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I continued working as a teacher and worshipping in the church. I was advised to take the post of an assistant choir leader but I declined. I just wanted to worship God and go my way.

My pregnancy was already in the last trimester but being someone with a small stature, no one could believe that my pregnancy was nine months even the pastor’s wife believe I was just five months gone.

I was feeling very weak one Sunday morning but I still decided to go to church. Getting to the church, I was informed that the lady in charge of praise and worship was down with typhoid so I had to take over. Despite being sick, I mounted the pulpit and led the church in praise and worship.

After singing for almost an hour, the assistant pastor came to take the intercessory section. As I was about to hand over the microphone to him, I felt a liquid flow out of my body. Jeez! My water just broke followed by severe pains.

The pastor’s wife and some elderly woman who understood what was going on rushed to where I was and assisted me outside. One of the women who have a car drove me to the hospital. The pain I experienced was unexplainable, it was ten times greater than menstrual pain, I just wanted to die. Right there, I caused those guys that raped me.

Immediately we got to the hospital, I was wheeled into the labor room. After some tests were carried out on me, it was revealed that I couldn’t give birth on my own. Prior to this, the doctor in charge of my case where I registered for ante-natal also said the same thing but I cared less.

The doctor advised I undergo caesersn section, the Pastor’s wife signed the form and I was wheeled into the theatre.

Before the caesarian section commenced, I told the doctor in charge who happens to be a church member to ensure that my child doesn’t live if I didn’t make it alive because I don’t want my child to suffer in this wicked world.

He just smiled and went ahead with the operation, I didn’t know how it happened or what they did. I just woke up and found myself in a hospital ward while the pastor’s wife was staring at my baby.

Me: mummy?

Pastor’s wife: Oh my dear, how are you feeling?

Me: weak, the lower part of my stomach hurt so much

Pastor wife: sorry dear, you will get better with time

Me: how is my child?

Pastor wife: she is very adorable

Me: can I see her?

Pastor wife: of course

The pastor’s wife handed me my little baby wrapped in a pink shawl. She was so beautiful, her face was just so cute. Despite the circumstance that led to her conception, I fell in love with her immediately I set my eyes on her.

While I kept admiring her, she let out a cry symbolizing she needed to s--k. The pastor’s wife quickly helps me put my n----e into her small mouth. As my baby was s-----g, Doctor Raymond who was in charge of my cesarean section, walk into my ward.

Doctor Raymond: how is my patient doing?

Me: your patient is fine all thanks to you, still feeling pain

Doctor Raymond: you will get better with time, our little angel is having her first meal

Me: sure, she keep s-----g at a very fast rate

Pastor wife: she is so adorable

Doctor Raymond: very adorable

Pastor’s wife: Debby, the hospital bill is two hundred thousand and the church manages to raise sixty thousand naira. How do we contact your people so that the whole payment can be made?

Doctor Raymond: seems you are busy, I will come back to check on you

Me: you are free to stay Doctor.

Without wasting time, I narrated my story to the pastor’s wife and the doctor. The pastor’s wife couldn’t stop dabbing her eyes in her handkerchief. Funny enough, no single tears dropped from my eyes, maybe I was already overcoming it.

Doctor Raymond: you really went through a lot

Me: hmm sure

Pastor wife: oh my dear

Me: it’s okay mummy, I am becoming better now. Doctor please I need your help, I have some money in my account, I will transfer eighty thousand to the hospital’s account. Once I start working, I will payback

Doctor Raymond: it’s okay dear, forget about the payment, that’s my gift to our little angel

Pastor wife: ohh bro Raymond thank you very much, May God bless you abundantly

Doctor Raymond: amen mummy, I have to go now, duty calls

Pastor wife: alright, go well my brother

After spending a week in the hospital, I was discharged. The pastor’s wife insists in start living with them because they feel that where I live wasn’t conducive for my baby so I was given a two-bedroom flat at the back of the pastor’s house.

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