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"Shen Lingxi!"

Dragon Wing once again issued a burst roar, the voice is hoarse as the ground gravel, listening to people's heart is also a tight.

This time, he let go of his steps and rushed down, all the way to the place where the trace disappeared, and he did not see the shadow of Shen Lingxi.

I didn't see her, so she should have walked out alive Thinking that she was still alive, longyi seemed to be a little relieved by the tightly held heart.

At this moment, he knew that no matter how she hurt him or betrayed him, he could not kill her with a knife.

He would rather be tortured by the demons day and night, rather carry the lives of more than ten people in the dragon family on his own, but he could not let her pay for the lives of more than ten people in the dragon family.

He left her by his side and treated her that way. After all, he was afraid of losing her.

Because of betrayal and loss, he didn't know how to keep her.

Only when she and her body become one can he feel that she belongs to him, only to him, and no one can take her away from him.

"Young master..." Longtian finally catches up with people.

"Keep looking! Keep searching! " Dragon Wing said.

He'll get her back and never let her go.

She can't escape from him in this life!


Linhai first people's hospital.

Qin leran's hand was tightly held by Shen Lingxi, which had not been let go for nearly two hours, just like grasping a life-saving straw.

Knowing that Shen Lingxi is afraid, Qin leran doesn't draw back her hand, and she always accompanies her to hold: "sister Lingxi, don't be afraid, it's OK."

They sent Shen Lingxi to the hospital with the fastest speed. After the doctor's examination, he said that Shen Lingxi was injured and would not die.

The reason why Shen Lingxi was unconscious was that her poor constitution had been frozen, but fortunately, she was rescued in time, so she took back one of her lives.

"No, don't Don't touch me, go away... " From time to time, Shen Lingxi, still sleepy, uttered such a desperate voice.

"Sister Lingxi, it's OK, it's OK, don't be afraid!" Qin leiran clapped her hand and comforted her constantly. Besides that, she didn't know what else to say.

The clothes on Shen Lingxi's body are changed by Qin leran. What are the traces on Shen Lingxi's body? Even if Qin leran has not experienced personnel, she knows.

And listen to Shen Lingxi's babble again, Qin leran can be sure that Shen Lingxi must have been violated by men these days.

Who is so hateful?

Qin leran bit her teeth. She would find the man, pick his skin and let him kneel in front of Shen Lingxi to admit his mistake.

"No, no..." Shen Lingxi on the sickbed shouted and the expression of pain suddenly became relaxed, "Dragon Wing, is that you? Have you come to save me? "

But soon, the expression on her face became horrible again. Her teeth trembled and she said, "Dragon Wing, don't go, take me and our baby, let's go, OK?"

Shen Lingxi is crying. In her dream, she is crying heartily and helplessly, just like a baby lost the protection of her mother's arms.

"Sister Lingxi......" Qin leran wants to comfort, but he is not so sad that he can't speak. His heart seems to be tightly grasped and breathless.

She doesn't associate with Shen Lingxi much, but she can see that Shen Lingxi is a kind and generous girl.

She thought, if it wasn't for her intervention, would Shen Lingxi be able to be her brother's fiancee, and she would not have killed or been kidnapped.

Thinking that Shen Lingxi was so hurt, it is likely that it was caused by himself. Qin's breathing was suffocating again.

She bit her lips and held Shen Lingxi's hand more tightly: "sister Lingxi, you should be strong. No matter how big you encounter, you must keep on. Even if you don't think about yourself, think about the person you love. He's still alive. He'll come back to you. "

"Dragon Wing, Dragon Wing..." On the sickbed, Shen Lingxi's voice gradually weakened. It seemed that she was too tired to fall asleep.

Qin leran wants to extend his hand to open the sweaty hair on her forehead, but Shen Lingxi is frightened and holds her hand tighter just now.

"Sister Lingxi, don't be afraid if I don't go!" Qin leran did not draw back his hand, comforting Shen Lingxi patiently.

Fear, fear, despair and so on. In a short time, Qin leran saw it on Shen Lingxi.

These days, she is good, pestering strong brother to live happily and sweetly, but strong brother's real fiancee?

When they were taken away, they didn't rescue them in time. Shen Lingxi was tortured into such a life like death.

Because of self reproach, Qin leran was in a panic of heartache. When his nose was sour, tears rolled down from the corner of his eyes uncontrollably.

Suddenly, the door was pushed open.

Qin took a quick breath, calmed his mood, and said without turning back, "I told you not to come in, how can you not obey me?"

She thought it was constant.

However, the visitor walked behind her and hugged her with a red nose: "but don't be afraid!"


She was afraid.

She's afraid that Shen Lingxi has three strengths and two weaknesses.

She was afraid that she was occupying the heart of brother lie and snatched all his attention before she made Shen Lingxi look like today.

But others could not see her mind. Her strong brother listened to her voice and looked at her back to know that she was afraid.

She was a little awkward, trying to break away from his hug, but Quan Nanzhai held her tighter: "however, no upset."

Just when she didn't want him to be close, he buried his head in her ear and said softly, "Shen Lingxi's business has nothing to do with you. Don't think about it."

This man, is he the roundworm in her stomach?

What she thought, he said exactly.

"But..." Qin leran still can't let go.

If she didn't show up, he and Shen Lingxi would continue to maintain a seemingly friendly relationship with each other, and Shen would not be taken away.

"Nothing." Right south Zhai lowers his head and kisses her forehead, "silly girl, don't take anything to oneself. You've never done anything sorry to anyone. You are the only one in my heart, which has never changed. "

Quan Nanzhai's words, like a dose of reassurance, calmed Qin's restless heart and made it less painful.

She looked up at him slightly: "brother lie, how do you know I'm here?"

After asking, she thought her question was a little silly.

How could he not know where her brother is. /p

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