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It should be said that Quan Nanzhai had Qin leran in his heart for a long time. It is really Shen Lingxi who occupied the position that should have belonged to Qin leran.

Shen Lingxi knows that there is someone in Quan Nan Zhai's heart. If she had not been driven to despair by Shen's family, she would never have been engaged to Quan Nan Zhai by contract.

To think of one's own necessity is, after all, the expression of one's own incompetence.

Thinking of being imprisoned in Wushan by a man in this period of time, he forced her to do something he didn't want to do, and she couldn't resist.

Thinking of all that happened in this year, Shen Lingxi would have a kind of pain of being torn alive, as if she could not extricate herself from hell.

Most of the time, she doesn't remember who she is. There is a ghost like a ghost. There is no home, no one to rely on.

She only has herself, only biting her teeth, hoping that the person she is thinking about can come back to her.

Today, I heard that the man who is looking forward to every day is still alive and has come back alive. She is obviously very happy. She is as happy as finding the soul she lost.

But soon the excitement was replaced by the fear in her heart.

She is no longer the clean and complete Shen Lingxi. She has no face to see her dragon wings.

So she asked to save Qin lelan to take her out and give her time to think about it. Maybe she could think of a way to save herself.

"Don't say that, sister Lingxi." If we go on like this, it's estimated that the two of them can push off for one night.

Qin leran took Shen Lingxi's hand: "sister Lingxi, we will not talk about this in the future. Forget the bad things in the past. Let's live together in the future. "

"Well." Shen Lingxi nods heavily, but her heart is extremely heavy. Even if longyi is still alive, even if longyi really comes back, can she really forget the past and live a good life with him?

She didn't know.

Her mind was in such a mess that she didn't know how to go in the future.

"Dragon Wing, can we really be together?" Shen Lingxi asked in silence, asking him, in fact, asking herself.

She can't get out of her psychological shadow, so even if longyi doesn't care about what happened to her in these times, she can't be with longyi as before.

Seeing that Shen Lingxi's spirit is not good, Qin leran said, "sister Lingxi, please rest first, and I'll wake you up later."

"Well. I really want to thank you If it wasn't for Qin lelan, she might have died in Wushan. If she didn't, she would have been taken back.

"Sister Lingxi, don't be polite to me." Qin Yueran took Shen Lingxi's water cup, helped her to lie down, and then pulled the quilt to cover her. She fell asleep with Shen Lingxi, and then she got up and came out.

As soon as she arrived in the living room, she heard brother lie's phone ringing. Qin leran hurriedly answered it. Before she spoke, she heard brother lie anxiously ask, "however, I can't see you in the hospital. Where have you been?"

"Brother lie, I'm home." Qin leiran scratched his head with a hollow heart. "Brother lie, have you found longyi? Have you seen him? "

"And Shen Lingxi?" Quan Nanzhai did not answer questions.

"Isn't sister Lingxi in the hospital?" Qin leran knows that he shouldn't let Chang's mother and son help him to take Shen Lingxi home from brother lie's eyes, but since he has already done it, he has to bite his teeth to the end and never betray Shen Lingxi.

"Qin lelan, I'm asking you a question. Give me a good answer." Quan Nanzhai was very worried from the voice, so he called Qin lelan's name again.

Hearing the fire from Quan Nan Zhai, Qin lelan was also worried: "Quan Nan Zhai, are you going to the hospital to find me or Shen Lingxi?"

Knowing it's his fault, Quan Nan Zhai said softly, "but don't make any noise!"

Qin leran flattened his mouth and complained: "when you are in a good mood, you are in a bad mood. What's wrong? Who's wrong with you. Do you think I'm still a three-year-old? As soon as you coax me, I will be foolishly climbing to your side. "

"I'm sorry! It's me who shouldn't blame you. " Quan Nanzhai apologized, because he was worried that longyi would be so angry with Qin lelan if he didn't see Shen Lingxi. It was really his fault.

"You, don't be cruel to me again, I'll forgive you." Qin lelan was wrong first, but she was not strong enough. Seeing brother lie's confession, she forgives him.

"Where did you take Shen Lingxi?" Quan Nanzhai asked again.

Although there is no evidence that Qin leran took Shen Lingxi away, Quan Nanzhai is 70-80% sure that Shen Lingxi was taken away by Qin leran.

The three of Chang's parents and children are good at avoiding other people's eyes and ears to do something. They take a big living man away under the eyes of so many bodyguards. Apart from the three of them, Quan Nanzhai can't think of anyone else for the time being.

"Isn't sister Lingxi in the hospital?" Qin Yueran opened his mouth, a very surprised look, "she still has injuries, will not leave the hospital."

Well, thanks to her learning acting skills from her little aunt, she occasionally plays a guest role in the TV series starred by her little aunt. Her acting skills are quite good these years.

She thought that brother lie could not hear her lying.

"Qin lelan!"

"Quan Nanzhai, you are cruel to me."

"You're very kind. Naturally I won't hurt you."

Qin lelan said angrily, "Quan Nanzhai, what you are looking for is a obedient girlfriend, right? Then you can find an inflatable doll. That kind of doll is obedient. You can do whatever you want. Besides, I'm not your girlfriend. Why should I listen to you? "

"Qin lelan, what are you talking about?" This wench, she really owes to clean up. Quan Nanzhai shakes his fist.

"I'm just talking nonsense, but what does it have to do with you?" The words fall, Qin Le ran snapped to hang up the phone.



Brother lie even killed her again.

This time, she will never forgive him easily again.

Listening to the busy tone in the mobile phone, Quan Nan Zhai glanced at him and finally fell on his personal bodyguard, spade.

Spade was looked at by the master. He was scared to wipe off a cold sweat. He went to Wushan with the president. Miss Shen had nothing to do with him if she didn't see anything. What did the president stare at him with such eyes?

Please don't look at him like this, Mr. President. It's frightening.

Just when the heart of spade was so uneasy, Quan Nanzhai took back his eyes, turned around and left, giving him a big breath.

As soon as Quan Nanzhai left, spades swept a line of bodyguards like Quan Nanzhai: "Mr. President sent you to take care of Miss Shen here. Miss Shen is gone. You don't know. You say to yourself, what should I do with you? " /p

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