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For two days, we kept on trying to secure Doctor Raymond’s bail but they keep on denying us. I advised we involve his family members but he refused claiming he didn’t want to stress his parents.

After Doctor Raymond spent a week in the police custody, the woman’s husband decided to see us and we came to a compromise. Doctor Raymond bail was to be granted on the basis that he would bring the woman out of unconsciousness within a week, failure to do so would make them take the matter to court.

We accepted their terms and the bail was granted. Doctor Raymond looked pale and unkempt, sadness was written on his face. The pastor’s wife told me that the hospital was his family heritage and if anything goes wrong, he would be held ransom.

Doctor Raymond confided in the pastor that the woman’s chances of survival if she was to be brought out of consciousness within a week, was very slim because she was to be injected with the same substance he mistakenly injected her with. The substance could bring one out of consciousness and can also send an unconscious person to his or her early grave.

After much deliberation, Pastor advises Doctor Raymond to give the woman the injection while we support him with prayers. We held three days of fasting prayer with respect to the woman’s case.

Doctor Raymond injected the woman and was expecting the worse to happen. After the three days of fasting and prayer, Pastor went over to the hospital to pray for the woman.

I got back home from school the following evening and was surprised to see the Pastor’s wife dancing. I asked her what happened and she told me that the lady came out of consciousness.

Me: thank you, Jesus, this is indeed a testimony

Pastor’s wife: yes oo my dear, why not go visit him?

Me: visit him?

Pastor’s wife: yes if possible go to the hospital with food. I am sure he hasn’t eaten something reasonable for days

Me: alright ma

I went into my room, prepared food for Doctor Raymond then took it to his hospital. Getting to the hospital, I was told he was busy with surgery but was allowed into his hospital because I was known by his secretary.

I was absorbed in the book I was reading that I didn’t know when he walked into his office. His baritone voice was what brought me back to consciousness.

Me: good afternoon doctor, how are you?

Doc: fine, thank you. I hope all is well?

Me: yes, Mummy told me the woman was brought out of consciousness so I decided to bring you food and also see if see you are fine

Doc: ohhh thanks, as you can see, I am doing well and I don’t think you should drop the food because I am not hungry

Me: Doctor Raymond?

Doc: yes?

Me: I am sorry

Doc: excuse me?

Me: the thing is that my past experience has taught me never to trust men but that shouldn’t have made me insult you. I should have just replied you politely

Doc: (chuckle) so, you just realized that now after I almost lost a patient because of you

Me: because of me? How?

Doc: yes because of you. What you didn’t realize is that I have fallen in love with you and when you rejected me I was downcasted, you made me feel less than a man. For days, I didn’t get myself until I gave a patient the wrong injection. So, if I had lost a patient, will your sorry bring her back?

Me: hmmm I never knew you loved me and moreover, I am not interested in love. The last time I fell in love, all I got was heartbreak so what’s the need of finding love again. I am happy being alone

Doc: (walk closer to me and held my hand) Deborah, I didn’t fall in love with you in order to take advantage of you. I fell in love with you because I want you to be my woman

Me: I am sorry Doctor, I can’t love you back

Doc: please give me a chance, I can help you love me back and I promise that you will never regret. Please believe me

Me: I am sorry, I can’t do this.

I pick my bag and left the doctor’s office. Instead of taking a bike, I decided to trek home so that I will be able to think. Doctor Raymond is a very nice man, he is a cheerful giver.

Being the owner if a big hospital, I know that he is the dream of every lady but I can’t say that about me. I can’t afford to be a victim of heartbreak again.

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