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Resigning from the Clan

"The Zhao Feng from the past is gone. In my name – I am Zhao Feng, the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor of the Cang Ocean!"

The voice resounded across Heaven and Earth and through the soul-dimension. All the intelligent beings – including those that weren't human – within several thousand miles could understand what this meant.

Hearing this voice, the experts present like Emperor Ling Qiong, King Lu Yun, Duke Nanfeng, and Tie Litian shook.

Zhao Feng's voice was an announcement to declare the true him. The original "Zhao Feng" was gone, and although Zhao Feng had inherited his body, they were two different people. Zhao Feng didn't want to live under someone else's identity. Besides, his true identity was close to being exposed anyway, so he wouldn't be able to hide it much longer even if he wanted to.

"So that's how it is." The elders and disciples familiar with Zhao Feng all understood and sighed in their hearts as complex expressions appeared on their faces. Thinking about it, it was obviously true. How could there be such a prodigy in the world that he was able to break through from the True Spirit Realm and become a King that could slay Emperors within a year?

"This resolves a lot of suspicions." Duke Nanfeng understood. In the world of cultivation, it wasn't very rare or weird for those that had reached the Void God Realm to steal a body and re-cultivate.

Before, when Zhao Feng was getting close with Princess Yuqing and healing the Cloud Silk Saint Butterfly, Duke Nanfeng had sent people to find about his past, and the result showed that Zhao Feng's past was full of suspicious points. Now that Zhao Feng's true identity came to light, everything made sense.

"This… what's going on?" Tie Litian's expression changed; he was caught off guard by this sudden turn.


Tie Litian waved his hand, and an old figure appeared from his Little World. It was Grandfather Zhao.

"That is indeed the case." Grandfather Zhao smiled bitterly with a complex expression: "Feng'er was killed by the Yin Family, and an expert took over his body."

"Then the Blood Devil Sun bloodline…?" A light flashed through Tie Litian's eyes. What he worried about most was the perfect Blood Devil Sun bloodline. He didn't really care about the original Zhao Feng's life or death.

"The Blood Devil Sun bloodline appeared only after that expert took over," Grandfather Zhao replied honestly. Although the original Zhao Feng was somewhat talented, he didn't have such a powerful bloodline until Zhao Feng took over the body.

Hearing that, Tie Litian couldn't help but start to think. He was suspicious that something happened after Zhao Feng took over that made the hidden bloodline awaken. There could even be the possibility that Zhao Feng himself had some sort of secret technique that could awaken and evolve bloodlines.

In reality, most of the beings in the world had bloodlines, but some may be extremely faint or hidden. It was very likely that they wouldn't awaken.

"This Zhao Feng was definitely an expert before. He was at least a peak Emperor or even a Mystic Light Realm Sacred Lord before."

Tie Litian took in a deep breath. The situation had now become complex; since the original Zhao Feng's body was taken over by someone else, then he obviously didn't have any true feelings toward the Yunling Zhao Family or the Tie Family. This meant that getting him to return to the Tie Family would be extremely difficult.

"Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian." Zhao Feng stood proudly in the air as he locked onto a cowering figure in the crowd below.

"Arghh!" Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian's soul almost flew away in fear, and he knelt down on the ground.

Zhao Feng snickered coldly as Magnificent Power covered the figure below.

"My Lord, spare me. Emperor Zhao, please…" Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian didn't even fight back; he simply allowed the power to take him into the air.

No one from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan dared to stop him, including Guang Tian's master, King Liu Qiong. The latter's expression changed, but he didn't dare to do anything.

"The original Zhao Feng died because of you and the Yin Family. As the new owner of this body, I definitely won't let you off." Zhao Feng gave a faint smile.

Since the truth had already unfolded, the time was ripe. Zhao Feng didn't mind solving everything at once.

Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian's face went pale-white, and he didn't even have the ability to lie or argue under Zhao Feng's Intent.


With a thought, Zhao Feng crushed Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian into pieces with the power of Heaven and Earth.

Magnificent Power was formed from the power of Heaven and Earth. Upon reaching the Emperor level, the soul would evolve, and one would be able to summon more Magnificent Power. As for those at the Mystic Light Realm, they had reached an incredible level. Apparently, even their True Yuan could be formed from the power of Heaven and Earth. At that level, any thought or action from them could suppress mortals, and it was almost in the domain of Gods.

Of course, Zhao Feng only knew a little bit about such a thing. Although he had met the Sacred Lord-level Bee Empress in Xie Yang Palace, its entire aim in life was to breed, so it didn't have very strong battle-power. It had the raw power, but it didn't really know how to use it.


Under the shaking Magnificent Power, Senior Martial Brother Guang Tian was killed.

