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Bang -

Qiao min and spade hit the door.

Because they heard the quarrel in the room, they were worried about the safety of the master. They could not take care of the orders of the master any more, but first came in by knocking the door.

Seeing the color on the face of Quan Nan Zhai, spades are about to start immediately, but they hear Zhai Li's rebuke: "all out!"

Their president, usually a gentle and elegant appearance, even to kill people will not say a word.

As soon as Quan Nan Zhai made this sound, Qiao min and spade were both stunned and stunned. They didn't know what to do for a while.

"Shall I invite you out?" Right south Zhai eyebrow head is a pick again and again, the voice is not angry but prestige, with his identity as president very fit.

Receiving the cold and fierce eyes from Quan Nanzhai, spade and Qiao min dare not stay for another moment and quit again.

Once again, there were only two brothers Quan Nan Zhai and long Yi in the room. No one spoke. For a while, they were so quiet that they could hear each other's heartbeat.

You look at me and I look at you. After a while, Quan Nanzhai took a deep breath and said, "I will make those who hurt you pay thousands of times for the sins you have suffered this year."

"Let those who hurt me pay thousands of times?" Long Yi raised his eyes and gazed at Quan Nanzhai coldly. His eyes were still as cold as ice. "Aren't you the culprit of my crime this year?"

As soon as longyi's words came out, Quan Nanzhai couldn't find a retort.

Dragon Wing is right!

If it wasn't for his power to fight for the presidency, if the power of the dragon family wasn't on his side, then the dragon family would not be destroyed.

Tracking to the source, the dragon family was not killed by him, but also died because of him. He was indeed the culprit.

Quan Nanzhai doesn't speak to retort, that's the default meaning. Long Yi looks at his brow, and his anger rises: "Quan Nanzhai, do you want me to shoot you?"

Then, longyi took out a gun from the compartment of his clothes with one hand, and raised the gun. The muzzle of the gun was straight to Quan Nanzhai's forehead.

It seems that as long as Quan Nanzhai doesn't give him a satisfactory answer, he will shoot Quan Nanzhai in the head, so that he won't have a chance to speak in the future.

Quan Nan Zhai did not hide, panic, be busy or disorderly. He just looked at longyi's half face with his calm eyes after he was surprised.

A face, a voice, a character In this year's time, what kind of life does Dragon Wing live?

No need to think about it, Quan Nanzhai can also know that the life of longyi in this year is far beyond his imagination.


It's the sound of the gun valve picking.

Long Yi is warning Quan Nanzhai in this way, asking him to give him a satisfactory explanation quickly, or he will shoot him immediately.

He narrowed his eyes slightly and asked in a cold voice, "Quan Nanzhai, didn't you say anything to me?"

Quan Nanzhai wanted to say too much to him, but when he saw him, he didn't know what to say.

Ask longyi how did you survive this year. Apart from tearing the bloody scars of longyi, what else can you do?

What he has to do is just say to longyi that he will make those hiding behind pay thousands of times for their actions.

Therefore, after a little thought, Quan Nanzhai gave longyi a simple answer that could not be simpler: "I have said everything."

"Quan Nanzhai! You think I dare not shoot! " The Dragon Wing roared, raised his hand, and shot at the ceiling.

Bang -

at the same time, the spades and Qiao min outside the study collided into the door again. This time, they also had guns in their hands. The muzzle of the guns was facing the Dragon Wing in the room. Seeing their master standing there, they didn't shoot.

This time, they didn't wait for their master, Quan Nanzhai, to speak. Quan Nanzhai just glanced at the two of them, and they walked out obediently.

In the end, deep down, longyi is willing to believe in Quan Nanzhai.

He will take the initiative to make an appointment with Quan Nanzhai, that is, he believes in Quan Nanzhai and is willing to give him an opportunity to explain. However, Quan Nanzhai does not say anything to explain, which makes him not angry.

"Longyi, Shen Lingxi is waiting for you. She needs you very much. " They looked at each other for a long time, and Quan Nan Zhai suddenly said this.

"Shen Lingxi" for the Dragon Wing, according to the explosive power.

Longyi finally calmed down some emotions, because when Quan Nanzhai mentioned Shen Lingxi, there were waves in his chest.

"She is not your fiancee, how can she wait for me?" It's irony, it's rhetorical question. There are more or less. In the end, longyi still wants a clear answer.

Quan Nan Zhai frowned. "Don't you know why she became my fiancee?"

Longyi sneered and asked, "my president, why does Miss Shen family become your fiancee? Should I know that I am a nobody?"

Longyi has suffered so much damage. Now he will go to the top of the heap. Quan Nan Zhai is not surprised at all. He explained patiently: "longyi, I know you have a very difficult year when you are not human. But have you ever thought about Lingxi, what's her life this year? "

Longyi clenched his fist, and the mood of Wuwei miscellaneous array surged in his mind.


What a bitch!

He cursed himself.

The evidence of the things Shen Lingxi has done is in front of his eyes. At this time, he is looking forward to Quan Nanzhai telling him that Shen Lingxi has never betrayed him, let alone done anything sorry for him.

He's not cheap. What is he?

Quan Nan Zhai sighed: "not long after the dragon family's accident, the old Shen family wanted to marry her to someone she didn't like. Can she resist the things arranged by the old Shen family? "

They all know too well what kind of people the old Shen family is, and know what the old Shen family decides. He always has a way to achieve his goal.

The old Shen family wants Shen Lingxi to marry someone else. Of course, Shen Lingxi will oppose it, but after that, it has no practical significance.

Because no one in the Shen family can stop the things arranged by the old Shen family.

Dragon Wing: "..."

He also understands that.

Quan Nanzhai added: "the Shen family just think that she is a flag that can be used. They want to make the most of this chess piece."

Long Yi snorted coldly and didn't answer.

When the dragon family is destroyed, it should be Shen Lingxi's proudest work.

Mr. Shen asked her to do it. She did it perfectly and left no flaws.

I don't know that longyi has already thought about his meaning. Quan Nanzhai is still saying, "Shen Lingxi is my fiancee. She uses this identity to protect her, so that she won't be threatened by Shen's family again, so that she can be safe and wait for you to come back." /p

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