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Breaking Through to the Mystic Light Realm

The four males and one female were covered by a faint layer of moonlight, and they seemed to merge into the night.

The source of the moonlight came from the female in dark green robes. This dark-green-robed female gave off a calm aura, and she had an elegant disposition that stood out from the other four, who had demonic auras.

However, the leader of the five was a tall male with a purple-black aura. This male's eyes were dark, and although he tried to conceal himself, the occasional wisp of black flame appeared.

Nine Darkness Palace sent four peak Emperors to kill Zhao Feng. This Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo is unrivalled even amongst Emperors, and he has fought with a Sacred Lord before…. The expression of the female in dark green robes was solemn.

She was extremely wary of the purple-and-black-armored Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo. On top of that, the other three were peak Emperors as well.

"Bi Qingyue." Black flames occasionally appeared from Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo as his gaze landed on the female in dark green robes.

"Lord Protector, is there anything you need?" The dark-green-robed female slightly bowed with respect.

"As the owner of the Ocean Smoke Pavilion that's in charge of the information around the ocean and the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, you should know more about the Duke's Palace than us." Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo's voice seemed to come from an abyss.

The dark-robed female paused for a moment before answering, "Right now, Duke Nanfeng has entered a life-and-death seclusion to try to break through to the Mystic Light Realm. There are three Emperors in the palace, including a peak Emperor, and all of them are trusted by Duke Nanfeng. The target we are aiming to kill is faster than most peak Emperors…"

"Not bad, not bad."

The other three peak Emperors were an elder with a purple face, a middle-aged male with a dark face, and a youth in black armor. They were very satisfied with this information. Nine Darkness Palace, which they were from, was extremely far away from this place, so they didn't know much.

Luckily, since they were a peak three-star power as well as the leading force of the Demonic Dao, they had some subordinate forces in the area. One of them was the Ocean Smoke Pavilion, which the dark-green-robed Bi Qingyue was from.

"What do you think our chances of winning are?" Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo seemed to be thinking about Bi Qingyue's loyalty. Greed and playfulness flashed through his eyes as he eyed her.

Bi Qingyue started to feel cold under his gaze. She was also a peak Emperor, but she felt a huge pressure from Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo. This pressure was almost at the Mystic Light Realm level.

"The only one we need to be wary of is Duke Nanfeng. Since he's in seclusion right now, this is the best chance to take action. We only need to surround or ambush Zhao Feng and not let him run away. The chance of success is 90%. After all, the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor has only just recovered back to the Void God Realm, so he hasn't fully recovered his strength," Bi Qingyue analyzed.

Her analysis was based off the information about the Duke's Palace, and it was correct in theory.

"That's about correct." Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo took back his gaze and spoke in an emotionless tone, "But this isn't the best moment to take action yet. What we are wary of isn't Duke Nanfeng, but the Great Gan Imperials – or more precisely, the Grand Imperial Hall."

Hearing that, Bi Qingyue was slightly shocked. Right now wasn't the best chance to take action? Did he want to wait until Duke Nanfeng reached the Mystic Light Realm?

She knew of the Grand Imperial Hall. It was a supreme force behind the imperials, and it was comparable to a four-star power. Apparently, the members of the Grand Imperial Hall mainly came from the imperials, and it mainly consisted of the previous emperors.

Although the Grand Imperial Hall didn't have many members, most of their core members were Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords.

"I've tried to break through to the Mystic Light Realm before, and I can tell that Duke Nanfeng hasn't reached the final stage of breaking through. Although he's entered a life-and-death seclusion, he could come out at any time if he is interrupted."

Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo's voice made Bi Qingyue's heart go cold. She had forgotten that Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo was an unparalleled Emperor who had tried to break through to the Mystic Light Realm many times. Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo was probably more experienced and familiar than Duke Nanfeng in how to reach the Mystic Light Realm.

"The best chance is when Duke Nanfeng is at the last stage of breaking through. At that moment, even if he finds out we're going to take action against Zhao Feng, he won't do anything or else he'll be severely injured from the disruption. It could be said that he would have to make one hard decision." Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo snickered coldly.

Hearing that, the other peak Emperors started to laugh wickedly.

"So that's how it is." Bi Qingyue nodded her head. If they took action right now, Duke Nanfeng would probably just come out and stop them. After all, Nine Darkness Palace didn't dare to attack an important member of the Great Gan Imperials directly yet. Furthermore, Duke Nanfeng was extremely strong in his own right, and he had the providence of the lord dynasty. On top of that, he also had the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

"We just need to wait for another half a month."

Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo slightly raised his hand, and the group of five pulled away from the Duke's Palace.

Within the Duke's Palace, none of the Emperors that were here to guard it sensed anything, and as Duke Nanfeng was in seclusion, his senses toward the outside world also dropped dramatically.

In a secret cultivation room within the Duke's Palace, Zhao Feng poured all his energy into cultivation and also knew nothing of the danger that was starting to brew.

Shua! Shua!

