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The True Essence of Agility

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At the moment, the muscles on Tang Wulin’s face started twitching as well. What sort of theory was this? Tang Wulin hastily walked out of the waiting area to ensure that his mood was unaffected by Xie Xie. He walked out toward the competition stage with the entire crowd cheering for Dai Yueyan.

Dai Yueyan also tried to contain himself as he walked out of the waiting area.

“What’s wrong with you?” Yuanen Yehui could not help standing. She raised her hands and strangled Xie Xie. Who would have known that this guy would spread out his arms and hugged Yuanen Yehui?

“I understand now, I understand now, I have finally understood!” Xie Xie did not feign his excitement.

Yuanen Yehui was trying to struggle free from his involuntary hold. She could smell blood on Xie Xie’s body due to the close contact. Finally, she resisted the urge to struggle when she thought of all the wounds on his body. She burst out, “Let go of me.”

Xie Xie paid no attention to her. “Yuanen, I understand now, I have truly understood. I indulged in freedom and sloppiness during the earlier phase. I refused to cultivate diligently, and that was why I didn’t manage to develop my agility system’s potential. However, ever since I was triggered by your response, I began working hard. I worked diligently in an attempt to catch up with you so I could be worthy of you. I improved tremendously during that period, and I became more confident in myself. It was fine until just before we departed, I faced a bottleneck, not the bottleneck of soul power cultivation, but an agility-type soul master’s bottleneck. I was feeling like I had lost my direction. Even though I was still cultivating painstakingly, but my skill, speed and also my comprehension of the agility system were not improving.”

“It was not until the battle earlier that I finally understood. The reason why I had reached such a bottleneck was because the bowstring in my heart was too tight. The secret of the agility system is its freedom. If one is incapable of fusing oneself into the freedom element, then it’s impossible for one to completely control agility. Hence, I understand that I don’t need to suppress myself anymore. I’ll release my heart. I’ll certainly become stronger, and I’ll certainly make myself worthy of you…”

His voice was growing weaker. By the end of his rant, his body was already leaning onto Yuanen Yehui. He had fallen unconscious.

His weight was not an issue for Yuanen Yehui due to her cultivation base. However, she was standing there sluggishly as she held onto him. She could sense the profound obsession in his heart, and also his persistence. ‘So all this is for me?’

A peculiar radiance flashed past Yuanen Yehui’s eyes and vanished. She supported Xie Xie gingerly back to the sofa and left him asleep on the sofa.

His bodily functions were normal, only that he was too exhausted. He needed time to rest and recuperate.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin and Dai Yueyan had walked up to the competition stage together. The clamor from the stands was silenced with the closing of the protective shield.

Tang Wulin rubbed his ear and looked at Dai Yueyan. He cracked into a smile and revealed his mouthful of pearly whites. “A little noise huh.”

The two contestants were hundreds of meters apart. Yet, his voice clearly echoed in Dai Yueyan’s ears.

Dai Yueyan looked at him with a burning gaze. He appeared unusually focused. He was not going to be caught off guard when facing Tang Wulin, nor would he allow himself to make any mistake. The victory of this match was of utmost importance. He would not consider Tang Wulin’s age. Currently, Tang Wulin was equal in his eyes.

On the contrary, Tang Wulin appeared relaxed and unfettered as compared to him. His arms shook a few times at his sides. Following that, he took a deep breath. He seemed to be enlarging during the inhalation as if a hibernating giant dragon was slowly waking up. The mighty fluctuation of his blood essence could be clearly felt by Dai Yueyan who was a few hundred meters away.

He was aware that Shrek Academy’s captain had an extremely powerful bloodline through his peers’ experiences in fighting Tang Wulin. He had suppressed Su Mu, Hua Lantang, and Sima Xian in succession.

Tang Wulin’s bloodline power could possibly exceed his own but it didn’t matter.

“Three, two, one. Begin!” Since both parties were well prepared, the referee announced the commencement of this great battle.

A faint immortal glow was shining on Tang Wulin’s face. The golden scales and a pair of Golden Dragon Claws later appeared. His height was extending upward with popping sounds coming from his spine. His entire body seemed to have been completely stretched out.

