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Several bodyguards bowed their heads. No one dared to answer.

Shen Lingxi, such a big living man, was taken away by others under their eyes, but they didn't know it. It's a big thing to say.

They are all the bodyguards elected to protect the president. They are responsible for the security of the president. The security of the president is related to the security of their whole country.

Let's say that the people in the ward today are not Shen Lingxi but their president It can be said that it is an inexcusable crime that someone stealthily takes people away under their eyes.

A group of people know the size of the incident, so when spades look at it, they can only bow their heads and say nothing. No matter what punishment, they can only suffer.

Spades saw that their attitudes were all right, and their inner dissatisfaction subsided. Then they said, "I'll go to get the punishment. I'll keep my eyes bright in the future. If something similar happens, Mr. President will never forgive me."

"Yes." A group of people echoed.

With a satisfactory reply, spade immediately went after their president. As his bodyguard, as long as he didn't get the order of the president, he must always be with him.


On the way to Yuepan bend, Quan Nanzhai kept a calm face and said nothing. The atmosphere in the huge car was very depressed.

Quan Nanzhai didn't speak, neither did driver Qiao min and bodyguard spade. When this happens, they do their job well. One drives well, the other keeps silent.

Quan Nanzhai went to see longyi and told him about Shen Lingxi. Although longyi didn't say that he would come to see Shen Lingxi, Quan Nanzhai was sure that longyi would come to the hospital.

Quan Nan Zhai goes down the fog mountain before long Yi. He wanted to tell him something before long Yi. When long Yi came, he asked them to get together. When he got to the hospital, he found Shen Lingxi was not there.

With longyi's serious suspicion now, if he didn't see Shen Lingxi in the hospital, he would surely think it was a hit.

It is even more difficult for longyi to think that he was calculated and trust others in the future.

Therefore, Quan Nanzhai must find Shen Lingxi before longyi arrives. At this critical moment, we must not save money or have unexpected consequences.


Ding Dong!

The doorbell rang.

Qin leran was so happy that he ran to the doorbell.

If brother lie rushes to the door so quickly and apologizes to her face to face, she will still forgive him.

Who made her like him so much.

However, from the visual doorbell, she saw Qin Yinze.

He stood at the door, his eyes fixed on her door.

As soon as Qin leran saw it, he felt that Qin Yinze was not well intentioned.

Ding Dong!

She didn't open the door. Qin Yinze rang the doorbell again. Qin lelan didn't want to talk to him, but he was worried about waking Shen Lingxi, so he opened the door.

"Qin Yinze, what's your order?" Qin lelan stopped at the door and didn't plan to invite Qin Yinze into the house.

"Grandma, don't worry, let me look at you. I'm going to move here and live with you." Qin Yinze walked around her face and glanced at the room.

"You moved in with me? You want to be beautiful. " Look, look, she said he didn't have a good heart, and wanted to move in with her. He didn't even think about it, no way!

"You think I want to? It's not grandma. She's old enough to worry about you. "

"Grandma, I only call her old man, so I don't bother Lord Qin." Move in and live with her. She's not stupid. If he bullies her and she can't beat him, what should she do?

But Qin Yinze ignores her and steps into the room. Qin leran stops him. He simply holds Qin leran and holds her in his arms.

Her body is soft and fragrant. She is held in her arms, which makes people hate not to let her go any more. Just rub her into their own body, and make her belong to him, only to him.

"Qin Yinze, what are you doing? Let go of me! " Obviously, she practiced Taekwondo earlier than Qin Yinze, and the coach always praised her for her intelligence and rapid progress, but there was no way to take Qin Yinze as a person.

She can defeat many people, but she has never defeated Qin Yinze. It seems that his appearance is to restrain her.

"Qin lelan!" Qin Yinze controlled her between the wall and him, raised her chin and said in a cold voice, "don't you know what I want to do?"

"Let go!" Qin leran reached out and patted him. As soon as he reached out, he firmly grasped him. "Be obedient, or I don't know what I'm going to do to you. "

"Let go!" Qin Le ran bit his teeth and asked in a cold voice, "Qin Yinze, can you believe that I have abandoned you?"

Don't think that he is the only one who will threaten people. If she wants to threaten people, she will, perhaps better than him. She only rarely uses it. After all, a smile can make others surrender to a sense of achievement.

"You've ruined me? How can it be abandoned? " Qin Yinze gets closer and closer. Qin leran can clearly feel the warm breath he sprays on her face.

"I have thousands of ways to get rid of you. If you don't believe me, you can try." Qin lran looks back at him coldly.

From the point of view of the door, no matter what it looks like, Qin Yinze is kissing Qin lelan, but Qin Yinze has not resisted and seems to be intoxicated in it.

Qin Yinze smiled: "my nature, let's try. It's also the children who are educated by their parents. Let them see who is better, their own children or their children? "

Before saying that, Qin Yinze had to hide instinctively, but he still didn't avoid it. He was hit hard on the face. In a moment, Qin lelan, who he was pregnant with, was also robbed.

"Surnamed Quan, you --" Qin Yinze glared at Quan Nanzhai, who suddenly burst in. His eyes were scarlet, as if he wanted to bleed.

Quan Nanzhai ignored Qin Yinze and checked it with Qin lelan: "ran......"

Qin leran shook off his hand: "who is your Ranan. My name is Qin lelan. Don't be so intimate. "

"Yes, don't be so intimate. It's my family's nature. It has nothing to do with an outsider." Qin Yinze hooked his lips and joined the battle between them with a smile.

"Qin Yinze, you go back. There's nothing about you here." Although Qin leran is still angry with Quan Nanzhai and angry with him with practical actions, how can she get angry is between them. What does Qin Yinze's villain do?

"Are you sure you want me to go back first? Are you not afraid of being bullied when no one protects you? " Qin Yinze is still laughing, but it's not clear what it means. /p

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