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Zhao Feng's Direction

"Zhao Feng, please listen," Tie Litian quickly said, causing Duke Nanfeng to pause. Although the latter was slightly unhappy, he didn't display it.

Duke Nanfeng knew this Emperor from the Tie Family. The Tie Family was based in the northwestern region of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty, and they were main force that defended against the Dark Moon Lord Dynasty. The family was praised even by the Sacred Emperor.

"May I ask what you have to say?" Zhao Feng's eyebrows furrowed as he inspected Tie Litian.

Before this, he was focused on breaking through to the Void God Realm, so he didn't really pay much attention to Tie Litian. Zhao Feng didn't expect him to be so patient that he was still waiting for him around the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"Zhao Feng, or whoever you really are, the origin of the bloodline you have comes from the Tie Family, and your mother also lives. This blood tie is unable to be severed," Tie Litian said in a honest tone.

Bloodline of the Tie Family? Mother?

Hearing that, Duke Nanfeng was filled with shock. Everything just become more complex. He originally thought that Zhao Feng had revived by taking over this body, which was true. However, the bloodline in this body wasn't simple. The Tie Family was one of the most powerful even amongst the Eight Big Families, and even the Great Gan Imperials needed to give them some face.

The bloodline and battle-power of those from the Tie Family were both amongst the top in the Eight Big Families, and according to what Duke Nanfeng knew, the Tie Family was extremely strict with their bloodline. Under normal situations, if there was someone else with their bloodline, they would be punished.

"Emperor Zhao, just think of this as Feng'er's wish when he was alive. He always thought that his parents had died," Grandfather Zhao bowed and said in a trembling tone.

Zhao Feng glanced at Tie Litian; "You want me to join the Tie Family?"

"That's right."

Tie Litian was extremely excited. That was precisely what he wanted.

"Zhao Feng, you've offended Nine Darkness Palace and a bunch of other superpowers. Normal forces won't be able to protect you, but if you join the Tie Family, not many forces will dare to touch you." Tie Litian's voice was confident.

The Tie Family was known in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty for being extremely forceful, and they were comparable to a peak three-star power. They weren't scared of even fighting a four-star power. If Zhao Feng joined the Tie Family, he would indeed be protected.

"Thank you for your goodwill, but I already know where I'm heading, so I can't join the Tie Family." Zhao Feng faintly shook his head without hesitation.

Back at the True Martial Sacred Land, Zhao Feng told his master Duanmu Qing and Zhao Yufei that he would go to the Duanmu Family after confirming whether his fiancée Liu Qinxin was dead or alive.

Duanmu Qing, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit, and Zhao Yufei all wanted to revive the Duanmu Family, and Zhao Feng planned to help them. After all, the Purple Saint Partial Spirit and Duanmu Qing had helped Zhao Feng a lot in the past.

"You…" Tie Litian was extremely disappointed and sad, but he couldn't do anything to Zhao Feng or Duke Nanfeng.

Tie Litian and Duke Nanfeng were both surprised. Zhao Feng actually knew where he was heading already?

Duke Nanfeng thought to himself that he would definitely find out everything about the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor's identity. Although the Cang Ocean was a bit far from the lord dynasty, there were definitely some information agencies that would know about the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor.

"I'm sorry." Zhao Feng paused for a moment with sympathy. "I'm not the original Zhao Feng, so all ties from the past will be cut here."

The whole reason he did the "In my name" speech was to wipe away everything from the original Zhao Feng.

"Cut ties?" Watching Zhao Feng and Duke Nanfeng leave, Tie Litian shook his head and smiled as he murmured, "Zhao Feng, your thinking is far too simple. The families of the continent zone are extremely strict with their bloodlines. You really think the Tie Family will let their strongest bloodline just go around unchecked?"

Indeed, Zhao Feng had thought about this situation far too simply. Every family in the lord dynasty, including the Eight Big Families and the imperials, placed great importance on their bloodlines.


Zhao Feng and Duke Nanfeng flew side by side as they left the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Before they left, Zhao Feng silently waved his armguard and left a spatial mark near the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Since he had the Misty Spatial World, Zhao Feng could instantly arrive here again in the future if he was strong enough.

"Zhao Feng, can you please help me look after the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly?" Duke Nanfeng was full of smiles.

Earlier, Zhao Feng had received a message from Duke Nanfeng and agreed to go to his palace.

Half a month earlier, the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly had finally recovered under the massive use of resources. Duke Nanfeng was already feeling impatient and was going to use part of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly's Origin Pollen to help him break through to the Mystic Light Realm.

The Origin Pollen of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was similar to the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey in that it was extremely effective in allowing one's soul and body to become one. This pollen was also extremely difficult to obtain; each Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly could only do it once or twice in their life.

