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Bloodline Suppression

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No matter how powerful the Overlord Dragon was, it would have possessed only a small portion of the Golden Dragon King bloodline. After all, it was not even a true dragon. Even if its strength reached the rank of a true dragon, in terms of aura, it could never compare with his own Mountain Dragon King martial soul!

But after the collision, he realized that he had been completely wrong. Amazingly, the power of the bloodline aura from Tang Wulin had completely suppressed his own aura.

How did this happen? Could it be that his bloodline aura originated from the Light Dragon King which was passed down from the dragon god? Only the aura of the Light Dragon King was golden.

But the aura of light was not exactly blazing on his body! Even if it was the Light Dragon King, it should not have subdued his aura. The Mountain Dragon was a King. After many sacrifices, the Mountain Dragon King was the last one to be created, but it was definitely not inferior to any of the other dragon kings. At the very least, it would not have been inferior in terms of bloodline aura.

Long Yue had never thought that there would be anyone who could overwhelm him with their bloodline aura. What’s more, the suppression was distinct.

But, he was not in fear the way Sima Xian had been. Nevertheless, he still felt the pressure on his body This kind of pressure was imparted by a person of higher rank to a person of lower rank.

How was this possible? How could this even be possible? The only thing that could absolutely suppress his own dragon-type bloodline was from the dragon god.

Nonetheless, how could a dragon god’s bloodline appear in a human? It was just impossible. The aura on his body was definitely not the aura of the dragon god.

At the same time, Long Yue was shocked and Tang Wulin who had leaped up was at his highest point in the air. He spread his arms beside him. The pair of giant hammers which he had used to face the Tiger King Dai Yueyan appeared in his hands again. Tang Wulin raised his arms and descended from the sky with a forceful momentum. The pair of giant hammers dropped down boldly.

A series of explosions blasted through the air. Wherever the giant hammers passed, the surrounding space seemed distorted.

This was truly horrendous. Could this power be achieved by humans? The same thought surfaced in the minds of the audience. Even if it was a mecha, it would still have difficulty dealing with such a pair of giant hammers.

Were these the battle strategy and secret weapon Tang Wulin had prepared against Long Yue? Fortunately, he had deployed them when he fought the Tiger King in the previous match, Otherwise, the Dragon King would be hard pressed today.

The giant hammers dropped toward his head. Long Yue lifted his head instinctively. The suppression of his bloodline was getting more distinct the closer Tang Wulin got to him. Currently, Long Yue entered into a meditative state.

He gave a low yell. Six circles of soul rings rose from beneath his feet and protected him from all sides. Shortly after, his body expanded and swelled up to the size of a lofty mountain. A giant tail appeared behind him.

“Tall mountains!” Long Yue shouted in a low pitch.

He directed his palms toward the skies, and a towering mountain suddenly shot toward the skies. It was not a real mountain at all, but at that moment, the mountain as it appeared on the competition stage could not be more real.


The deafening sound of an explosion erupted and the landscape shattered. Tang Wulin was sent flying by the force. Long Yue’s imposing demeanor which had been suppressed turned domineering once more. His terrifying suppressing aura was targeted at Tang Wulin.

There was fear within Tang Wulin. His shock was in no way less than Long Yue’s.

When he had faced dragon-type martial soul Soul Masters before, his opponents could not even unleash half of their strengths. When he thought that Long Yue’s bloodline would also be suppressed by his, he had secretly rejoiced. There was at least a ray of hope when all the conditions in the battle had pointed to an impossible win for him.

However, it seemed that in the blink of an eye, Long Yue had enlightened him with his actions that even bloodline suppression could not narrow down the difference in their strengths. The unleashing of the Mountain Dragon King martial soul had effectively reduced the effects of Tang Wulin’s bloodline aura on him.

As a result of Long Yue’s innate strength and the difference in power between his martial soul aura and Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline was not much, the suppression effect on him was not strong enough to influence the outcome of the battle.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin could feel that Long Yue was exerting an extremely powerful pressure on him. However, the influence of his Golden Dragon King bloodline aura had negated half of the effect.

‘I still have a chance!’ Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. He raised the giant hammers in his arms and charged toward Long Yue again.

Long Yue’s swollen body had currently given him a height of more than ten meters. His body was filled with an awesome sense of power. As he faced Tang Wulin’s charge, he stepped sideways, sweeping his monstrous tail toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s right hammer collided with his tail. A harrowing buzz made the competition stage vibrate intensely.

Tang Wulin spun on the spot. With the spin, he dissipated as much force as he could from the lash of Long Yue’s tail. At the same time, he raised the giant hammers in his hands in unison and swung them toward Long Yue.

Tang Sect Secret Technique, the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer!

The Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer dated back to the founding of Tang Sect. The founder, Tang San, had dominated the blacksmithing world with this hammering technique. During that time, his hammering technique was inherited from the Clear Sky Clan. Initially, the Clear Sky Clan was not keen on sharing the technique. However, due to the outstanding contributions Tang Sect had brought to the Continent’s Soul Master realm, the Clear Sky Clan finally agreed to share this hammering technique with Tang Sect. That was how the technique survived to this day.

Before this, Tang Wulin had only used the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer for forging purposes only. After he obtained the giant hammers from the black mecha, he had given it much thought. It was to figure out how to incorporate the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer into his battles.

These giant hammers were undoubtedly the most suitable weapons. Although their size was huge and they were awkward, Tang Wulin had plans of his own.

The giant hammers could not be swung downward due to their large size, but they could be swung horizontally. Tang Wulin had trained exclusively with the hammers for some time.

The unique specialty of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer was that it made use of the opponent’s force. With each rotation, the rebounding force from the opponent would be melded with the user’s own spinning force resulting in an even stronger force.

Tang Wulin’s own strength was already fearsome. Currently, he had the addition of the Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer and the pair of giant hammers in his hands. These were the basis of his fight against Long Yue.

As expected, his body turned full circle and the hammers struck downward. Although Long Yue’s strong and domineering body had moved forward and collided with them, a thunderous explosion erupted between Tang Wulin’s hammers and Long Yue.

The soul skill Mountain was extremely terrifying. Offense and defense became one action. This gave Long Yue an additional and powerful defensive strength. Even so, he paused slightly after being hit by Tang Wulin’s hammers, while Tang Wulin himself was sent flying by the impact.

His body was in the air and spinning at a high speed. As soon as he touched the ground, he charged toward Long Yue like a whirlwind. He continued unleashing his Disorder Splitting Wind Hammer.

“Boom!” There were seemingly blazing flames within Long Yue’s eyes. A sense of frenzy appeared at the depths of his eyes.

His right arm swayed in the air. A double pointed lance appeared in his grasp. The double pointed lance was ten meters long and thick as a person’s waist. It was completely brown and made of an unknown material. He grabbed the lance with both hands and swept horizontally all of a sudden. It collided with Tang Wulin’s hammers.


Many in the audience instinctively covered their ears.

Almost everyone in the coliseum had been looking forward to the match for a long time. However, only a few thought that this would turn out to be a battle of strength.

The power displayed by Tang Wulin and Long Yue was almost superhuman. The audience were flabbergasted as they stared with their mouths agape.

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