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Fame of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor

Far away, in the central regions of the continent, the Great Gan Imperials were surrounded in magnificent buildings and the providence of the lord dynasty.

In a side hall within a palace:

Ceng! Shua!

A bulky youth with thick eyebrows rushed into the side hall with urgency.

"Luo Zun, what other news is there?" The Eighth Prince was sitting down, and the undulation of True Yuan coming from him had reached the level of a Peak-tier King.

It had been two months since the end of the Divine Illusion Dimension. In Xie Yang Palace, the combination of the three princes had managed to obtain many treasures; they were also one of the biggest winners.

"Eighth Prince, the Imperial Sky Net has received news that the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon has indeed entered the continent zone, but the Demigods from the Grand Imperial Hall and Sky Suspension Palace are teaming up to try to seal it," Luo Zun said.

This news would cause chaos if the outside world knew of it.

"If the sky falls, the tall ones will hold it up; we don't need to worry about the Black Destruction Serpent Dragon. How's the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo doing?"

The Eighth Prince had a calm expression. The Black Serpent Dragon and Demigods were too far away for him right now. He would be uneasy around and scared of the Black Serpent Dragon in Xie Yang Palace, but there were experts in the continent zone that would take care of the Black Serpent Dragon.

On the other hand, the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was the biggest winner in Xie Yang Palace, and they were a lot closer to his level.

"We've found out some news regarding the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo." Luo Zun took a deep breath. He wasn't just the Eighth Prince's right-hand man, they were also great friends.

"Oh?" The Eighth Prince revealed a look of interest.

The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo was extremely strong, and Zhao Feng in particular was extremely mysterious. Even the Eight Prince couldn't see through him.

"Firstly, Zhao Feng and Nan Gongsheng both come from a three-star power from the True Martial Sacred Land of the Cang Ocean – the Mystic True Sacred Clan." Luo Zun paused for a moment.

Cang Ocean… True Martial Sacred Land? The Eighth Prince's eyebrows furrowed. The Great Gan Imperials had less control over those kinds of territories than the past. Right now, the Great Gan Imperials' biggest concern was the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty in the northwestern region. They still weren't able to deal with them. In addition, any three-star power in the world wasn't to be easily offended.

"Nan Gongsheng is the Mystic True Sacred Clan's head disciple, and Zhao Feng is the disciple of Duanmu Qing from the Duanmu Family," Luo Zun continued.

"That's nothing to be surprised about. It's understandable that those two are disciples of Emperors," the Eighth Prince said.

"No." Luo Zun quickly shook his head. "The important thing is that Zhao Feng is someone known as the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor. He's famous all across the Cang Ocean, but his fame hasn't spread to the continent zone. However, he had an archenemy that I believe Eighth Prince knows of – the Emperor of Death."

The Emperor of Death? The Eighth Prince's expression changed as he thought of something, as if remembering some miracles performed by the Emperor of Death.

"The Emperor of Death who has the Eye of Death? He once attacked the continent zone several thousand years ago and created a storm of blood. Many Emperors, including peak Emperors, were defeated by him…." The Eighth Prince's expression started to become solemn.

Under normal situations, Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords didn't usually come out. One could imagine how fierce the Emperor of Death was back then.

"Such an existence is the archenemy of this Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor, Zhao Feng?" The Eighth Prince could never have imagined that this youth had hidden himself so deeply.

" Was. The Emperor of Death was killed by the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor," Luo Zun added.


The Eighth Prince took in a cold breath. Didn't that mean that the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor at his peak was unrivalled below the Mystic Light Realm and even had the possibility of threatening Sacred Lords?

"So, our opponent was that strong? Looks like the power we have right now isn't enough to threaten the Purple-Haired Demonic Duo." The Eighth Prince sighed after a while.

Peak Emperors stood at the top in the lord dynasty. Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords weren't allowed to take action very easily as it would disrupt the balance.

Back in the Tianfeng Great Island Zone, in the underground palace of the Duke's Palace:

"The Emperor of Death's era was ended by the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor. Zhao Feng, it looks like your history isn't simple." Duke Nanfeng let out a long breath as shock filled his face.

Duke Nanfeng knew a bit about the Emperor of Death. He hadn't been born in that era, but he had heard some of the elders talk about him.

Duke Nanfeng started to think and suddenly remembered something.

"That's right, wasn't there another powerful eye-bloodline that appeared alongside the Emperor of Death several thousand years ago?" Duke Nanfeng asked.

"Replying to my Lord," the King in black said respectfully, "the other is the Eye of Samsara."

"That's right, it's the Eye of Samsara. Back when the Emperor of Death attacked the continent zone, it raised the interest of the Eye of Samsara's owner, but at the end, the Emperor of Death retreated back to the Cang Ocean."

Duke Nanfeng remembered part of the legend. It could be said that it was a clash between the Eye of Samsara and the Eye of Death. No one knew what ultimately happened, but ever since then, the Emperor of Death had retreated back to the Cang Ocean and never appeared in the continent zone again. It was still a mystery whether the Eye of Samsara's owner was still in the continent zone or not.

"Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor?" Duke Nanfeng couldn't help but murmur. "Zhao Feng's eye-bloodline is also extremely strong and mysterious. If he's able to defeat the Emperor of Death and the Eye of Death, could he also be a descendant of one of the God Eyes?"

The Eight Great God Eyes were the peak of eye-bloodlines, and they were known as the great Ancestor Eyes. Any descendant of the Eight Great God Eyes would have an extremely powerful eye-bloodline.

Duke Nanfeng couldn't help but look forward to the future. Would Zhao Feng's existence raise the interest of the Eye of Samsara's owner and make the latter appear once more?

The next day, within an elegant room in the Duke's Palace:

"Big Brother Zhao, you didn't come find me to play even though you're here in the Duke's Palace…." A pretty girl pouted and pulled Zhao Feng's sleeve.

Zhao Feng sat down and couldn't help but shake his head with a bitter smile as he looked at Princess Yuqing in front of him.

Princess Yuqing admired and slightly had feelings for this mysterious beast tamer.

"Big Brother Zhao, what happened in the Divine Illusion Dimension? My father didn't even let me go in and play."

"Oh yeah, I heard that my father let you take care of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly. It's rare to see father trust someone so much…."

Princess Yuqing chattered continuously.

A voice appeared out of nowhere at this moment:

"Yuqing, don't be rude."

Duke Nanfeng appeared alongside a surge of powerful force and providence

Princess Yuqing jumped up in fright. Her father loved her a lot and rarely talked to her in such a tone.

"Zhao Feng, Yuqing's just a little kid. I hope she hasn't disturbed you." Duke Nanfeng smiled faintly, but he was sweating in his mind. Thinking about how the powerful Emperor of Death was killed by Zhao Feng, he was a lot more respectful and warier of this youth.

"Yuqing's just lively, there's no need to blame her." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile. He could feel that Duke Nanfeng was treating him a bit differently from before.

"Zhao Feng, I'll be entering a life-and-death seclusion to try to break through to the Mystic Light Realm. I hope you can take care of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly during the next couple of months and help the palace if there's any danger," Duke Nanfeng said in a solemn tone.

In reality, Duke Nanfeng had also invited several other Emperors since he knew he was going to be in seclusion. There was even a peak Emperor in the group, and all of them were trustworthy, but Duke Nanfeng hoped to invite Zhao Feng as well since he suddenly remembered his identity of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor.

"Since I'm staying in the palace, I will obviously have some responsibilities." Zhao Feng nodded his head.

Normal forces wouldn't dare to attack him if he stayed in the Duke's Palace. To a certain degree, it could be said that he had the protection of the Duke's Palace, so there was nothing wrong with helping out in return.

Duke Nanfeng then introduced Zhao Feng to some of the other Emperors within the palace, but since these Emperors didn't know about Zhao Feng's history, they didn't really take it to heart.

"Yuqing, I know that you like Zhao Feng, but the two of you can't be together," Duke Nanfeng said in a strict tone.

Princess Yuqing cried and went to tell her mother, but she got the same reply. It was usual for her to catch feelings and admire others at this age.

Several days later, Duke Nanfeng had made all his preparations and was about to enter life-and-death seclusion.

Zhao Feng noticed that the Duke's Palace had stopped interacting with the outside world, and they were extremely serious. Apparently, Princess Yuqing had been confined, and Zhao Feng could peacefully do what he wanted.


Zhao Feng's consciousness entered the Misty Spatial World.

The little thieving cat had organized everything nicely in the Misty Spatial World, and most of the treasures from the Divine Illusion Dimension were planted here.

Zhao Feng first went to check on the Five Poison Distinct Bees. In the past two months, these Five Poison Distinct Bees were becoming a lot stronger due to the large numbers of flowers.

Of the Five Poison Distinct Bees that Zhao Feng had enslaved, three of them were Bee Kings, and a hundred were elite bees. The remaining several hundred were all at least at the late stages of the Great Origin Core Realm.

Now, one of the Bee Kings had become a Bee Emperor. The remaining elite bees were all at least comparable to half-step Kings, and a bit more than a dozen had become Bee Kings.

One had to know that the Five Poison Distinct Bees also had the ability to kill those stronger than themselves with a special suicidal attack. The suicidal attack of a Bee King could very likely take down an Emperor.

As for the normal bees, half of them had become elite venomous bees.

"Very good. All of the bees will become elites within half a year, and there will also be more Bee Kings and Emperors."

Zhao Feng was very satisfied.

It was because he had a large amount of resources that he was able to raise the strength of the venomous bees within a short amount of time. If he was willing, Zhao Feng could even create an entire force that belonged to himself. It all depended on whether or not he was willing to invest the time and resources.

After returning from the Divine Illusion Dimension, Zhao Feng could improve far too many possible aspects.

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