"It's nothing." Zhao Feng smiled faintly. At this moment, he finally understood why Duke Nanfeng placed so much importance on the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was one of the Ten Thousand Ancient Races, and it had unique supportive abilities. The Cloud Saint Silk that shot out of its mouth was one of the best materials to craft armor; the Cloud Silk Robes that Nan Gongsheng had obtained in the Divine Illusion Dimension was made from this material.

"Zhao Feng, I need to tell you some things," Duke Nanfeng said on the way back.

"Duke, please speak." Zhao Feng was surprised.

"You've killed a lot of Kings and Emperors of Earth Spirit Hall. Being a three-star power, they have Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords, and they won't easily let you go," Duke Nanfeng warned in a solemn tone.

Three-star powers were extremely strong even in the lord dynasty, and they could affect the destiny of a big area. After all, there were far too few four-star forces. They didn't even number more than the number of fingers on a hand.

"I understand." Zhao Feng's heart faintly shook, but he was prepared for this.

Zhao Feng knew how strong a three-star power was because he had stayed in the True Mystic Sacred Clan before. However, no matter how strong he was, Zhao Feng was only at the Void God Realm.

Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were usually in seclusion, and they generally weren't very interested in what happened in the world. However, whenever a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord did interfere in something, they did so in a powerful manner. For three-star forces, Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords would only deal with the problems that peak Emperors couldn't.

Back in the day, the Wind Lightning Emperor and the Pirate Emperor both died due to the pursuit of Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords. Zhao Feng sighed in his heart.

The Wind Lightning Emperor was a peak Emperor, and he was famous for being the fastest Emperor. The Pirate Emperor was known for being a Mechanisms Master who had found a Heaven's Legacy city, and he was extremely rich. These two Emperors were both legends of an era, but they were still killed by Mystic Light Realm Sacred lords. From this, one could see that Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lords were unrivalled in the world.

Even Demigods were only in the Mystic Light Realm. They were just closer to the realm of Gods than normal Sacred Lords.

"But you can relax as long as you stay at my palace because even normal three-star forces won't dare to trouble you there," Duke Nanfeng said with a smile.

He had a noble status, and he was related to the imperials of the Great Gan Lord Dynasty. Furthermore, Duke Nanfeng himself was extremely strong, and he had taken half a step into the Mystic Light Realm.

This time, Duke Nanfeng was going to use the Origin Pollen of the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly to attempt a breakthrough to the Mystic Light Realm, and he needed Zhao Feng to look after the weak Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly.

"Then I'll stay at the Duke's Palace for a while," Zhao Feng decided.

Going to the Duanmu Family immediately wasn't the best choice. Zhao Feng had heard about what was happening with the Duanmu Family; it was one of the families that was going downhill, and if they fell one step further, the Duanmu Family might be excluded from being one of the Eight Big Families. Zhao Feng was scared that joining the Duanmu Family right now would only bring danger to them.

An hour later, Zhao Feng and Duke Nanfeng reached the Duke's Palace.

"Greetings, Duke."

Greetings sounded as the two walked together. Zhao Feng was accustomed to this.

Duke Nanfeng soon led Zhao Feng to a hidden secret hall and took out a transparent bottle. The Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was like a piece of jade that lay quietly in the bottle. Its aura was extremely weak, and it occasionally fluttered its half-transparent wings as it slept.

Zhao Feng inspected it and saw that the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was extremely weak, just below that of last time.

Miao miao!

Zhao Feng waved his armguard, and a tiny silver-gray cat appeared next to the bottle.

Miao! Ding! Ding!

The little thieving cat waved its paws toward the bottle.

Hu~~ Pa!

The chubby Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly shook slightly as it opened its green eyes. The terrifying aura of the ancient era appeared, and it made the bloodlines of countless beings within a hundred miles shake.

Even Zhao Feng felt pressured. Once the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly recovered to its peak, its battle-power would be extremely close to the Mystic Light Realm. It could be said that this Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly was Duke Nanfeng's left and right arm all by itself.

No wonder Duke Nanfeng wanted it to recover so quickly. Once Duke Nanfeng became a Sacred Lord and had the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly to support him, his strength would increase by several times. He would have a lot of power in the Great Gan Lord Dynasty.

"If my Lord is okay with it, you can leave the Saint Butterfly to me for now," Zhao Feng said.

"Okay." Duke Nanfeng gave Zhao Feng a deep glance.

Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't dare to give the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly to someone else, but this youth was an exception. He seemed to have some sort of charm that made others believe in him.

"Thank you for believing in me." Zhao Feng faintly smiled as he put the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly and the little thieving cat into the Misty Spatial World.

Zhao Feng gave the task of healing and looking after the Cloud Silkworm Saint Butterfly to the little thieving cat.

Later that day, in an underground palace where Duke Nanfeng was in seclusion.

"Reporting to my Lord, we've found news regarding the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor of the Cang Ocean."

A King covered in black half-knelt on the ground. His eyes were full of shock, and his tone was unusual.

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