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After crying for hours, I dragged myself to the bathroom to wash away the bloodstains. I spent time scrubbing myself, I was able to wash away the stains but I wasn’t able to wash away the pain in my heart.

I decided to burn the bed sheet because washing it will bring in bad memories. After crying for more hours, I finally slept off. Fortunately, my first lecture the following day was by 12 am so I had enough time to rest and think.

By 11 am, I managed to prepare for school. If not for an important test I had by 2 pm, I won’t have dared to step out of the room. Before leaving my room, I ensured I took some pain reliever to stop the throbbing headache and body ache.

While working to school, I noticed people’s eyes were on me but I ignored them. Getting to the class, I sat down and lay my head on the table when a distant friend suddenly came to inform me of the latest news which made me more miserable.

Pelumi: Debby, haven’t you seen the pictures that are all over the school?

Debby: what is it about?

Pelumi: picture of a guy sleeping with you

Debby: what?? Please take me there

On getting to the notice board in my department, I couldn’t stop my tears from flowing. It was indeed the picture of the boss sleeping with me, people couldn’t stop staring at me because they believe the guy in the picture was my boyfriend. Who would believe that I was a victim of rape?

Pelumi took me to the school garden and started asking me questions after she made me sit down.

Pelumi: Debby, what went wrong?

Debby: please, believe me, I was raped by three men last night

Pelumi: Jesus! Ohh, sweetheart, I am sure you will pull through

Debby: it hurt so much. I don’t even know who I offended to have gone through such pain

Pelumi: it’s okay dear, I was also a victim of rape but God help me to pull and am sure you will pull through

Debby: thank you very much, dear, I really appreciate this

Pelumi: you are most welcome dear

I manage to write my test then head back to my room. On getting to the house, I met Kate raging.

Kate: So this is who you are right? This is what you want to repay my family with after all were done for you right?

Debby: it’s not like that

Kate: shut your stinking mouth you pretending liar, what is not what? You disgust me

Kate walk out of the house while I walk slowly to my room. Before I could sit down on my bed, Pastor’s call came in. Instead of listening to my own side of the story, he told me to vacate the house and look for how to pay my fees for my final year because his family can’t stop caring for someone who does nothing but drags their family name in the mud.

To say I was shattered was an understatement before I could digest the Pastor’s word, I got a message from my Campus Pastor that I was needed in the church the following day.

Twenty minutes after I read the campus pastor’s message, Rapheal called me that he was outside my lodge. I wash my face and went outside to meet him outside.

Me: hi

Raphael: so this who you are huh?

Me: let me explain, please

Raphael: explain what? You keep telling me you are a virgin while you are a sex addict

Me: sex addict?

Raphael: yes, you are a filthy w---e and I regret ever meeting you.

Me: are you also walking out of my life?

Raphael: yes, because you don’t worth good people

With that Raphael walked out on me. That was the most painful part, the only guy I gave my heart to also chose to disbelieve and leave me more shattered.

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