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He will tell her that in this life, no one can kiss her and love her like him!

But Qin leran didn't seem to understand. She was struggling like a little pig in his arms. She just didn't let him kiss her so easily.

However, no matter how the "little pig" struggles, he fails to escape from the palm of Quan Nanzhai's hand and only lets him chew her.

Qin leran's heart is bitter. Does her brother take her as a roasted pig?

Look, look, she should have guessed it right!

In the past, when brother Liege kissed her, he kissed her on the lips and even chewed her neck. Today, it's more and more excessive to go down her neck.

Ah --

when Quan Nanzhai's kiss was getting lower and lower, Qin Yueran was shocked. He hurriedly reached out and pushed Quan Nanzhai away. After pushing him away, he also stepped back two steps and opened the distance with him.

She looked at him and saw the red blood in his eyes. It looked like she was going to eat people. It looked terrible.

Qin lelan had never seen Quan Nanzhai before. He shrank his neck in fear: "brother lie, you I... "

She stuttered so much that she didn't know what to say. After a pause, her brain was still like paste, and she couldn't reorganize the language.

Quan Nanzhai didn't speak any more. He just looked at her with deep eyes. After staring at her for a long time, the blood in his eyes was scattered.

"Brother lie, I......" Before finishing a sentence, Qin leran was so nervous that she swallowed. She had never been so timid before, and the person she was afraid of was her strong brother, which was incredible.

She likes her brother. When she saw him, she wanted to stick with him. Today, she retreated again and again. She wanted her brother to disappear from her eyes.

"Well?" Quan Nanzhai just spits out a single syllable which has been raised. The expression on his face does not fluctuate, and he does not know what he is thinking.

"Brother lie, let me see the wound on your face first." Qin leran seems to forget why brother lie kissed her and why he was afraid of brother lie, but he still remembers that brother lie's face was hurt.

Quan Nan Zhai raises his eyebrows: "do you feel sorry for me?"

Qin leran also frowned: "of course I will love you."

Quan Nanzhai picked up his mood and stared at Qin leran seriously: "do you know how much trouble it will cause me to take Shen Lingxi away from the hospital quietly?"

"I......" She didn't mean to. She couldn't stand Shen Lingxi's plea, so she brought Shen Lingxi out.

Being stared at by Quan Nanzhai, Qin lelan really had no way to lie, so she had to keep silent and not say a word. After all, she promised Shen Lingxi herself, and she could not contradict her.

"But tell me, why take Shen Lingxi?" Quan Nanzhai stared at her, and his voice was much gentler.

Qin leran is definitely not a willful girl, she will not think about the consequences of taking Shen Lingxi away, there must be her reasons.

"Because Because... Brother lie, can you not ask me? I don't want to say. " Qin lean lowered his head, and the fingers of his hands were intertwined, clasping his lips tightly.

Quan Nanzhai patiently guided her: "then tell me, where is Shen Lingxi? I'll send for her. "

It seems that even though brother lie has no evidence to prove that she took sister Lingxi, he still believes that she took sister Lingxi, which is also a fact.

Qin leran took a deep breath, straightened up his chest and burst out: "brother lie, sister Lingxi has something happened. She doesn't want to see longyi now. I hope you can give her time to think about it."

"Don't want to see dragon wings?" How come?

Quan Nanzhai didn't believe it, but he seemed to understand when Shen Lingxi was rescued by Qin leran.

Maybe something happened between longyi and Shen Lingxi. They didn't know what happened. The truth could only be learned from them.

"Brother lie, tell longyi." Qin leran decided to protect Shen Lingxi and not let her be forced to do what she didn't want to do. "If he really loves her, please give her time to think about it. Don't force her."

"Well. I know what to do with it. " Quan Nan Zhai nodded and rubbed Qin lelan's head. "Tell me what to do in the future, and don't make up your own mind."

Qin lelan laughs and throws it into Quan Nanzhai's arms. He rolls around like a kitten in his arms: "brother lie, I remember. In the future, I will definitely discuss with you and will not make my own decisions. "

"Then you go into the room and ask Shen Lingxi. Can I go in and have a word with her?" Said Quan Nanzhai.

"Brother lie, you know!" He even knew that Shen Lingxi was in the room. Her hands and feet were so clean. How could brother lie know that he was so powerful?

"Ask, I'll wait for you." Sometimes the little girl is so clever that she looks like a little fool.

Shen Lingxi was brought out by her people. Shen Lingxi has no place to go. Qin leran will not rest assured to put her in other people's homes. Then, putting Shen Lingxi in her home is the safest place Qin leran thinks.

"Nanzhai, lelan, I'm sorry to let you quarrel because of me!" Shen Lingxi's voice suddenly came from behind them.

When they looked back, Shen Lingxi was standing at the door of the guest room. She stood there quietly, thin as a breeze, which could blow her away, making people feel sad.

"Sister Lingxi, you are not well injured. You can't get out of bed and walk. Go to bed and lie down quickly." Qin leran rushed to help Shen Lingxi.

"I don't have a big deal." Shen Lingxi holds Qin lelan's hand and taps it gently. "Can I have a word with Nanzhai?"

"Well." Qin leran is very sensible. He left the living room for brother lie and Shen Lingxi and went back to the room by himself.

She went back to the room, but she still wanted to know what Shen Lingxi and brother lie would say, so she quietly opened the door and stood behind the door to eavesdrop.

"Nanzhai......" Shen Lingxi called for the name of Quan Nanzhai, and then took the ring off the middle finger of his left hand. "Please give it to longyi for me, I think he can understand it."

"Lingxi, what happened between you?" Quan Nanzhai did not ask Shen Lingxi why he did this, but directly asked Shen Lingxi what happened during this period.

"What?" Shen Lingxi's face turned white and her voice was shaking with nervousness.

She thought that no one else knew what she had experienced in this period. Why would Quan Nanzhai know?

The relationship between Quan Nanzhai and longyi is so good, he knows, that is to say, longyi probably knows. /p

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