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Long Yi always knew how much influence Shen Lingxi had on him. She just frowned, and his heart would tighten.

Just because he knew the influence of this woman on himself, he kept himself away from her and warned himself not to be influenced by her and not to be deceived by her again.

But no matter how restrained he was, if he didn't see it for a while, he always felt something was missing. Today I feel wrong when I go down the mountain, which is the best proof.

"Young master, I'll send someone to look for it." Long Tian turned around and ran, because he ran so fast that he fell a little bit when he turned the corner.

Long Yi's eyes swept coldly, turned around and went to the study on the third floor, ready to take a look at the monitoring.

As soon as he opened the door, he immediately found that someone had entered his study after he left, and his eyes were on the desk for the first time.

The picture frame and ring in the most prominent position are missing

That photo is his most treasured item. He also wanted to destroy it this year, but he was reluctant to destroy it.

He told himself that he would see that face every day and remind him to revenge, so he could not destroy it.

But his heart is very clear, he does not need that picture to ignite his strong desire for life-saving and revenge, he is reluctant.

The ring was the love affair between him and the woman. The other day, he felt that she was not worthy of the ring he gave her. He took the ring back from the woman's hand, but they couldn't get through.

The photos and rings are gone. Longyi only feels as if the flesh of his heart has been cut off and his blood is running.

These are the evidences of their love. He can't tolerate anyone taking them away from him.

Longyi immediately turned on the computer to check the monitoring. As expected, he saw Shen Lingxi sneaking out of the room with his clothes wrapped around him.

As soon as the camera turned, she came to the third floor and entered his study.

She found the photo and the ring, she cried his name like crazy Is she blaming herself? Are you afraid?

Seeing that the person she betrayed and framed may still be alive, she should be afraid, or what?

At last, longyi saw her escape from the back door, the backyard and the prison he had prepared for her.

As expected, she is a vicious and cunning woman!

These days, he thought that she could do nothing in the room every day. Unexpectedly, she found out the escape route early.

At this time, there was an idea in longyi's mind. She stayed in the room every day. He saw it with his own eyes. How could she find out the escape route.

But at this time, he was in a state of extreme panic and anger. The idea appeared too fast and disappeared too fast, which made him completely ignored in the state of rage.

All he knew was that, as soon as he left, Shen Lingxi, the vicious woman, escaped When he catches the woman back, he will cut off her legs and see how she can escape.

He said that he wanted to cut off her legs, but what he thought was that the terrain behind the mountain was very dangerous. In addition, the fog could not distinguish the direction, and the woman was so weak, how could she escape.

When I think of this, longyi has rushed out the back door and found the trace of Shen Lingxi's escape from the backyard.

He had long legs and strong hands, and soon arrived at the spot where Shen Lingxi had an accident.

When he saw the bloodstain on the tree, every nerve on his body was tense, and a kind of psychology called fear gradually suppressed his anger.

"Shen Lingxi, you dead woman, if you dare to die here, I will not let go of your body." He growled, as if he was about to face a mountain collapse.

"Young master, I have sent everyone out to search the mountain. Whether Miss Shen is dead or alive, we will surely bring her back. " The following dragon sky reports to the master.

The Dragon Wing suddenly turned back and looked at the Dragon sky like ice dregs: "what is death or life? She must live for me! "

Without his permission, if the woman dared to die, he would chase her to the underworld, and he would bring her back.

It was she who killed their dragon family. She owed him more than ten lives. She wanted to be free so easily. There was no door.

When he spoke, longyi clenched his fist tightly, as if he could crush all his fists.

"Yes, yes I'm going to let you carpet search. We must find Shen's family alive. " Longtian hurriedly replied that he wanted to leave, but he was worried that no one was watching him. His master had an accident.

Shen Lingxi's sinister woman is a real disaster!

One year ago, the dragon family was closed because of her, and the young master couldn't go out to meet people for a whole year because of her face change.

These are all caused by the cruel woman, but their master is still reluctant to hurt her hair.

Longtian always wondered where the Shen's woman was and what was worth his young master's 100% effort to her?

At the moment of Longtian's distraction, when he looked up again, he could not see his master.

"Young master..." No one should, long Tian also followed the panic, because he knew that if Shen Lingxi died, their master would not die but to become a useless waste.

There is no time for Longtian to think more. He must follow him immediately. If there is anything wrong with the master, he will stop him even if he has been fighting for his life.

Because the fog is too big to see, Longtian can only distinguish that longyi should go to the bottom of the mountain through the swinging branches around.

"Young master..." Dragon sky called again, still can't get the answer of Dragon Wing.

He wandered about in the mountains. He lost his way in a short time. He didn't know the way back. How could he find the master of his family.

At this moment, longyi dare not delay for a moment. He knows that his speed is related to the life and death of Shen Lingxi.

He didn't want her to die, so he had to do his best to follow the traces she left.

After walking for a little while, I don't know how far away it is from the villa on the mountain. Beside the trace of someone rolling by, longyi found a slipper.

With a glance, he could recognize that the shoes were worn by Shen Lingxi, the vicious woman.

All Shen Lingxi's articles on the mountain were prepared by him and sent to her after passing his hand. How could he not know her.

"Shen Lingxi, you should give me a damn!" He bellowed her name.

His voice roared so loudly that he could hear his voice trembling without listening carefully. He was afraid.

Pick up the shoes, Dragon Wing continues to rush down.

Not far away, he saw the second shoe, next to which were the rags on the bed sheets hung by thorns. /p

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