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Battle-Power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord

"A second assassination?" Zhao Feng paused for a moment before laughing. "I hope that he'll come back."

He had a rough estimate of Supreme Emperor Dark Night's strength; it was about the same level as Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo, but he specialized in assassination. He had the ability to kill Emperors at the same level as himself in one blow, but he wasn't quite as good in a head-on fight. If Zhao Feng was prepared for it, then all assassins would be countered by his eye-bloodline.

"Zhao Feng, don't underestimate Supreme Emperor Dark Night. He's ranked extremely high amongst the assassins of Black Screen Corner, and he has a high bounty. From his rank, Supreme Emperor Dark Night's is at least an unrivalled Emperor with battle-power close to a Quasi-Sacred Lord." Duke Nanfeng shook his head and warned. While he was in seclusion, he was ambushed by Supreme Emperor Dark Night, so he knew how strong the latter was.

Quasi-Sacred Lord? Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed.

He knew that different places had different names for each rank. In the Cang Ocean, peak Emperors were unparalleled below the Mystic Light Realm. However, in the lord dynasty, there were still some specific ranks between peak Emperors and Sacred Lords.

Void God Realm Emperors were split into four tiers:

The first was normal Emperors such as Emperor Mu Yun and the Cold Moon Emperor.

The second was peak Emperors such as Duanmu Qing.

The third was unrivalled Emperors such as Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo.

What was worth noting was that the Emperor of Death was around the level of an unrivalled Emperor. Some of his forbidden techniques made even Sacred Lords wary, but there was no specific rank for this in the Cang Ocean.

However, the Emperor of Death's Soul Dao techniques and Eye of Death were countered by Zhao Feng, which is what allowed Zhao Feng to win. Those same techniques also allowed him to survive for so long against Zhao Feng since he was familiar with the Soul Dao, which is why it took Zhao Feng so long to kill him. If it were any other unrivalled Emperor, Zhao Feng might've been the one to lose.

Apart from those three, there was a fourth tier – Quasi-Sacred Lord.

Quasi-Sacred Lord battle-power was at the level of Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords; one's Intent, power, or some other aspect needed to be comparable to a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord. The difference was that they hadn't actually become a Sacred Lord yet.

The tier Duke Nanfeng assumed Supreme Emperor Dark Night to be was an unrivalled Emperor who was close to a Quasi-Sacred Lord. In other words, between tiers three and four.

Of course, this was just about battle-power; cultivation didn't come into play much.

"If that's really the case, then Supreme Emperor Dark Night's strength has surpassed the Emperor of Death, Emperor Xuan Luo, and me." Zhao Feng's eyes twinkled.

According to the measurement of battle-power, Zhao Feng had surpassed peak Emperors and was comparable to an unrivalled Emperor. Granted, when he fought with Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo, he only used his Sacred Lightning Body, not his eye-bloodline or any Soul techniques. One thing was for sure though – Zhao Feng's strength hadn't reached the stage of a Quasi-Sacred Lord. The strength of his soul, power, and Intent all had obvious differences.

This meant that experts with the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord would be a great threat to Zhao Feng.

"I was just half a step away from breaking through, but at least I managed to live. As long as I recover, I'll have the battle-power of a Quasi-Sacred Lord." Duke Nanfeng sighed.

Hearing that, Zhao Feng and the silver-haired elder were both surprised.

Zhao Feng felt that the aura of the power within Duke Nanfeng's body was half a level higher than Emperors, and the Intent from his eyes had also surpassed peak Emperors. This was because Duke Nanfeng was about to break through, but he was stopped when he was almost killed by Supreme Emperor Dark Night. Now that he had survived, his battle-power would be comparable to a Sacred Lord as long as he recovered.

"My Lord, great fortune comes after great misfortune." The silver-haired elder and company all congratulated, but Duke Nanfeng's expression was slightly grim. He had been extremely close to breaking through with the help of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's Origin Pollen.

However, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly could only give out a certain amount of Origin Pollen each time, and it took at least one hundred years to regenerate. This meant that he wasn't guaranteed to break through in his next attempt.

Furthermore, there was a weird rule when trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm; once someone failed, the chances of breaking through in the future would be become lower. Apparently, this was because part of one's soul and life would be expended when trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm. Once one failed, it couldn't be replenished.

Therefore, any Emperor that tried to breakthrough to the Mystic Light Realm would be extremely cautious. No one would make an attempt unless they were absolutely confident. This also meant that treasures that could increase the chances of breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm were extremely rare and were something that the big forces of the lord dynasty would fight over.

Only Zhao Feng saw the slight change in Duke Nanfeng's expression.

I still have ten portions of Hundred Origin Sacred Honey remaining. It'll be best if I leave three for myself for the Sacred Lightning Body and breaking through to the Mystic Light Realm, Zhao Feng planned.

As he became stronger, he realized just how valuable the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey was.

