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I prayed about Raphael’s proposal and gave Pastor a positive answer not because I had God said yes but because of the happiness I felt after praying.

With the consent of Pastor and my campus Pastor, Raphael and I started our courtship after he made a proper proposal. Rapheal was a nice guy, caring, loving and very charming. He will always stop at my department to give me gifts, I was so happy that my life was falling into place.

Raphael was the best student in Economics department, he wasn’t just a nice guy, he was very handsome and came from a wealthy home.

One evening after faith clinic in the church, Raphael escorted Kate and I to our apartment because it was late. Kate and I didn’t stay in the school hostel as Pastor rented a two bedroom flat for us off-campus.

Immediately we got home, Kate took her bath, had a change of cloth and went with Rapheal to the school premises for TDB( Till day break) so I was the only one at home. Being someone who isn’t a dinner person, I took my bath and ate some fruits before going to bed. I also love sleeping naked that’s why I always ensure i lock my door.

After some minutes of daydreaming and smiling to myself, I traveled to the dream land. I suddenly woke up when I felt something moving on my thigh. Jeez! Three rough looking men were in my room while the one who seem like their boss was sitting beside me on my bed.

I sat up immediately wondering how they got into my room. I regret ever going to bed without cloth as they couldn’t stop looking at my bare body.

Me: please what do you want from me? Please I don’t have money, I am just an orphan

Boss: hey dear, we are not here to collect money from you but you have to cooperate with us. We just want a taste of you

Me: a taste of me? I beg you with the name of God, please don’t do this to me. I have never done this before, please

2nd guy: hey shut up joor, boss man wetin you dey follow am talk. Do make we leave here na

3rd guy: yes oo boss man, time no dey our side

Me: (crying) please sirs, don’t do this to me

2nd guy: hey shut up joor, Boss man do something

Boss: I wish I could help but I have been paid for this job. (Face the other guys) who go go first?

3rd guy: boss na you na, I no fit disvirgin girl ooo, she go spoil my juju

2nd guy: boss, go first.

Before I know what was happening, the boss undress himself ignoring my tears. He part my legs and forcefully began to t----t into me. My scream could not be heard because my mouth was covered by his wide palm. I died an hundred times while he continued moving in and out of me. The pain was just unbearable. I have always dreamt of losing my virginity to my husband who would treat me like a queen during our first copulation.

After what seem like eternity, their boss stood up. When I thought that was all, he told his boys to come have their share. I couldn’t shout, I just lie down while they continue fumbling with my body. What is the essence of crying over a spilt milk?

After the third guy had his share, they dressed and went their way living me with a broken spirit. What will I tell people? How will I tell Raphael that the virginity he has been hoping to have was gone?

I was just too broken to clean up myself. Looking at my stained bedsheet and the blood on my thighs made my tears flow without ceasing. I just wanted to die and go meet my parent because life doesn’t worth living. People are just so cruel.

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