He was completely immersed in his blood essence power’s sensation at the moment. The sensation was overwhelming. The blood essence in his body was surging while the thick Golden Dragon King’s aura was vaguely felt in his body. The Golden Dragon King energy that came along with the breakthrough of the seal fused perfectly with his soul power. A faint golden color layered his skin even where there were no scales. There was a faint dragon-shaped illusion that shimmered behind his body.

Two golden soul rings arose from underneath his feet. Tang Wulin took a giant stride forward and dashed straight toward Dai Yueyan. His first soul ring glowed and the Golden Dragon Body was released. Golden scales covered his entire body in a split second followed by his pair of eyes which turned into a dazzling golden color.

He had improved once again! Yuanen Yehui, who was sitting on the sofa watching the battle, had such a thought.

Tang Wulin’s power was elevated in the consecutive matches. It was still the Golden Dragon Body yet his force was different as compared to its past. Perhaps, his soul power’s elevation was the slowest among his comrades, but he was the fastest in overall power elevation among them.

When she first met Tang Wulin initially, his power was inferior to hers. She did not even regard him as a worthy opponent. Yet, he often created miracles each time he faced formidable enemies. The higher the stress, the stronger his body became.

This battle meant a lot to Star Luo Empire. It was similarly meaningful to Shrek Academy and even the entire Douluo Continent alliance.

If Tang Wulin was capable of defeating the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, it would be considered an achievement to be proud of even if he failed to become the final champion. Due to the fact that he was fighting on the opponent’s home turf and their age difference, he was in an invincible position and was far less stressful than Dai Yueyan.

In the Number Two box, other than Elder Cai and Wu Zhangkong, there were also seven to eight Douluo Continent diplomatic corps’ representatives who were seated. All of them had a solemn demeanor.

They had not paid much attention initially when Shrek Academy participated in the competition. A few of the prominent representatives were even performing exchange activities elsewhere.

Along the way, Shrek Academy suffered from having to bear the brunt of the spectators’ jeers and rants. But, they were also achieving better results. These diplomatic corps’ higher ranking officers who represented the Douluo Continent began paying attention to the competition as well.

It could be said that they were unprepared for the Continental Young High-Ranking Soul Masters Elite Competition. Otherwise, they would not be sending Tang Wulin and the other fifteen-year-old children to compete. They would see to it that Shrek Academy brought over some twenty-year-old powerhouses instead to ensure their victory.

Thus, they did not value the competition’s results as much, but what they valued more was whether the competing students from Shrek Academy could fight valiantly for the alliance.

In fact, they were satisfied that three students from Shrek Academy had managed to enter the final sixteen. They were five years younger than the other contestants yet they managed to be part of the final sixteen. Such results were good enough to gain merit for them in the diplomatic corps’ trip.

They had watched today’s match as well. Even though Xie Xie lost, Yuanen Yehui had entered the final eight. This was considered a good result. If Tang Wulin was capable of defeating the Tiger King Dai Yueyan, also known as Star Luo Empire’s crown prince, then this would be a monumental strike to Star Luo Empire. It would have a positive influence on the exchange between Douluo Continent and Star Luo Continent in the future.

“Elder Cai, what do you think of the win percentage for Tang Wulin in this match?” Tang Bingyao, the leader of the diplomatic corps who is the deputy president of the Federation’s Parliament, asked Elder Cai who was standing next to him.

Outwardly, Tang Bingyao did not seem to play an important role in the diplomatic corps. But, in reality, only the higher ranking officials in the inner circle knew that every action of the diplomatic corps must be reported to the deputy president. Thus, he was the real leader but only a few people were aware of this.

Elder Cai shook his head. “It’s not easy to evaluate this contestant. He does not have an advantage just by judging his power. However, he is frequently capable of creating miracles. He is quite a monster at Shrek too. He was not qualified to enter the academy initially, yet he made his way to be the captain of his squad. He relied on hard work and an indomitable spirit. I’m looking forward to this match as well. Let’s see how this match turns out.”

Wu Zhangkong was standing nearer to the back. His gaze was burning as he watched the giant screen on his side. The screen allowed him to see more details than watching the competition arena through the box’s glass.

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