All those below Kings were ants. Even in the massive continent zone, Void God Realm Kings were unreachable existences for billions and billions of cultivators. In normal places, there weren't many Kings, but as Zhao Feng became stronger, the people he would meet would also be stronger.

Plop! Plop!

Some of the disciples such as Huang Yunhu, Wang Yuan, and company from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan suddenly knelt down.

"Lord Zhao, please forgive us."

These people had enmities with Zhao Feng in the past and were now begging for forgiveness.

No one from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan was able to stop Zhao Feng. Putting aside the normal disciples, Zhao Feng could even kill Kings if he wanted to. When Zhao Feng killed Senior Martial Brother Guang just now, the latter's own master King Liu Qiong didn't even dare to say anything or stop him. Although Senior Martial Brother Guang was just an in-name disciple to him, that was still enough to see how strong Zhao Feng was.

"Since the original Zhao Feng has passed away, I will now resign from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan," an emotionless voice resounded across the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Zhao Feng didn't bother about Huang Yunhu and company. The enmity from before was just a small fight between disciples, so he didn't take it to heart.

"Resigning from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan?"

The hearts of the disciples, Kings, and Emperors all shook. One had to say that it would be a big blow to the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan if such an expert left the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

However, only a small number of people were able to guess what Zhao Feng was trying to do. The Purple-Haired Demonic Duo had offended too many forces in the Divine Illusion Dimension, and the small Ten Thousand Sacred Clan wouldn't be able to handle the heat. Although it seemed like Zhao Feng was acting emotionlessly, he was actually cutting ties with the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan in the hopes that no one would come after them.

"This Zhao Feng certainly has his principles… but that title of Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor is slightly familiar…." Duke Nanfeng had a praising expression as he started to think.

The Cang Ocean was pretty far away from the continent zone, and there was also the Nanlin Sea between the two. The fame of the Left Eyed Heavenly Emperor had only appeared in the Cang Ocean for a couple years, so only a small portion of people in the Nanlin Sea knew the title. Not many around the Tianfeng Great Island Zone knew about it, other than some information agencies.

"Zhao Feng, the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan won't force you to stay, but no matter what you accomplish in the future, you were once a member here." The Emperor Projection of Old Monster Xu sighed in the air.

Old Monster Xu was once a peak Emperor of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, but he failed to breakthrough to the Mystic Light Realm and was reaching the end of his lifespan. What he was trying to convey was that he hoped Zhao Feng would owe them a favor.

With Zhao Feng's potential, his future was immeasurable. If Zhao Feng was able to reach even-higher levels in the future, Old Monster Xu hoped that Zhao Feng would take care of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

"Spatial Movement." Zhao Feng's left eye suddenly glittered with a ripple of water as it locked onto a certain forbidden place in the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

Hmm? In the forbidden place sat an elder, who suddenly saw a little jade bottle in front of him.

This old figure was Old Monster Xu of the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

He instinctively grabbed the little jade bottle and saw a half-frozen, multi-colored honey within it.

"You'll reach the end of your lifespan unless you manage to breakthrough to the Mystic Light Realm. I'm giving this Hundred Origin Sacred Honey to you because I was once a member of this clan," a faint voice sounded next to Old Monster Xu's ears.

"Hundred Origin Sacred Honey!" Old Monster Xu's body suddenly shook as he was filled with joy.

"Of course, this isn't just because I was once a member of the clan. When you break through, you will allow me to give you three tasks in the future," Zhao Feng's voice sounded once more.

"No problem. If I'm able to break through, so what if I do ten or even thirty tasks for you in the future?" Old Monster Xu suppressed the excitement in his heart.

Without even guessing, he knew that the Hundred Origin Sacred Honey definitely came from the Divine Illusion Dimension. There was almost no chance of such a honey forming in the environment of the continent zone.

"It's fine as long as you keep this promise in your heart." Zhao Feng's voice faded away from Old Monster Xu's ears.

When one reached Zhao Feng's or Old Monster Xu's level, any promise would have the same effect as a heart demon if it was broken. Furthermore, Old Monster Xu had made this promise when he was coming to the end of his life.

In the air above the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan, Zhao Feng's figure rose higher and higher, and he said goodbye to those from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

From this moment onward, he officially resigned from the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan. Adding on the fact that he had taken over this body, the pursuit of the other forces wouldn't come after the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan.

On the other side, Duke Nanfeng and Tie Litian couldn't help but be slightly expectant. Where would Zhao Feng go after leaving the Ten Thousand Sacred Clan?

Duke Nanfeng was full of smiles and was just about to speak.


A bright red blazing figure suddenly shot forward and arrived before Zhao Feng.

"Zhao Feng, please listen." Tie Litian took a deep breath and spoke before Duke Nanfeng.

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