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Looking Forward to The Finals

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There were two others from Monster Academy who managed to qualify for the quarter-finals. They were Long Yue and the Wind King Lin San. Unlike Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui, they would not be facing each other in the next round. However, they would still face each other in the semi-finals.

In short, if everything went well, Tang Wulin or Yuanen Yehui would be facing the victor between Long Yue and Lin San in the finals. Obviously, the winner of the finals would be the champion of the solo competition for this year’s grand competition.

Shrek Academy should already take pride in the achievements of its students who have come this far in the competition.

Although Tang Wulin still had some strategies up his sleeves for his previous matches, his strategies were dwindling. Fortunately, he had finished his match. He had just completed his most critical of showdowns.

When he returned to the waiting area, he noticed that Dai Yueyan had already left. The defeat was a great blow to the Tiger King.

Long Yue was still there, Lin San was there as well. Their gazes fell on Tang Wulin.

Long Yue suddenly approached Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin stood where he was and waited for Long Yue to come over.

“Your performance has exceeded my expectations. But, I hope that you have not displayed your ultimate strength yet.” After he said this, Long Yue laughed, turned around and left.

Lin San also looked at Tang Wulin with some interest. “Too bad, I won’t be facing you in the solo competition. In the team competitions, I hope that I get to experience some of your skillful tactics. Your comrade there isn’t too bad either.” The person he was referring to was Xie Xie.

Currently, Xie Xie was still sound asleep. The noises of the world outside did not bother him.

Tang Wulin stooped down to carry Xie Xie, but he was blocked by Yuanen.

“Let me do it.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was dumbfounded. Then, he saw Yuanen Yehui using a princess hug to carry Xie Xie in her arms. She was careful not to wake Xie Xie up. Then, she walked outside in big strides.

A smile appeared at the edge of Tang Wulin’s lips. It revealed a hint of envy.

The dust had finally settled in the solo competitions where eight contestants would be eliminated from the top sixteen. The top eight would be decided then. There was one contestant who could not take part in the next round due to his injuries which were too severe. His opponent would have been Long Yue. That meant that Long Yue would not be facing a fight in the next round, and he would proceed directly to the semi-finals.

However, nobody thought that Long Yue had any advantage to gain. The reason why the previous two contestants had fought fervently was that they obviously knew their opponent in the next match would be Long Yue. There was no possibility of them defeating him. They might as well have an all-out battle to gain some fame in the quarter-finals.

There were two people each from Monster Academy and Shrek Academy who got into the quarter-finals. It would be a situation where they were still pitted against each other.

The various news and printed media covered the heavens and earth. There were even titles that read, ‘As long as Shrek Academy enters the finals, they would’ve already won.’

Of course, much more of the titles were along the lines of ‘Go back to where you came from, Shrek!’

However, there was no doubt that the strengths of the contestants from Shrek were being recognized.

Deputy president Tang Bingyao congratulated Elder Cai, and declared that the Federation would be rewarding Tang Wulin and those who have shown outstanding performances during this grand competition. Naturally, this would have to wait until they returned to Douluo Continent.

Only after he entered his hotel room did Tang Wulin rub his ears. He could not stand it anymore. It had finally quietened down. Then, he removed a small cotton ball from each of his ears.

The sound-proofing abilities of the cotton balls were not bad. However, they could barely keep out the racket in Star Luo Coliseum.

The victor of the match between him and Yuanen would be facing Long Yue. It would most likely be Long Yue.

“Wulin, you’ve won?” At this moment, a voice came from behind the door.

Tang Wulin opened the door. What he saw was a tired-looking Ye Xinglan standing outside his door.

“Xinglan, why are you looking so dreadful?” Tang Wulin quickly asked her to come in. The person who came in with her was shockingly Xu Lizhi.

Neither was Xu Lizhi looking good. However, unlike Ye Xinglan, his appearance was attributed to his bad mood.