With a wave of his hands, a bunch of Wood-elemental resources appeared in front of him. He had many Wood-elemental resources, but not so many Wind Lightning resources. However, because Zhao Feng had his Emperor Intent, his cultivation of the Wind Lightning laws wasn't slow.

Over the past couple days, Zhao Feng had been progressing steadily in the Wind Lightning Technique. Because he had a large amount of Wood-elemental resources, such as the Hundred Origin Fruit Juice and the Green Water Sky Lotuses, Zhao Feng's progress in the Wood of Wind Lightning was basically at the level of a god. Furthermore, the Water of Wind Lightning within Zhao Feng's body could also turn into Wood of Wind Lightning.

Unknowingly, Zhao Feng's Wind Lightning Technique had reached the late stages of the 7th level and was still progressing.

"The further one goes in the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique, the more methods and skills one can use. When the elements of Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth of Wind Lightning are all cultivated, barely anyone in the Lord Dynasty will be my match."

Zhao Feng couldn't help but look forward to that day.

Because of his foundation in the Wind Lightning Inheritance from his previous life, his progress in the Wind Lightning Technique was very rapid and didn't have any bottleneck at all. Of course, it also helped that he had enough resources.

Time passed by slowly, and Zhao Feng used the Ten Thousand Divine Thoughts Technique to split his energy into three sources to comprehend three things.

The first was to focus on absorbing the God Tribulation Lightning and use it to refine his soul. The second was to learn and practice the battle techniques within the Wind Lightning Technique and the Sacred Lightning Body in his mind. The third was to cultivate the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique to raise his cultivation.

In reality, Zhao Feng had far too many options to choose from right now. By controlling Junior Martial Brother Deng Chao from Sky Suspension Palace, he was able to obtain a large amount of Xie Yang books, and some of them were comparable to the Golden Kun Sacred Lightning Body or the Five Elemental Wind Lightning Technique. A small number of them even surpassed those two techniques.

These Xie Yang books mainly regarded the Wicked Dao, and although they weren't suitable for Zhao Feng, they could still increase his knowledge and understanding of the world. If Zhao Feng was able to comprehend these Xie Yang books, he could perfect the skills he had or even create his own skills, but right now, he needed to gain his footing in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty and could only work on those things when he had time later.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed, and Zhao Feng's soul was now completely consolidated at the level of an Emperor and not much different from his previous life. In addition, Zhao Feng's progress in the Wind Lightning Technique was extremely fast, and he had almost reached the peak level for his Wood of Wind Lightning. His cultivation was also just a tiny bit away from reaching the peak of his previous life – he had almost reached the middle stages of the Void God Realm.

However, after reaching the late stages of the Sacred Lightning Body's 5th level, his progress started to become extremely slow. It would probably be stuck for a while unless Zhao Feng was willing to use the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey.

"Three months have passed. Duke Nanfeng should be at the last stages of trying to break through to the Mystic Light Realm."

On this day, Zhao Feng opened his eyes.

Duke Nanfeng had told him some stuff before he entered seclusion. While Zhao Feng was a guest here, he was also one of the strongest people in the palace, so he needed to fulfill his responsibilities.

As long as Duke Nanfeng was able to break through to the Mystic Light Realm, the positives would outweigh the negatives for Zhao Feng since he was currently under the protection of the Duke's Palace.


Zhao Feng let out a long breath and exited his state of cultivation to inspect what was going on in the Duke's Palace.

At this moment, a powerful aura started to form in the air above the Duke's Palace and caused Heaven and Earth to become heavy. The pressure from this aura first affected the soul before starting to pressure the physical dimension. At the end, this aura bore down on both dimensions, and it seemed to look down on everything in the world.

Zhao Feng found that all the Yuan Qi nearby was starting to freeze, as if it was bowing down to a saint. Even the progress of his Wind Lightning Technique was slowing down. Zhao Feng had only felt something similar from the Bee Empress in Xie Yang Palace.

At a certain moment:

Weng~~ Boom!

The air above Duke Nanfeng started to shake, and a purple-golden haze appeared and slowly turned into a whirlpool. The True Yuan of countless experts within the Duke's Palace started to boil and become uneasy.

At this instant, all the servants below the half-step King level had been taken away, otherwise the pressure from this aura alone would be enough to kill anyone at the Origin Core Realm.

A couple dozen miles away from the Duke's Palace, in a hidden forest.

"The disturbance of Mystic Light Sacred Power… Duke Nanfeng's progress is going much more smoothly than I thought it would." Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo was slightly dazed as a surge of forbidden aura started to appear around the Duke's Palace.

At this moment in time, all the beings within several thousand miles of the Duke's Palace started to feel the pressure. The pressure included the power of mental energy and illusions.

Weng~ Hu

The golden-purple whirlpool in the air above the Duke's Palace was like the light of a saint as it caused Yuan Qi to bow down and scared away Gods and Ghosts alike.

"Now is the best chance. If we're any later, there won't be any time." Demonic Emperor Xuan Luo revealed an urgent expression as he led the four peak Emperors and entered the Duke's Palace.

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