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Dealing with Everyone at Once

Weng~~ Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh Whoosh

The multi-colored silk that shot out from the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's mouth caught the two peak Emperors off guard.

"Not good! It's the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly!"

The middle-aged male and the youth in black armor were completely covered in silk. This silk was extremely tough and sticky, and it was hard to get out of even for Emperors. In the blink of an eye, two peak Emperors had turned into two multi-colored sticky rice dumplings.

Crack! Boom!

Bi Qingyue and the elder with a purple face were also hit, but they unleashed their True Yuan and managed to push the silk away.

In reality, Zhao Feng didn't want to catch all four Emperors at once because that would divide the silk's strength into four. His first step was just to capture these two peak Emperors that were close to him, and he succeeded.

Although the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly isn't that strong personally, its supportive abilities sure are.

Zhao Feng calmed down after the Emperors' ambush failed. The pressure he had to face decreased dramatically after making two peak Emperors lose all their battle-power.

"This is quite troublesome. That brat can actually control the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly…."

The retreating purple-faced elder's expression changed. He and Bi Qingyue were a little slow to attack, so they weren't ambushed by the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

"There's no need to worry." Bi Qingyue's eyes landed on the two struggling sticky rice dumplings and messaged calmly, "Only the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's supportive abilities are strong. It won't be able to kill two peak Emperors for quite some time. All we need to do is increase the pressure on Zhao Feng and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, and the two elders will be able to escape."

Hearing that, the purple-faced elder let out a breath. If one looked closely, the two multi-colored sticky rice dumplings were radiating surges of power, and the sound of cracking came from the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. It was obvious that these two peak Emperors were using their full power to try to escape.

Within a breath's time:

Crack Zhi~~

Cracks were already appearing on the surface of the two multi-colored sticky rice dumplings, and the roars of two enraged peak Emperors could be heard from within.

"The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly isn't as strong as the legends say. It's supposed to be able to threaten Sacred Lords."

The purple-faced elder roared as he charged at Zhao Feng. As long as he was able to put some more pressure on Zhao Feng, the two peak Emperors would be able to break free.

Bi Qingyue's eyebrows furrowed slightly. She was hesitant, but she still followed. She felt that something was amiss – the two peak Emperors were struggling free much faster than expected. According to the legends, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly should be able to bind several Emperors extremely easily. Apparently, this particular Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had even participated in killing a Mystic Light Realm beast.

Maybe it was because this Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was currently weak and couldn't use its full power?


The two Emperors were about to break out.


At the same instant, the purple-faced elder and Bi Qingyue charged toward Zhao Feng from the front and back.

The hearts of the silver-haired elder and the other experts of the Duke's Palace reached their throats. They couldn't help but sigh; even if Zhao Feng could control the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly, it seemed like it wasn't enough to stand against five peak Emperors. Furthermore, the strongest Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo was about to arrive as well.

At this critical moment, Zhao Feng's calm face became solemn.

Victory or defeat depends on this. Zhao Feng suddenly waved his hand, and the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly flapped its wings quickly.

If one paid close attention, they would've realized that the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly didn't even pay much attention to the two peak Emperors after binding them. Zhao Feng also seemed like he was completely ignoring them.


At this moment, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly quickly flapped its wings, and a half-transparent multi-colored pollen swept across a radius of several hundred yards.

"Watch out, it's the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's Dream Pollen!"

Bi Qingyue was wary during the whole approach, so her heart jumped as soon as the pollen swept over.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's supportive abilities didn't consist of just silk. The pollen it gave off was also extremely unique.


The purple-faced elder and Bi Qingyue were unable to evade, and they were enveloped by the pollen.

Bi Qingyue had reacted a bit quicker, and she covered herself in crystal-like moonlight, including her eyes, nose, and other orifices. However, despite these measures, when the Dream Pollen arrived, Bi Qingyue's body started to become numb, and she instinctively didn't dare to approach further.

Bi Qingyue didn't know that her hesitation from before and her pause now had changed her fate.

"Not good! The True Yuan in my body…!" The purple-faced elder at the front was directly hit by the Dream Pollen, and he received a huge blast of pollen. His body instantly became weak, and he lost control over his True Yuan and bloodline power. Fear and panic instantly appeared on his face.

Being a peak Emperor, his True Yuan wouldn't be completely uncontrollable as long as he tried his best, but his speed decreased dramatically.

This Dream Pollen's unique ability can pass through the soul-dimension and the physical-dimension, and it's effective even against Sacred Lords. Zhao Feng faintly nodded his head with a smile.

He obviously had several cards that gave him the confidence to face five peak Emperors.

At this moment, the power of the Dream Pollen caused the two peak Emperors' strength to drop dramatically, especially for the purple-faced elder. He froze, and cold sweat started to appear on his forehead as he tried to resist the power of the Dream Pollen. He was currently unable to attack Zhao Feng.

Crack! Zhi~~

Right at this instant, more and more cracks appeared in the two multi-colored sticky rice dumplings. The heads of the two peak Emperors inside could even be seen.

