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Pastor sent two boys to go bring my things from my house to the new apartment. The pastor and his wife were like my angel, the way the loved and took care of me was surprising.

Since we spent the eighth day in the hospital, we chose a Sunday for my baby’s naming ceremony. It was a parlor ceremony. My daughter was named Esther, Omolewa, Amarachi, Okpara. The name Omolewa was given to me by Holy Spirit meaning the child is my beauty.

There was a lot to eat and drink because people really donated for my daughter’s naming ceremony coolval stories.

Doctor Raymond could not attend the naming ceremony but he came over in the evening with gifts. I was overwhelmed with joy as loved was showered upon my daughter and I.

Pastor’s wife doted on my daughter, she was always seen with my baby. The only time Esther is seen with me is when she wants to s--k. Pastor’s wife later confesses to me that she had always wanted a baby girl but ended up being a mother of five boys.

Esther keeps growing rapidly and was loved by almost every Church member. She keeps receiving a gift from people. I went back to work and was given a warm welcome.

Doctor Raymond also doted on my daughter, he keeps buying her things. He was the one who organized a surprise birthday party for my daughter when she locks one year.

During my personal Bible study, the Holy Spirit ministered unto me that my ashes will be turned to beauty. I claimed it and was always praying the fulfillment.

One evening, Doctor Raymond came to my apartment to talk to me. At first, I thought he came to see his little friend, as usual, I never knew he came for me. I tried telling him that Esther was with the pastor’s wife but he said he wanted to talk to me.

Doc. Raymond: Can we go somewhere better or you are fine here?

Me: sure sir. More so, I am an indoor person

Doc. Raymond: alright, actually the thing is……i mean. Let me put this way, I like you

Me: like me how??

Doc. Raymond: Okay, let me come out straight. Sister Debby, I have fallen in love with you and I will be the happiest person if you can give me a chance in your life

Me: (became angry) excuse me Mr man, are you trying to take advantage of me because of the help you rendered to my daughter and I?

Doc. Raymond: of course not, I am being sincere. I love you and I want you to be my wife

Me: your wife my foot. Get out of my house and never set foot here again. Men and their evil character

Doc. Raymond: I mean no harm Sis Debby

Me: if you don’t leave my room, I will give you an insult that will make you cry

Doctor Raymond left my house dejectedly, I was just so pissed. I am just trying to recover from the trauma of the rape, another guy is telling me he wants to make me his wife. I regret not insulting him.

I went to meet the pastor’s wife in the evening and reported Doctor Raymond but she shunned me. She warned me never to insult any man again rather I should always pray to God to order my steps. Hearing that made feel remorseful but I didn’t bother praying about it.

I was in the class one afternoon when the Pastor’s wife called me that Doctor Raymond was in the police custody. She said he mistakenly gave a woman the wrong injection which sent her into a coma. Being an influential person, the women’s family decided to take the matter up and were only ready to release Doctor Raymond when the woman comes out of the coma.

After speaking to the pastor’s wife, I quickly run to the principal to get a day off. After hearing me talk, she gave me two days off to settle the matter. I asked the pastor’s wife for directions to the police station.

I took a bike to the station and in no time i got there, I paid the bike man and ran into the station without the wait for my change from the bike rider. Getting to the station, I met Pastor and his wife talking to Doctor Raymond who was already handcuffed.

Immediately he saw me, he took his eyes away from me. I gave him soothing words and he murmured a thank you.

We tried securing his bail but it was rejected.

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