months.

As of right now, after recovering to the middle stages of the Void God Realm, Zhao Feng now exceeded his previous life in all aspects.

Zhao Feng biggest card was the God Tribulation Lightning. He had absorbed more of it and he could use it much better than his previous life. In terms of his soul, after being continuously refined by God Tribulation Lightning, it was even more condensed. As for his Emperor Intent, it also surpassed his previous life due to containing more God Tribulation Lightning.

The only thing that hadn't improved was his God's Spiritual Eye. It was slightly regretful that his God's Spiritual Eye hadn't evolved after such a long time, but according to previous experience, Zhao Feng could feel that he was slowly approaching the "point of evolution."

"Master, we're almost at the Ocean Smoke Pavilion," a soft voice sounded next to his ears as the speed of the flaming chariot started to decrease.

"We're here?"

Zhao Feng took a deep breath as he glanced toward the island covered in mist. It was much larger than the Azure Flower Continent.

At this instant, he was looking forward to it, and he was even slightly nervous. Whether he could rule the ocean or not depended on this first step.

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