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Complete Collision

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He had told Tang Wulin and the rest that he would guide them when they entered the latter stage of the competition. Even so, he had been stopped by Elder Cai. That was the reason why he had not been by his students’ side all along. The experience was agonizing for him. He wished that he could join his disciples at this exact moment!

‘Tang Wulin, all the best!’

Wu Zhangkong’s expression remained icy cold, but his gaze was scorching hot. It burned like fire!

Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan were both dashing toward each other. As Tang Wulin released the Domineering Golden Dragon Body, the first soul ring underneath Dai Yueyan’s feet was already glowing and emerged as a shield of white light. At the same time, his head of golden hair rapidly turned white, and fur was growing out from his body. His body swelled up as his muscles bulged.

His martial soul was the White Tiger!

His pupils now had a tinge of gold in them. Three purple and two black soul rings arose from underneath his feet. His entire body was radiating a powerful aura. His cultivation base at the rank of Soul King and his soul rings that were far beyond the standard signified that he was the best of this younger generation. Other than Long Yue, with his extraordinary martial soul, he might as well be the best.

The Star Luo Empire had always revered individual martial power. This was one of the main reasons why he had reached a position of eminence among the many princes. He had a calm mind while also possessing great martial power. Thus, Dai Tianling had very high expectations for him.

The distance between the two opponents rapidly closed. They could not compare to agility-type soul masters, as they were different from the agility system, such that every step they took, the force on their bodies increased exponentially. When they were about to collide, it felt like two mountains were about to smash into one another.

“Boom!” Two figures collided forcefully in a burst of gold and white light.

Tang Wulin’s pair of Golden Dragon Claws were up against Dai Yueyan’s pair of Tiger Claws. Their soul powers and strengths intertwined at once. The violent collision sent out a shockwave like a storm wind around their bodies.

After both of them had released their martial souls and bloodline power, their figures appeared almost the same. The Golden Dragon Claws and the Tiger Claws seemed to be of the same size. One was covered in scales while the other was overgrown with hairs.

At the moment the two sides made contact, their bodies were sent flying backward. Much to everyone’s surprise, they appeared to be equally matched.

With a flash of his eyes, Tang Wulin regained his momentum immediately after he had stumbled, and he pounced straight for Dai Yueyan. His feet were stepping the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as he swiftly slashed at Dai Yueyan’s head and chest with his Golden Dragon Claws.

This was not a soul skill, but a skillful attack.

Unusually, Dai Yueyan had not used any soul skills either. His pair of Tiger Claws were continuously slashing as he fought with Tang Wulin.

Gushes of blasts were blooming outward from the spot where they collided. Despite Tang Wulin’s cultivation base being inferior to Dai Yueyan’s, no one managed to gain the upper hand as they clashed. They were equally matched.

Dai Yueyan’s soul power actually ranked fifty-four, yet he was unable to overwhelm this opponent.

Dai Yueyan was getting more concerned as he fought. Coming from Monster Academy, he was certainly not lacking in battle experience. Additionally, he was very confident of his own strength, and he was an assault-type soul master. His White Tiger martial soul was not only powerful on its own, strength was one of its specialties as well. Besides, his cultivation base was much higher than Tang Wulin’s. The difference between soul power at rank-54 and that just above rank-40 was not a small matter. Indeed, it was more than double!

But despite the circumstances, Dai Yueyan still could not subdue Tang Wulin. Not only was Tang Wulin tough and valiant, with his strength and soul power combined he was not Dai Yueyan’s inferior. Dai Yueyan was even more troubled by his pair of Golden Dragon Claws.

His right Golden Dragon Claw smashed while his left Golden Dragon Claw tore. These two special effects were vividly revealed during their fight at close-quarters.

Tang Wulin was launching the Tang Sect Technique of Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and Catching Hand, while in rhythm with the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon method.

Tang Wulin was similarly slightly surprised to find that Dai Yueyan was skilled in the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track as well. He was also trained in the Mysterious Jade Hands. Thus, his pair of Tiger Claws were unusually rigid. There was no way Tang Wulin could injure him when his Tiger Claws clashed with Tang Wulin’s own Golden Dragon Claws.

How could everyone from Monster Academy become Tang Sect disciples? Technically, they could even be considered from the same sect and clan. Tang Wulin was dumbfounded, but this was still his favorite fighting method. Both of them were not using soul skills, but they were looking for an opening. It also revealed both sides were confident as neither of them feared a sudden decisive maneuver that would result in victory for their opponent.

The fight lasted for a few minutes before Dai Yueyan started feeling uneasy. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Claws were too powerful. It was difficult for him to resist even with the Mysterious Jade Hands and his own Tiger Claws. Moreover, Tang Wulin’s strength seemed to grow as he fought. Dai Yueyan was not skilled in the Catching Hand and he had yet to learn about the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. On the other hand, Tang Wulin was utilizing the rhythm of these two skills to fight, so he was even more adept at close-quarter combat than Dai Yueyan.

He could not allow this to go on anymore!

Dai Yueyan made the decision at once.

“Watch out!” he shouted aloud while the second soul ring on his body glowed. A stream of white light blasted out and headed straight for Tang Wulin’s face.

This was Dai Yueyan’s second soul skill, the White Tiger Intense Light Wave!

Dai Yueyan was frank and straightforward. He had even intentionally warned Tang Wulin before he launched his soul skill. The two parties were so close together that it would have been very difficult for Tang Wulin to dodge the energy blasted out from his mouth if he had not warned him.

Tang Wulin raised his right Golden Dragon Claw and covered his face. The White Tiger Intense Light Wave exploded and blew him away.

This was the disparity between soul powers. The two parties distanced themselves once again. Tang Wulin felt his entire body shudder. The force of the White Tiger Intense Light Wave was incredibly powerful. Even though his right Golden Dragon Claw’s durability was great, the impact still left his arm numb. He was astonished.

The third soul ring on Dai Yueyan’s body shimmered, and his body grew one head taller. The black and white hair covering his whole body took on a golden hue. Golden light was even beaming from his eyes. The rough form of the Chinese character ‘王’ appeared on his forehead.

It was his third soul skill, the White Tiger Diamond Transformation!

This was different from the previous members of Monster Academy’s Heavenly Kings he had encountered. Tang Wulin could tell that Dai Yueyan was righteous and honorable. He did not have a but he was fighting on his own strength without relying on any tricks!

Under the effects of the White Tiger Diamond Transformation, Dai Yueyan’s momentum increased exponentially with every step as he dashed straight for Tang Wulin.

An undying radiance shimmered in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He inhaled a deep breath as the two golden soul rings underneath his feet suddenly changed. Three purple and one black soul ring appeared.

Since the opponent was using a soul skill, of course, he would use a soul skill to counter it.

Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees and spread outward from his body. The soul masters’ world had universally acknowledged that the control system could resist the assault system.

Tang Wulin released the Bluesilver Emperor at the right time when he was fighting Dai Yueyan. He did not intend to conceal his power in this battle. He wished to win any match that he could and fought with all his might in this stage of the competition.

The Bluesilver Emperor vines were as thick as his arms. Every blade was shimmering a translucent blue with faint golden veins inside them. The vines spread out swiftly like blue dragons.

With one wave of his arms, a three-meter-long golden blade emerged from each of Dai Yueyan’s Tiger Claws.

Without even a glance at the coiling vines, he slashed at them with his Tiger Claws.

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