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But the strong desire to survive depressed the fear in Shen Lingxi's heart. She took a deep breath again and carefully turned the door handle to open the man's door.

As soon as the door opened, the room was full of the male atmosphere that she knew and feared, which made her instinctively step back.

Just back, Shen Lingxi thought that he was escaping, and quickly pressed down the fear in his heart, stepped into the room and locked the door from inside.

Shen Lingxi didn't have the heart to appreciate the arrangement of devil's study. She looked for another door to go out.

When she looked around, she saw a picture frame on the desk. There was a picture in the picture frame. In the picture, the woman with a nightmare was her.

How can this devil's study have her previous pictures?


Shen Lingxi was confused.

She instinctively stepped over to find out what was going on.

After approaching, she found that there were several words written at the bottom of the photo - beloved in this life!

But there is a big red fork painted on the four beloved words in this life, as if it is denying the meaning of those four words in such a way.

Shen Lingxi's focus is not on the red fork on the words, but on the handwriting of the four words "beloved in this life".

Dragon Wing!

It's him!

In her life, she will never forget that this vigorous and powerful handwriting is definitely written by longyi. It is absolutely his fault.

Besides, Shen remembers that this picture was taken when she was with longyi, because only when she was with him, her smile would be so bright.

Before, when she didn't laugh, he would try to make her laugh in his unique way Later when she was with him, she would let go of all her troubles.

Shen Lingxi shook her hands and picked up the picture frame, held it tightly to her chest, murmured: "Dragon Wing, Dragon Wing, are you there? If you are here, would you please answer me? Will you come out and take me away and take me out of this terrible place? "

No matter how she asked, no one answered her. In the study, except her voice, it was as quiet as death.

When Shen Lingxi was so desperate that she couldn't breathe, a delicate ring box beside the photo frame attracted her attention.

She reached out and took a look. There was a ring lying in the box. It was an engagement ring given to her by the Dragon Wing that the devil had snatched and thrown away from her hand.

Dragon Wing?

Dragon Wing?

Are you there?

Are you there?

Are you there or not?

Please answer me!

Shen Lingxi shouted the name of longyi like crazy, but no matter how she shouted, no one responded to her.

Without the response of longyi, despair once again deeply attacked Shen Lingxi's heart, making her body soft and soft to sit on the cold floor.

It's not her Dragon Wing.

There is no Dragon Wing here.

How could her dragon wings be here?

She smiled bitterly, laughing that she was thinking of him, and she was going to lose her mind and become a terrible crazy woman.

So, since Dragon Wing is not here, why does that devil like man have her picture?

Why does the devil like man pick up the ring he threw away?

Why is that?

Is he her Dragon Wing?

The thought came to Shen Lingxi's mind, which made her face pale and her weak body tremble rhythmically.


No way!

Absolutely impossible!

That devil man is so terrible, so hateful, so cruel, he will never be her Dragon Wing.

Most importantly, the devil's half face she could see had nothing to do with her Dragon Wing. How could he be her Dragon Wing.

If her Dragon Wing is not here, she can't delay any more.

Shen Lingxi immediately put the photo and ring into her arms and held them tightly. She felt nervous as if she was protecting her favorite man.


As Xiao Jiu said, there is a back door in the study.

There is a very narrow wooden ladder outside the back door. If you go down from the wooden ladder, that is, the backyard, and then go out from the small door of the backyard, you will escape from the cold stone prison.

When she escaped from the place where she was free, Shen Lingxi did not slow down, and soon faced a second problem.

This is the back mountain. There is no flat road. It's foggy around. She can't see it two meters away. She doesn't know how to get out of the mountain.

In such a bad environment, Shen Lingxi has no choice. She has no way to go back. Only going forward can she have a way to live.

In order to survive, in order to have the possibility to see her Dragon Wings, even if it is a nine dead life, she is not afraid.

However, she never thought of it, maybe she thought of it, but she still chose the road that might be framed in order to go out alive and meet the people she wanted to see.

She felt her way for about ten minutes, and stepped into a trap that someone had deliberately set up. A mousetrap caught her right foot.

In an instant, the blood of the injured foot flowed, and the bone piercing pain spread all over Shen Lingxi's body, which made her sweat.

Shen Lingxi sat down and tried to remove the mousetrap clamped on her feet, but the extra large mousetrap seemed to be specially designed to frame her. Even though she used all her strength, she could not pull the mousetrap away.

She doesn't have the strength to remove the mousetrap, so she has to drag her injured foot forward.

Her body is not good at all. It's cold and cold, especially when she's still hungry. With a foot injury, her whole body's strength is drained.

But Shen Lingxi didn't want to admit defeat. She bit her teeth and went on with pain.

Just walked two steps, her foot hurt and her whole body was soft, she instinctively reached out to help the trees around her.

However, she did not expect that when she reached for the tree beside her, something sharp was thrust into her hand.

For a moment, her white hands were cut several times, and blood flowed.

With a mousetrap on her feet and a stabbed hand, Shen Lingxi, who is thin and weak, still refuses to give up. Even if she will die in this mountain today, she will die far away from that cold cell.

However, her physical strength is limited after all. In addition, she lost too much blood, groped and delayed for about half an hour. Her head became heavier and her eyes became more and more blurred. Later, she only felt that her eyes were black, her body fell down uncontrollably, and kept rolling down.

Her body hit the tree several times, and the trunk blocked her, but only slowed down the rolling speed. Her body was still rolling down until she lost all consciousness, and her world was only dark.

Dragon Wing!

I come to accompany you!

Before the darkness came, she didn't panic, and a smile of relief rose from her lips. / P

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