If it wasn't for the fact that he had the Misty Spatial World, he wouldn't have dared to even attempt stealing the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey in Xie Yang Palace, and even then, the journey was extremely dangerous.

Within the secret cultivation chamber, Zhao Feng, the silver-haired, and company all protected Duke Nanfeng for four or five days. This was the silver-haired elder's suggestion for in case Supreme Emperor Dark Night returned. Since Duke Nanfeng hadn't recovered yet, his battle-power was only comparable to a normal Emperor, so he needed some protection until he recovered.

Zhao Feng felt a bit guilty. After all, he had caused a lot of destruction in the Duke's Palace.

Over the last four or five days, Duke Nanfeng focused on recovering. In this period of time, Supreme Emperor Dark Night didn't return. Even without so many experts gathered together, Supreme Emperor Dark Night wouldn't return anyway since he had his rule of only attacking once.

"My Lord, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly is about to completely recover."

Before he left, Zhao Feng waved his hand and gave the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly to the silver-haired elder.

Miao miao!

The little thieving cat and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly nudged each other with unwillingness.

At this moment, Zhao Feng had a thought – could he exchange something for the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly? However, thinking about it, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had a bloodline of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races and had strong supportive capabilities. How could Duke Nanfeng possibly agree? Duke Nanfeng might not exchange it even if Zhao Feng took out the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had the same value to Duke Nanfeng as the little thieving cat did to Zhao Feng.

"This Zhao Feng…" Duke Nanfeng looked in the direction where Zhao Feng left.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly in his hands seemed to really like Zhao Feng and the little thieving cat. Duke Nanfeng could also tell how enticing the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was to Zhao Feng.

"My Lord, Black Screen Corner is one of the three big organizations of the underworld, but they are neutral. Who would hire them?" The silver-haired elder couldn't help but ask.

One could guess that it was someone in the Royal Court. There were several factions within the Royal Court, and the various princes were in charge of them.

At the moment, there were only a few princes that had the ability to fight for the throne, and each one had a strong force behind them.

"I've always stayed neutral, but a while ago, the Eighth Prince came to visit me. Some people don't want me to break through and affect the balance of the Great Gan Royal Court." Duke Nanfeng took a deep breath as his eyebrows furrowed. The internal battles between the Great Gan Imperials were extremely complex, so he didn't have a sure answer either.

Zhao Feng entered a building with a garden in the Duke's Palace. Within the building, Zhao Feng waved his hand, and a large multi-colored sticky rice dumpling appeared.

The sticky rice dumpling was struggling, but there wasn't much energy to it.

Zhao Feng's left eye saw through the sticky rice dumpling and saw the pretty female in dark green robes within.

If Zhao Feng had wanted to kill her, she wouldn't have been able to live till now. After Nine Darkness Palace's attack, Zhao Feng wanted to leave one person alive so he could question them.

The aura of this female in dark green was different from the other four peak Emperors, so Zhao Feng decided to let her live. Of course, Zhao Feng wasn't nice to his enemies.

"Gaze… of… the… God's… Eye!"

Zhao Feng's left eye released a surge of purple eye-bloodline power that formed a purple whirlpool. A forbidden energy of the Soul Dao filled the air.

"Not good!"

Within the sticky rice dumpling, Bi Qingyue shook as her heart went cold. Her soul was covered by a cold power, and she wasn't able to stop her soul from leaving her body.

If she was at her peak, she would have had the ability to fight back, but she was severely injured and still affected by the Dream Pollen, so her battle-power was dramatically weakened.

In just a breath or two, the female's Yuan Soul was pulled out.

"No…!" Bi Qingyue felt as if the Soul power was like a god that couldn't be resisted.


With a flash, Bi Qingyue's soul was sucked into the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye. After entering the dimension of his left eye, Zhao Feng could do anything with Bi Qingyue's soul.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Zhao Feng first circulated some God Tribulation Lightning and thundered it onto Bi Qingyue's soul.

Bi Qingyue's soul almost fainted.

"Dark Heart Seal!"

Zhao Feng's left eye started to construct a purple seal of lightning that had the aura of God Tribulation Lightning, and he imprinted it within the depths of Bi Qingyue's soul.

The reason he took Bi Qingyue's soul into the dimension of his left eye was to increase the rate of success of the Dark Heart Seal. After all, the latter was a peak Emperor, so her soul was strong.

"I'm begging you… don't…." Bi Qingyue's consciousness was on the verge of fainting, and she even wanted to commit suicide, but in the dimension of Zhao Feng's left eye, she had no control over herself.

A couple breaths later, Zhao Feng's Dark Heart Seal had imprinted itself into the depths of Bi Qingyue's soul.


With a thought, Bi Qingyue's soul went back to her body.

Half a day later:

"Master, I'm called Bi Qingyue, and I'm the Pavilion Master of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion. I'm responsible for the information near the oceans for Nine Darkness Palace…."

A quiet and holy female half-knelt in front of Zhao Feng.

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