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The Feeling of Heartbreak

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The comfort that came from lying on a bed made her relax. She instinctively covered herself with the blanket. Her nose made sniffing sounds as if she was smelling something. Then, her peaceful face reflected a contented expression as she fell into a deep sleep.

As he looked at her sleeping, Yue Zhengyu felt a sudden emotion welling up within his heart. He carefully tucked her in and caressed her wisps of silky hair. Only then did he move silently over to the sofa and lay down there.

‘When she wakes up tomorrow, she won’t be keeping me company anymore. However, I won’t let her tire herself out. If she can’t keep me company, then I’ll keep her company.’

He appeared pleased after thinking that thought. He closed his eyes and fell asleep shortly.

Gu Yue lay flat on the bed as she could not sleep. She only stared silently at the ceiling and had no intention of cultivating either. She was not even sure why.

She was filled with anxiety and felt restless. Tomorrow would be the finals, and he would be facing Long Yue. She knew him too well. Even if he knew he was no match for Long Yue, he would still fight with all his might. He might even fight harder than Yue Zhengyu.

At a critical time like this, she had delivered him a devastating blow.

Actually, she knew that she should have done this way back. After all, there would be situations that they had to face together in the future. Such a day would come sooner or later. However, she had convinced herself that it was still early, and there was no need for her to rush.

However, with the passing of time, they grew up. Similarly, their strengths grew as well. The days passed, and it was getting progressively difficult for her to make a decision.

“Sigh!” Gu Yue thought gloomily. Maybe this was fated to be. Where in the world did his bloodline come from? It seemed that they were destined to meet in this whole wide universe. This was also the case for Na’er.

‘What if it’s the will of the gods?’ There was a silver flash in Gu Yue’s eyes. ‘If the gods forbade us to continue, I’ll do away with them.’

She sat up abruptly. Suddenly, the conversation between the two people that day reverberated in her mind.

“In other words, the reason why you’re close to me was because my bloodline is related to yours?”

“You can put it that way.”


“Yes, really!”

“I understand now.”

“Gu Yue!”


“If you’re saying that you’ve been close to me initially because of my bloodline, then, what about now? Is it still the case now?”

“It is!”

The words spoken that day seemed to have lingered in her ears. Gu Yue felt intense pangs of guilt in her heart. She was feeling overwhelmed.

‘Let’s put in more effort for tomorrow’s competition!’

Early in the morning.

In the wee hours of the day, Tang Wulin was on the balcony cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes. Later, he freshened up and changed into a clean set of Shrek Academy’s dark green uniform.

Breakfast was as usual. In fact, he ate more than he normally would. All his comrades were present and everyone’s gaze was upon him.

Xu Lizhi, whose appetite was similar to his, had eaten a lesser amount today.

“Why’re you all looking at me? Lizhi, eat up! Why aren’t you eating today?” Tang Wulin had just grabbed another bun. He tore the bun into half and wedged a few large pieces of meat in it. Then, he began to chomp it down.

“I say, captain, aren’t you feeling even a little nervous?” Yue Zhengyu could not restrain his curiosity any longer as he posed the question.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Why should I feel nervous? This is not Douluo Continent. Besides, the entire population of Star Luo thinks that I’ll lose. I’m a four-ring going against a six-ring. Will it be embarrassing if I lost? I don’t think so. So, why should I feel nervous?”

Ye Xinglan looked at him with keen bright eyes, “You’re thinking of giving up?”

Tang Wulin met her gaze and smiled faintly, “The glory of Shrek isn’t secured by victory alone. Fresh blood will do as well.”

After he said this, there was silence at the dining table.

Ye Xinglan lowered her head, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have doubted you.”

Tang Wulin smiled faintly, “Everyone, eat up. I’ll eat more too. We can only gain more strength by eating more, no?”

Gu Yue sat beside him like she usually did. When she saw the smile on his face, she could not restrain herself from saying, “Don’t push yourself too hard.”

Tang Wulin glanced at her, “I’m not pushing myself! As a matter of fact, there’s nothing to push. Finish up eating, quickly!”

Xie Xie laughed, “Captain, your behavior is capricious. Everybody, finish up quick! He had no stress in him initially. So, let’s not rile him up. Captain, you must do your best. In case you win by accident, you may even get a kiss.” As he said this, he looked at Gu Yue, then he looked at Tang Wulin. He had a sneer on his face.

Tang Wulin said angrily, “You’re always the garrulous one. Eat up quickly. In any case, I won’t allow myself to be carried back by a woman.”

Xie Xie’s expression changed. He was blushing a little. “That’s nothing. It’s the same regardless of who’s carrying whom. Besides, she’s an assault system whereas I’m an agility system. We’ve been different since birth.”

Yue Zhengyu smiled. “I heard that you now have a better understanding since that day. It seems that you’ve become even more shameless than before!”

Xie Xie sneered. “I can’t even compare with you in terms of shamelessness. You acted as if you can’t get off the bed yesterday, but you’re shamelessly sitting here, brimming with energy. Can big brother not comment about second brother? Xiaoyan, you must be really careful when you befriend someone who thinks he’s an adonis. It’s difficult to tell their true colors.”

Xu Xiaoyan’s delicate face blushed, but she did not make a sound. Currently, her heartbeat was faster than usual. When she opened her eyes that morning, she realized that she had been sleeping on Yue Zhengyu’s bed. His aura filled the blankets, but she felt that she had slept with additional security.

In the morning, she was too embarassed to face Yue Zhengyu. After she woke up, she ran back to her room. However, before she left, she threw the blanket on Yue Zhengyu who was lying on the sofa.

“Xie Xie!” Yue Zhengyu glared at him with gritted teeth.

Xie Xie chuckled. “Don’t lose your temper from being embarrassed!”

Yue Zhengyu snorted and said, “Anyway, I’m better than you. I don’t think you even have half a chance. You won’t be able to defeat our class monitor in this lifetime.”

Xie Xie glanced at Yuanen Yehui, but Yuanen Yehui ignored both of them. She was minding her own business and eating her breakfast.

“One day, I’m sure I’ll be able to defeat her. You’d better believe it! I’ve already understood the true essence of the agility system!”

When he saw both of them bickering, a faint smile could be seen on Tang Wulin’s lips. He liked the feeling very much. Being together with his comrades all day long brought the rich feeling of being part of a family. This was what he enjoyed the most.

“If everyone’s full, let’s be on our way.” Tang Wulin stood up and stretched his limbs. The bones of his entire body made cracking sounds.

He exuded an aura that was filled with the vigor of the sun which made his comrades feel the same way. He was vibrant and full of vitality. He was like a sleeping dragon that had just awakened and was stretching its body.

A soul car was already waiting for them outside. Today was the finals of the solo competition. To prevent unforseen complications and also to ensure the contestants arrived at the competition grounds on time, the official committee had dispatched private cars to pick them.

This match was regarded as the ultimate showdown between Monster Academy and Shrek Academy. All the contestants from both academies could enter the waiting area to watch the match.

The eight of them got into the car. The soul car started its engine. With security vehicles sandwiching them at the front and back, they headed straight to Star Luo Coliseum.

When the cars faded into the distance, a figure appeared silently in front of the entrance to the Royal Star Luo Hotel.

As usual, Wu Zhangkong was covered in white. At present, he had a faint glow flickering in his eyes.

Wulin, do your best!

Today, Star Luo Coliseum was not the only place that was swarming with people. It was packed like sardines even outside the coliseum. Every nice spot from which one could view the giant screen outside the coliseum was occupied. In order to get those spots, many of them were there the day before. Some of them had even set up camps.

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