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"The fog mountain is really famous. I haven't seen such a big fog since I was a child. Everyone, keep up. Don't let go. " The leader of the donkey friends stood by and counted the number of people, but he did not forget to tell everyone.

"Pay attention to the money team. Don't let the fairy in the fog drag you away." A donkey friend joked.

"That's a good feeling. If a fairy drags me away, I will live here and have a nest of fairies with her. You will have a foothold here in the future. " The money team then said.

"If there is such a good thing, I would like to stay." Big and strong are not willing to be lonely, and they are also joking. But as soon as his words are out, Xiao Xiao slaps him. "If any fairy sees you, she must be blind."

Xiao Xiao's words made a group of people laugh.

Laughter penetrated through the mist, echoed in this lonely valley, and became a string of wonderful music sounds. The big guy walked more and more vigorously.

There is only one avenue in front of Wushan mountain, which leads to the villa area half way up the mountain. It is also the only road. Other paths are all made by the donkeys, so the road is very narrow and difficult to walk.

Because most of us come here to have a look at the fog scenery of the fog mountain, and we don't rush in time. We walk all the way, talking and laughing, and the atmosphere is very high.

After walking for most of the day, the girls in the team could hardly hold on. The team leader made a temporary decision, prepared to rest in situ, supplemented some food, and then continued to climb the mountain.

The leader ordered us to put down our backpacks, pave carpets, take food and carry out all the work in an orderly manner.

The leader said, "let's play a little game during the break."

Immediately someone chimed in, "yes, yes."

Qin leran didn't know what game to play. He was drinking water and watching the leader. He was very interested in the game he said.

The team leader added: "we have a good sense of play. Two people form a group. The two groups are opposite. The winning side will play against the winning side until the final winner is determined."

As soon as the order is issued, everyone will find the best and most tacit person beside them to form a group.

Qin leran and Yaya formed a group without any doubt. Yaya patted Qin leran on the shoulder and whispered in her ear, "little vinegar jar, I'm going to find a place to shush, do you want to join us?"

Qin leran didn't speak, but Xiao Xiao was sharp of the ear and said: "little vinegar jar is also a girl. If you let her accompany you, it's better to let me accompany you."

Yaya raises her foot and kicks at Xiao Xiao: "get away from me."

Xiao Xiao said that he was very aggrieved: "you didn't see me as a man, and I didn't see you as a woman. How could I go with you?"

Yaya throws Xiao a lazy look at you, and turns to the relatively hidden forest to solve the problem.

As soon as Yaya left, a famous donkey friend crowded into Qin lelan's side and sat down at Yaya's place: "small vinegar jar, my name is Shuai Zhen. I introduced it in the car today. You should remember me. "

Don't remember!

No impression at all!

But Qin leran can't say that. How offending it is.

She nodded and smiled politely: "remember."

When Qin leran said that he remembered himself, the man was very happy. He quickly extended his hand to shake hands with Qin leran: "then we will be friends later."

Looking at his hand, Qin leran hesitates She seems to be a good person to get along with, but she still inherits some of her father's cleanliness habits, such as not everyone's hand she is willing to hold.

Big Zhuang saw Zhuang, reached out and held Shuai Zhen's hand. He said with a smile, "man, this is my girlfriend."

Zhuang claimed that Qin lelan was his girlfriend. Qin lelan still smiled and did not object. She did not object, which was the default meaning.

"Sorry! I don't know. It won't happen again. " The donkey friend who came to chat up was a little embarrassed and left.

As soon as the man left, Qin Xiaoran whispered in his big ears, "big, thank you!"

Big Zhuang patted his chest and said, "little vinegar jar, you are our man. Let's come out together. As the most manly man in our group, I don't protect you. Can I still count on Xiao Xiao's sissy?"

After receiving the white eyes cast by Xiao Xiao, Dazhuang continued, "I'm not boasting myself. If you don't have someone you like, your first priority must be me. How can you get that kid? "

It's true that Dazhuang is not boasting. Dazhuang is a friend.

It's true that he likes Qin leran, but after knowing that she has a boy she likes, he just treats her as a friend.

Since it's his friend, it's natural that he didn't let others take advantage of her. He still sat by and watched.

Qin leran also felt that the biggest achievement of his coming to country a was to know Yaya, Dazhuang and Xiaoxiao.

The three of them have different looks and personalities, but they are all very straightforward people. With them, you can be yourself at ease without any intrigue.

Ah -

suddenly, a scream came from the forest.

Qin leran, Dazhuang and Xiao Xiao jumped up almost at the first time. Without hesitation, they started to run in the direction of Yaya.

Ten other donkeys were not as quick as the three of them. When they came back, they all ran in the direction of the sound source.

Qin ran ran the fastest: "sister Yaya, what's the matter?"

With Yaya and them for such a long time, Qin leran really treats Yaya as her elder sister and worries about her accident.

"Death Corpse... It seems that... " Yaya was so scared that she shuddered and stammered.

During the earthquake, they saw a lot of corpses in the rescue and relief work, but before they went, everyone was ready, which was totally different from the feeling of suddenly seeing corpses in the wilderness.

Qin leran hurriedly hugs the shivering Yaya and comforts her: "Yaya, we are all here. Don't be afraid."

Zhuang and Xiao also patted Yaya's shoulder: "Yaya, don't be afraid. We are all here. Can the living be frightened by the dead? "

Don't look at their usual fighting, as if everyone is unhappy with them. When it comes to the critical moment, they know how much they care about each other.

Qin leran is the youngest in their team, but she is the calmest one in special circumstances.

She was the first to stand out when everyone dared not come forward to confirm whether the man with the white quilt cover was alive or dead.

"Don't move here, everyone. I'll go and have a look first," she said. If someone is injured, let's get them back first. If it's a dead person, we'll call the police. " /p

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