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The Finals Begins

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To observe a match such as this at a close range, the citizens of Star Luo Empire went out of their way to secure a spot with a good view.

Everyone wanted to witness the victory of Monster Academy. This match was extremely important for the entire Star Luo Empire.

The interior of the coliseum was already crowded with sp ectators. On the platform, the Emperor of Star Luo Empire Dai Tianling, the president of Monster Academy En Ci, the leader of Douluo Continent’s representative team Tang Bingyao, and, last but not least, the president of Shrek Academy’s outer court Elder Cai had all been waiting since early morning.

Initially, Elder Cai was unwilling to come for the competition. However, he could not turn down the compelling invitation of Star Luo Empire’s officials.

Without a doubt, there was definitely a political motive behind this. In the end, Elder Cai chose to come.

In today’s match, no one had any positive thought for Tang Wulin. In any case, it was still the finals match. After all, it signified a clash between the two renowned academies in this year’s grand competition.

The contestants from Shrek Academy and Monster Academy entered the waiting area at about the same time. As soon as both parties were in the waiting area, the entire spectators’ stand went into a frenzy and erupted into wild cheers and applause.

The audience was yelling the names of Monster Academy and Long Yue, and the ambience was so heated that it was like the eruption of a volcano.

The contestants from Monster Academy wore their traditional red school uniforms. Amidst the contestants, the others had all sat down except for Dai Yun’er who stood there fuming and stared angrily at Tang Wulin.

Naturally, Tang Wulin saw her too. He smiled at her exposing his clean white teeth.

The weather was splendid today as sunlight fell right onto the waiting area. Under the sun’s rays, the faintly smiling Tang Wulin was resplendent. His handsome face and warm smile had captured Dai Yun’er’s attention against her own will. Even the flames of anger within her heart had died down.

“Silence.” a deep and grave voice sounded. It was broadcasted throughout the entire coliseum via soul loudspeakers. The voices of a hundred thousand spectators were surprisingly muffled by it.

“Now, we’ll invite His Majesty to deliver his speech.”

Dai Tianling stood up. A soul loudspeaker rose in front of him.

“Every time I watch the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition, I feel as though I’ve been transported back to the days of my youth. I was a participant once, and I obtained some impressive results. Young people should be filled with vigor and a strong drive. They should be fighting with all their effort because this generation belongs to passionate youths like all of you. Being young allows for mistakes, and being young does not fear failures. For those of you who are young, you only need to find your objective and go forward courageously.”

“It is with great honor that we have invited the representative team of Shrek Academy from the faraway Douluo Continent, a place which was once our home as well, for this year’s grand competition. Shrek Academy is regarded as the best academy on Douluo Continent. A history of more than twenty thousand years has allowed them to nurture countless outstanding talents. I am very happy that I am able to witness this final match between our Monster Academy’s contestant Long Yue and Shrek Academy’s contestant Tang Wulin. Regardless of the outcome, it will inevitably strengthen the friendship between us and the Douluo Continent Federation. The victor of today’s match will not only get the reward of a soul bone, but also an additional prize from the Empire. If contestant Long Yue obtains victory, he will be bestowed the title viscount. If contestant Tang Wulin obtains victory, we will reward him with a certain amount of resources. Of course, if he’s willing to become a citizen of Star Luo Empire, he will similarly be bestowed with the title of viscount.”

When he reached the end of his speech, Dai Tianling could not help but showed a big smile on his face. “We welcome all outstanding talents. Without further ado, I hereby declare that the final match of the solo competition in the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition begins now!”

There were thunderous applause and tremendous cheer from the audience. This was the charisma of an emperor.

“Captain, a viscount. Are you moved?” Xie Xie asked Tang Wulin softly while nudging him.

Tang Wulin rolled his eyes. “Step aside,” as he said this, he stood up.

On the other side, Long Yue had also stood up. He glanced at Tang Wulin. Then, he strode toward the competition stage with a smile on his face.

Loud exhilarating music was blaring away. The skies above the coliseum suddenly darkened. By what means, no one knew for sure. Two beams of light from the skies shone on Tang Wulin and Long Yue. The lights guided them both forward.

They ascended the competition stage at the same time. They walked to their respective sides. There were a few hundred meters between them as they faced each other.

Fang’er’s voice resounded throughout the coliseum.

“I believe everyone has been looking forward to this match for a long time. So have I. This will be an interesting match. First off, I’ll briefly summarize the background of these two contestants.”

