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Ann is waiting for him to come back!

Such a few words can be input into the EEG wave of longyi, which is more powerful than the destructive power of the atomic bomb explosion.

This year, when I was lying on the operating table, in the hospital bed, when I came back to Wushan Every time he was dreaming.

When he came back, Shen Lingxi was waiting for him.

She would laugh at him, play coquettish with him, snuggle up in his arms, and tell him with her warm voice: "longyi, I'll be your dragon lady in this life. Unless you don't want me, I will never leave you. "

Once, she was so arrogant in front of him, and sometimes there was a little bullying. When she was not happy, she would stare at him, snuck at her, and would pout at him.

But when he came back, when he grabbed her, everything changed.

He has changed.

It's a change in appearance.

She changed, too.

It's a change of temperament.

She became silent and could no longer see the smile on her face when they were together.

Most sadly, she no longer recognized him.

She didn't recognize him any more. When she heard that she was waiting for him to come back, his heart was still full of hope.

As if the destruction of the dragon family had never happened, she was still the simple, kind and innocent Shen Lingxi.

There was some confusion in longyi's brain and he murmured, "she's waiting for me to come back?"

She killed so many people in the dragon family, so why?

Are those ironclad evidences deliberately created by others to provoke the relationship between them?

Long Yi looks up at Quan Nanzhai, and at the same time at Quan Nanzhai. But at this moment, Long Yi's eyes have receded from the sharp ones not long ago, and their eyes are much softer.

In longyi's eyes, Quan Nan Zhai saw the shadow of his good brother a year ago, and his heart hurt a lot.

Mother, brother and their family will suffer such a disaster. In the end, he was not strong enough at that time.

If he had been strong enough at that time, that would not have happened.

As for Shen Lingxi, Quan Nan and Zhai feel enough. The misunderstanding between the two of them can only be solved after longyi has figured it out. The more people say, the worse.

He came forward and patted the shoulder of longyi: "not only Lingxi is waiting for you to come back, but also I am waiting for you to come back. Come back to Linhai with me, and don't stay in this place where there is no sunshine all the year round. "

"No sunshine all the year round?" Longyi's mood just calmed down, and he was excited again because he heard a sensitive word Today's Dragon Wing is a man who can't see the light. Besides here, where else can he go? "

What happened is what happened. It can't go back. Longyi knows too well. Even if he says he is longyi, who will believe it.

He didn't want to appear in the eyes of the world with other identities, but he couldn't go back to the dragon's house with the identity of Dragon Wing to continue his life. He was in a very embarrassing crack.

"You can also wait here for me to get rid of those people and come back to pick you up." Quan Nanzhai wants wind and light to take his brother back. Dragon Wing is Dragon Wing, and no one can change the fact.

"Waiting for you here?" It's funny that he chose to come back, but he didn't want to wait for the dead. Those people, he would bring out one by one, and let them die with no body.

Quan Nanzhai said, "I have finished what I should say. Let's go first."

"Where is she?" In the end, Shen Lingxi is the most concerned person in longyi's heart. Even though he was just chatting with Quan Nanzhai, Shen Lingxi is still in longyi's mind.

Don't know if her injury is serious?

Do not know so cold day barefoot walk, cold not cold?

In a short time, I thought of all kinds of possible possibilities, but I denied them one by one. Because Quan Nanzhai's people took her back, she must be OK.

He asked, knowing that she would be OK.

"The first people's Hospital of Linhai City, room 809, block 2, building 1, inpatient department." Quan Nanzhai replied.

Love a person, is how a kind of feeling, right south Zhai too clear.

Sometimes I will restrain myself from thinking about her, not thinking about her, pretending to ignore her, but I can't help observing every little change of her expression.

That person frowns, will let him in the heart cannot bear.

Maybe this is love.


By the moon.

Qin leran can't stand Shen Lingxi's bitter demands. At the last bite of his teeth, he stealthily brings Shen Lingxi home at Shen's request.

Qin lelan, who had never done housework before, arranged for Shen Lingxi to stay in the guest room by himself.

She poured a cup of boiled water for Shen Lingxi: "sister Lingxi, you can live here at ease. I'm not as well guarded as the Shen family and Mr. President's North Palace, but it's not so easy to take someone away from me. "

"Le ran, thank you!" Shen Lingxi is half lying on the bed. He takes the hot water from Qin leran and drinks it to moisten his throat. "Please don't tell them where I am. Give me some more time to think about it. "

"Sister Lingxi, don't be polite to me. As I said, I will respect any decision you make. As long as you don't want to see them, I'll stop them for you. " This is not a big story.

After this period of observation, she gradually understood that her stingy father's adult arranged around her hands are not stingy at all.

Chang's mother and son can not only protect her safety, but also be like an encyclopedia. They will send complete information in a short time whenever she wants to know something.

She can check the "information" she wants to know and protect her all the time. It's really convenient for her to have the mother and son by her side.

When it comes to the three mothers and children of the Chang family, Qin leran thinks that her father is the most powerful. The three mothers and children are the most powerful. The people who can make the three mothers and children loyal are certainly more powerful.

"Lelan, you are a kind girl. You deserve Nanjing's love." Shen Lingxi said from the bottom of her heart.

"Sister Lingxi, I'm sorry..." Although it is known that Quan Nanzhai and Shen Lingxi are just contractual relations, Qin leran still feels guilty when hearing Shen Lingxi mention this.

After all, it doesn't seem that she and her brother lie are just friends. They all look like she robbed Shen Lingxi's fiance.

"Silly girl, why do you say sorry?" Shen Lingxi clenched her lips and smiled weakly. "Nanzhai's lover is not me, nor is he in my heart. We will be engaged. That's to protect me. In other words, I'm the one who should really say I'm sorry. I robbed the position that should belong to you. " /p

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