These two peak Emperors were about to break free. Their faces were green and filled with hatred. The moment they broke out, they would counterattack Zhao Feng furiously.

Hope appeared in the eyes of Bi Qingyue and the purple-faced elder, who were both affected by the Dream Pollen.

"Hehe, the moment you break out of your cocoon is the start of a new life…." Zhao Feng smiled instead of being surprised.

The youth's laughter caused Bi Qingyue's heart to become heavy. From the beginning, this purple-haired youth was confident and unfathomable, just as his information suggested.

Shua! Weng Weng Weng~

Zhao Feng suddenly waved his hand, and the buzzing of bees sounded.


Bi Qingyue's heart shook as she saw eight multi-colored bees appear from Zhao Feng's arm. Each of these venomous bees radiated an aura comparable to Kings. Some had even reached the Peak-tier King-level, so they were extremely dangerous.

"Five Poison Distinct Bee Kings, watch out~~~!" Bi Qingyue seemed to recognize these bees, and her heart went cold.

Unfortunately, her warning was too late. The two peak Emperors struggled with all their might and managed to crawl half their bodies out of the sticky rice dumplings. However, the moment they saw the sun again was the beginning of their nightmare.

Weng Weng Weng~ Shu! Shu! Shu!

One of the peak Emperors was stung by four blazing bee stingers.

The Five Poison Distinct Bees weren't strong per se, but their suicidal attacks had the ability to kill those who were stronger than themselves since it required them to pay with their lives.

In theory, each Bee King had the ability to harm or kill an Emperor. To make sure everything went smoothly, Zhao Feng unleashed four Bee Kings on each of the peak Emperors as soon as they started crawling out. If he summoned the bees too early, they wouldn't be able to do anything since the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's silk was extremely tough. Even peak Emperors had trouble damaging it, let alone some King-level bees.

Shu! Boom! Shu! Boom!

In an instant, the two peak Emperors were each stung by four Bee Kings. They exploded into bits and pieces, and their flesh turned green.

This scene completely shocked Bi Qingyue and the purple-faced elder. In the blink of an eye, two peak Emperors were killed by eight Five Poison Distinct Bees. They didn't die from a fierce battle, but an ambush from some insects.

The suicidal attacks of the Five Poison Distinct Bees are quite suitable for ambushing. If the target is ready for it, then the effect will decrease dramatically.

Waves splashed in Zhao Feng's heart. The two that just died were both peak Emperors. In a normal single-combat situation, Zhao Feng would need at least ten breaths to kill a peak Emperor, and they both died in an instant.

"Dream Pollen…? Not good! Five Poison Distinct Bees!" Right at this moment, the Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo arrived.

Since he had to deal with the other Emperors of the Duke's Palace before he could proceed, he arrived a bit late. He saw the entire process of the two peak Emperors being bound by the silk and the other two being ambushed by the Dream Pollen. By the time he arrived, the two peak Emperors were suddenly killed by the suicidal attacks of the Five Poison Distinct Bees.

All of this happened in the span of a couple breaths.

Furthermore, this wasn't even the end. When the eight Five Poison Distinct Bees finished their job, Zhao Feng himself took action.

"Sacred Lightning Dominating Body!"

Zhao Feng stepped out and became covered in golden-blue lightning as he turned into the size of a small giant. In just one step, Zhao Feng had arrived next to the purple-faced elder, whose battle-power had decreased dramatically.


The late stages of the Sacred Lightning Body's 5th level was like Mount Tai as it thundered down on the purple-faced elder.


The purple-faced elder was already feeling weak and numb, and he instantly spat out a mouthful of blood like he was just hit by a giant hammer. Due to the Dream Pollen, his battle-power decreased dramatically, and he wasn't able to circulate his True Yuan or bloodline as well as before.

"Illusion Maze Domain!" Zhao Feng released his Soul Dao Domain when he punched out, making the purple-faced elder fall into despair.

"Stop~~~!" Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo, who was currently a flaming demonic sovereign, charged over, but he wasn't able to make it in time.

Bam! Crack!

Zhao Feng's movements didn't stop at all. He shattered the purple-faced elder with one punch.

Under the effects of the Dream Pollen and the Illusion Maze Domain, the purple-faced elder wasn't able to defend at all, so he was instantly slain by Zhao Feng.

Triple kill! In just a couple breaths, three peak Emperors had been killed.

Afterward, Zhao Feng glanced at Bi Qingyue.

So, binding the two elders in silk was just bait. Zhao Feng's plan was to deal with all of us at once…. Bi Qingyue took in a cold breath.

Zhao Feng's ambush and bait were extremely smart. Everything was done in order to slay the four peak Emperors that had arrived first, and he had successfully killed three.

At this instant, Bi Qingyue's body felt cold when Zhao Feng looked at her. She suddenly realized that she was also one of those four peak Emperors. Perhaps… Zhao Feng forgot about her?


A streak of silver and gray flashed behind Bi Qingyue the moment Zhao Feng completed his own kill.


A shadow-like dagger stabbed into Bi Qingyue's back and caused blood to splatter.

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