“Contestant Tang Wulin is from Shrek Academy. His soul power is within the range of rank-42 and 45. His martial soul is Bluesilver Grass. I’ve researched in detail all similar martial souls, but I couldn’t find any martial soul that was identical to his. It’s unique, and also very powerful. At the same time, he also possesses a powerful dragon-type bloodline. That bloodline of his seem to have a stunning effect on martial souls of the same type, while simultaneously enhancing his own body. The power of his bloodline resembles a soul ring which gives him his abilities. Again, such a condition is rarely seen in the history of Soul Masters…”

Fang’er had obviously done much homework for her commentary, especially on her analysis of Tang Wulin. It was meticulous and thorough. On the other hand, her analysis on Long Yue was simple and short.

“… in a nutshell, today’s match in terms of strength is not balanced between the two contestants. We’ll just have to see if contestant Tang Wulin’s bloodline ability can generate enough suppression on contestant Long Yue who has a dragon-type martial soul. Only then, will contestant Tang Wulin have a chance of defeating his opponent. It seems both contestants have made their preparations. The final showdown of the young generation of the Continents begins now!”

All attention shifted to the competition stage.

Currently, the soul shield was sealed. The darkness in the skies vanished and there was sunlight on the competition stage again. The sun’s rays shone on both Long Yue and Tang Wulin.

The referee was an elderly person. His aura was contained, but as he was chosen to be the match’s referee, he was obviously a famous Soul Master expert in Star Luo Continent.

“The rules of this match are the same as the previous matches. Counting down from ten!”

It was the final match. The duration of the countdown seemed longer than the other matches.

“Ten, nine, eight … three, two, one, begin!”

At the sound of the word ‘begin’, Tang Wulin made the first move. He did not even pause for a second. He was already charging toward Long Yue like a cannonball. Two golden soul rings rose from beneath his feet. He was like an arrow that had just been released from the bow.

The faint smile that was on Tang Wulin’s face vanished the instant he began his attack. His eyes had turned golden and they shone brilliantly with a golden light as his domineering air increased rapidly followed by an intense airflow bursting forth from his body. Golden scales surfaced and covered his entire body. The first golden soul ring on his body lit up instantly. It was Golden Dragon Body!

His pair of Golden Dragon Claws glowed unsteadily with golden light under the infusion of his bloodline power.

Throughout his forward charge, Tang Wulin was increasing his momentum. It seemed like there was another giant dragon on the competition stage which pushed forward toward Long Yue.

Long Yue stood at his spot. He did not move forward to challenge Tang Wulin. He only stared at Tang Wulin with keen sparkling eyes.

He did not even display the intention to unleash his martial soul. When Tang Wulin charged past the center of the stage, only then did he unleash a powerful aura from his body. The giant dragon’s illusory shadow which had appeared when he fought Yue Zhengyu appeared behind him now. The dragon which carried an entire city on its back stretched its body and released a deep roar.

When he heard the roar of the Mountain Dragon King, Tang Wulin was not affected in the least. Golden light shone brightly on his body and he released a dragon’s roar toward the skies.

Compared to the deep dragon’s roar of the Mountain Dragon King, Tang Wulin’s dragon roar was high-pitched and excited. The bloodline aura within his body was unleashed without reserve.

At the same time, he skipped steps, sped up, and leaped abruptly. The forceful bounce sent him tens of meters into the air.

Long Yue’s expression changed slightly. Amidst Tang Wulin’s dragon’s roar, the giant dragon’s illusory shadow behind him had surprisingly flickered. It had weakened noticeably in its imposing manner.

On the platform, president En Ci who initially had a calm gaze suddenly sat up straight. He had an incredulous look on him.

He knew the legend of the Mountain Dragon King very well. In his opinion, Long Yue with his possession of the pure Mountain Dragon King martial soul, should have been the best among all the dragon-type martial souls in the world. Even the other true dragon martial souls could never compare with the aura of the dragon god’s child!

However, after the collision of auras just now, Long Yue’s Mountain Dragon King martial soul was clearly at a disadvantage. Not only did it not affect Tang Wulin’s martial soul, it was affected by Tang Wulin’s bloodline aura instead.

How was this possible? What was this martial soul that Tang Wulin possessed? Why was it so powerful?

Nobody knew the answer because nobody had any idea what it was. This was true even for Long Yue himself.

He had initially thought that Tang Wulin’s bloodline power was the Overlord Dragon which possessed the Golden Dragon King bloodline.

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