Sister Debbie - S01 E06

2 weeks ago

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I couldn’t sleep that night, I just kept crying and wishing I died along with my parents.

I decided not to go for lectures the following day because I was not able to bear the look on people’s faces. I went out of the house by 4 pm for the scheduled meeting in the campus fellowship.

Getting into the campus church, I was expecting to meet with just the campus executives but to my surprise, the church auditorium was jam-packed with students who wanted to hear the full list.

With my head bow to the ground, I walk straight to the front of the pew where the campus executive sat. I was asked to say my side of the story, I took the microphone and started to talk but was interrupted by Raphael.

Me: I am sorry ill news about me keep flying around but the fact is that I was a victim of rape

Raphael: (shouted from the congregation) liar, your boyfriend was the one who sent out your nude pictures so please stop claiming that you are a saint

Hearing Raphael speak like that to me broke me more, I couldn’t stop crying, coolval stories in fact, I was too broken to continue speaking. When the campus executive saw that I wasn’t saying anything again, they passed their judgment on me. I was relieved of my position as the choir leader and was to be in isolation hence, no campus student was to relate with me.

After hearing their verdict, I thanked them and dejectedly walk out of the auditorium. On my way home, I stopped at a drug store and got some sedatives with the mind of killing myself with overdose.

I got to my room, scribbled some words on a piece of paper then took a bottle of water from the fridge and was about to use 15 tablets of the sedatives when I suddenly heard a voice.

Voice: you don’t need to kill yourself, this is just a phase that will pass away with time

Me: I can’t survive this, it’s just too much for me to bear

Voice: suicide is a free ticket to hell so why not face it and become a conqueror

Those words made me had rethink. I wiped my tears and decided to face it. I decided to stop going to the campus fellowship and start joining services online. Pelumi offered to accommodate me and also decided to speak to her mom on her behalf just to see if they could help with part of my tuition fee.

After our third year examination, I suddenly felt sick and after undergoing a test in the school laboratory, I was declared six weeks pregnant. When I was just beginning to heal, the issue of pregnancy came up. I was more shattered, how on earth will I cope with a fatherless child.

Getting to my room, I decided to end my life but that same voice won’t just let me. Based on the agreement, I was meant to move in with Pelumi the following day but I couldn’t, I don’t want to disturb her with an unwanted pregnancy.

Very early the following day, I took my clothes and left the school for good but not without leaving a note at Pelumi’s doorstep explaining things to her.

I was happy I was a prudent spender. With the money in my account, I board a bus to the Eastern part of Nigeria, Imo state precisely.

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