“Sister Xinglan is working too hard. She hadn’t been sleeping these past few days. All she did was meditate and craft battle armors,” said Xu Lizhi in a worrisome tone.

Tang Wulin said, “Xinglan, this isn’t good for you.”

Ye Xinglan smiled drily, “There’s nothing bad about it. I’ve already given up on this competition. Don’t tell me that I can’t even do this. Although I may be tired, I have improved in crafting battle armors. Enough talk about this. Please come by my place later. I have some newly crafted parts.”

Tang Wulin looked at Xu Lizhi. Although Xu Lizhi was worried, he still nodded.

They knew how stubborn Ye Xinglan could be. When this lady was serious about something, she can be most adamant about it.

Tang Wulin sighed softly. He could see why Ye Xinglan was not looking good as she had used Bloodthirst Bean Buns. That explained her appearance.

Ye Xinglan smiled. “I watched the recording of your match just now, and you were quite good. Honestly speaking, if I were faced with your giant hammers, I wouldn’t know how I could fight them. It’s good that you’ve unleashed what you’re good at during the most critical moments.”

Tang Wulin smiled wryly. “That’s something that couldn’t be helped. We don’t have a complete one-word battle armor. The only thing that we can do when we’re faced with a powerful opponent is to restrict them. That being said, I’m getting more convinced that the choice I made previously was wise. Only when our battle armor and ourselves are merged into one can we unleash our full potential. There’s still some difference to the ones that we don on our bodies. I was right to select the spirit alloy one-word battle armor.”

Ye Xinglan nodded, “Even if we can’t upgrade the battle armor into a two-word battle armor yet, the enhancing effects of a spirit alloy one-word battle armor would be different from the ones crafted through the ordinary process. The unleashing of it will also be different. We’ll just have to put in more effort. In no time, we’ll also have our own complete battle armor.”

Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi left. Tang Wulin pressed his lips together. He could see the meaning in the depths of Ye Xinglan’s eye. He must not lose!

He must always pursue victory, they all must.

Regardless of who the opponent was, they must do their level best!

The following matches were what most people had predicted.

From the quarter-finals to the semi-finals. Yuanen Yehui had given up on the match voluntarily which guaranteed Tang Wulin a spot in the semi-finals. Tang Wulin was unaware of Yuanen’s decision. It was on the competition stage when Yuanen Yehui, out of the blue, announced that she yielded.

Tang Wulin asked her why she made that decision. Her stance was clear. If they had fought, regardless of who won the match, the combat strength of the other person would have been weakened, and it would not be beneficial for the upcoming matches. Moreover, they still had the two against two and team competitions. Yuanen wanted to reserve her combat strength for those matches.

Long Yue and Lin San had also made it to the semi-finals.

In the semi-finals, Lin San did not give up the match like Yuanen Yehui did. Instead, he chose to challenge Long Yue. There was no doubt about the outcome. He had displayed a greater combat strength from when he fought Xie Xie, and with the enhancement of his one-word battle armor, he managed to give Long Yue a run for his money, but he still lost in the end. From the beginning to the end of the match, Long Yue did not use his battle armor.

Tang Wulin witnessed the match with his own eyes. After he saw the match, his expression turned gloomy. Long Yue was really powerful. He was so powerful that he could not think of any combat strategy that could be effective when he faced him in battle.

An opponent like this struck fear into one’s heart.

In the semi-finals, the strength of Tang Wulin’s opponent was also very strong. However, he had fought frantically in his previous match which resulted in his battle armor being seriously damaged. Tang Wulin exploited a weak spot and ended the battle in ten minutes.

The contenders for the finals were decided. Shrek Academy’s Tang Wulin versus Monster Academy’s Long Yue.

The match was termed as the battle of the two dragons by the officials.

After a day’s rest, the match would be held on the morning of the second day.

The match would be the greatest showdown of this year’s grand competition. In many gambling establishments, the wagers were in favor of Long Yue winning where the odds were ten-to-one for Tang Wulin whereas it was only one-to-two for Long Yue.

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