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At the same time, Dazhuang and Xiaoxiao stand beside Qin leran: "how can you go alone. The three of us will go together. "

Qin leran worried about Yaya, and said, "go with me, Xiao Xiao. Look at Yaya."

Because of the fog, we can see a short distance. Even though the body wrapped in white sheets is just a few steps ahead of them, we can't see it very clearly.

Approaching, Qin lelan can see clearly that the "corpse" has long hair. It should be a woman The thought of a woman being killed and dumped in the wild made her heart ache and frown.

"Big Zhuang worried:" small vinegar jar, you stay here, I go to see

Qin lran shook his head: "don't worry, I'm ok."

They go forward together and lift up the corpse. Qin lelan sees the face of the corpse.

"Sister Lingxi?" She exclaimed.


How is it possible?

Isn't it said that sister Lingxi was picked up by her beloved man?

How could she be here?

"Little vinegar jar, do you know her?" Dazhuang also stared at the woman, vaguely feeling familiar, but could not remember where he had seen it.

When Shen Lingxi rolled down the mountain, her face was scratched by the weeds and thorns in the mountain, and her hair was scattered on her face in disorder. It's not surprising that people who only saw her on TV didn't know her.

Qin leran immediately hugs Shen Lingxi. Her body is cold without any temperature. If there is no weak breath, it may make people think that she is dead.

She glanced at Shen Lingxi's naked feet, which were still holding a mousetrap. It may have been too long. Her feet were swollen to cyan: "big, take down the mousetrap."

Damn it!

Damn it!

Who in the world is so hateful, even to a weak woman so hard.

If it's not a coincidence that a group of them are going up the mountain to explore today, is Shen Lingxi only dead here.

Thinking of what might happen, Qin leran was so scared that he was excited and cold from the beginning to the end.

She immediately hugged Shen Lingxi and slapped her back with one hand across the sheets wrapped around her, trying to make her warm.

"Sister Lingxi, you can't be busy. You can't be busy." Qin leran yells at Shen Lingxi over and over again. Her nose is sore with heartache. If she doesn't try to bear it, she may cry out with heartache.

Big Zhuang sits on the ground and takes the mousetrap off Shen Lingxi's feet with great effort: "little vinegar jar, what can I do now?"

"You tell everyone that it's important to go back and save people if you don't explore." Qin leran tightly hugged Shen Lingxi's increasingly cold body, took a breath of cool air and calmly ordered.

Dazhuang looks back and wants to explain the situation to everyone. He sees a strange man coming from behind the crowd. The man comes to them with a few steps: "miss."

It's always tough.

Qin lelan saw him and was surprised: "Chang Li, let's get people down the mountain and send them to the hospital quickly. We can't wait for a moment."

"Yes. We'll take her down the mountain. " Chang Li is strong. He picks up Shen Lingxi.

Qin leran followed Chang Li for two steps and thought of something else. He turned to him and said, "Dazhuang, please organize everyone to go down the mountain. Let's go first. This matter, let everybody keep secret, nobody is allowed to mention, don't make trouble

The identity of Shen Lingxi or the fiancee of the president has been involved in a homicide before. No matter what the facts are, it's better not to spread it out.

With Chang Li's help, Qin leran takes Shen Lingxi away without others knowing his identity.

It took us half a day to appreciate the scenery. It took more than an hour to get to the bottom of the mountain because it was a rescue and constant help.

Chang Li is driving along with Qin lelan, so they decide to send Shen lingxishun to the rescue first. Most of the troops still take buses.

In the car.

Qin leran asked Chang Li to raise the air conditioning temperature of the car, and then let him drive faster to try to get back to Linhai as fast as possible.

"Sister Lingxi, no matter what happens, promise me to keep going, OK? Not for others, you should also think about the person in your heart. He's back. How sad he would be if he didn't see you. " What Qin leran can think of is to arouse Shen Lingxi's courage to live in this way.

"Miss, her breath is steady. It should be OK. Don't worry too much." What Chang Li worries about is his little master.

"Well, I know. She'll be fine. She'll be fine." Qin leran holds Shen Lingxi and tells her and himself.


Just after the car went down the mountain, longyi suddenly felt stuffy in his heart. He was so stuffy that he couldn't breathe. He always felt that something was going to happen.

However, he attributed the sadness to the fact that he didn't go to many places for a long time and didn't pay much attention to it.

After going down the mountain, the car drove for more than an hour. The feeling of being bored and flustered in my heart became more and more intense, which seemed to devour him.

In his whole life, he had never had such a terrible experience. Even when the dragon family was killed, his fear was not so strong.

"Stop!" He shouted suddenly.

"Young master?" Long Tian didn't know, so he pulled over.

"Turn back at once." Said the Dragon Wing.

He didn't feel afraid for a long time, and he didn't know what it was, but at this moment, his heart was afraid, as if he was going to lose the most important thing in his life.

Long Tian asked carefully, "young master, don't go to see the president?"

Longyi didn't answer. He looked at Longtian with a gloomy face. Longtian didn't dare to ask more questions. He immediately turned around and drove back.

On the way back, Longtian looked at the master's face from the rear-view mirror from time to time, and saw that his face became more and more gloomy. He didn't need to wait for the master's order, and Longtian speeded up the car again.

It took more than an hour to get back to Wushan villa. Before the car stopped, longyi opened the door and got off.

After getting out of the car, he didn't stop at all. He immediately went upstairs to Shen Lingxi's room and rushed to open the door. He didn't see the woman.

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in an instant, it seems that his heart is broken in his chest, and even the sound of heart breaking can be heard.

"Shen Lingxi!!!"

He roared!

He growls!

He immediately turned around and rushed into the bathroom. There was no Shen Lingxi.

He was so nervous that his hands trembled a little, and then he clenched them into fists, so that he could control his nervousness and fear a little.

He walked out of the door two steps, yelled at the open corridor, "find me someone, find me someone!"

"Young master..." Long Tian was too scared to be close to him.

"Send someone to search the mountain immediately. If she leaves, none of you will want to live!" At this time, the Dragon Wing is like an irrational beast. /p

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