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"Qin lelan!" Longyi reads Qin lelan's name again, and his long fingertips tap the folder rhythmically. "How can Quan Nan Zhai let the girl he attaches great importance to be involved in Shen Lingxi's killing?"

Longtian replied respectfully, "there is only one picture on the Internet, and no one can find out any more information about that girl, so we can see that the president is really protecting that girl with his heart."

"During this time, Quan Nan Zhai didn't send anyone to find Shen Lingxi?" In the past month, longyi still doesn't believe that Quan Nanzhai will ignore Shen Lingxi's disappearance.

Longtian replied, "my young master asked me to send a message to the president. I think he knows that Miss Shen is here, so he really didn't send someone to look for her."

Longyi said, "has Quan Nan Zhai returned from his overseas visit?"

Longtian said, "I will return to China this afternoon."

Long Yi glanced at the desk calendar on the table: "it's half a month since November 20th. It seems that it's time for me to meet him."

Longtian was worried. He didn't want to say it, but he couldn't help saying: "young master, some things are not clear yet. Shall we slow down? If this is what he did to us and you go to see him, what happened a year ago will not happen again. "

"It wasn't all the dragon family who died a year ago. His mother, the former president's wife, also died that night I'm going to give him a chance to explain. " Long Yi once doubted Quan Nanzhai, but no matter how he assumed, Quan Nanzhai could not be the behind the scenes of the murder a year ago.

The dragon family is the most loyal supporter of Quan Nanzhai's rise to the presidency. With the support of the dragon family, there will be less resistance for Quan Nanzhai to take the presidency, and he will not be stupid enough to destroy his own supporters.

Long Yi also assumed that Quan Nanzhai did this to get Shen Lingxi and the support of the Shen family, but he would not be killed even by his mother.

Long Tian: "young master, but..."

Dragon Wing interrupts him: "nothing, but do as I tell you."

Long Tian: "yes."

No matter how he stops what the master has decided, he can't stop it. Why bother to make the master sick.

As soon as Longtian left, longyi thought of a man, a man who grew up with him.

They were born on the same day in the same year. They went to school together. They joined the army together. They fought against the enemy together.

They did a lot of things together

In longyi's view, the man named Quan Nanzhai is closer to him than his brother.

They have said that they will share weal and woe in this life.

Long Yi also secretly made up his mind to stay with Quan Nanzhai and help him take the position of president and create a beautiful world with him.

He treats Quan Nanzhai as his brother, but he is engaged to his beloved woman when his life and death are unknown.

Did they think about him when they were engaged?

Even if I think of him for only one second, I don't think they will do such a betrayal.

Perhaps for a long time, he was the only one who regarded Quan Nan Zhai as his own brother. Quan Nan Zhai only regarded him as a chess piece that could be used.

Longyi doubted Quan Nanzhai for many times, but he still wanted to give him a chance to explain.

As long as Quan Nanzhai says no, he is willing to believe him.

"Dragon Wing, Dragon Wing..."

While longyi was thinking about it, Shen Lingxi's voice came from the computer.

She called out his name, so affectionately, as if she were Shen Lingxi who he loved deeply at the beginning.

"Dragon Wing, where are you? I really miss you, miss you! If you can hear me, will you answer me? " She stood by the window, staring at it stupidly, murmuring.

She missed him?

She wants him to die.

Dragon Wings hook lips sneer.

What did the woman find and act for him on purpose?

He didn't forget how realistic the woman's acting was.

If she goes to the theatre, she will take the crown in minutes.

But just as he looked at her from the computer, he suddenly smiled at her, and then he ran into the window with a smile.

"Damn woman, you're not fucking dead!" Seeing this, longyi didn't think at all and rushed out immediately.

He rushed to the door of Shen Lingxi's room and kicked open her door. She was still standing well in the room without any short-sightedness.

At the same time, he felt relieved, and a rage rose in his heart. This woman was playing with him?

She was standing by the window, reaching for the rain, smiling and muttering.

These days he didn't bother her. She was obviously very comfortable. He broke in and she was still playing with her, unaware of it.

She deceived him. She was the main culprit of killing the dragon family. How could she live so comfortably?

Thinking of this floor, longyi rises angrily, kicks his foot to the door and closes it heavily.

At the moment when the door slammed, she saw that Shen Lingxi was slightly stiff. Looking back, when she saw him, her face was as white as a ghost.

"You, don't come here. If you come here, I'll kill you. " Shen Lingxi shivered to hide in the corner, as if the man standing in front of her was like a beast to eat people.

Longyi looks at her. Her fear is not like pretending. Her dislike for him is so obvious.


He almost forgot again. This woman's acting is very good. It's hard to say if she is really afraid of him at this time.

Maybe she is planning to do it again. It's not impossible for her to seduce him in this way.

"Dragon Wing? Did you just call longyi He looked at her and stepped forward.

"Don't come here! I told you not to come! " Her body shook so much that she glared at him with hatred in her eyes.

When he came to her, he grabbed her chin and said in a deep voice, "I won't call those two words again. I don't want to hear the word" Dragon Wing "from your mouth or think about him. Because a dirty woman like you doesn't deserve it. "

"Oh, who do you think you are?" This devil is ridiculous. She can control her personal freedom. Does she want to control her thoughts?

She could tell him very clearly that unless she died, she would never have been Dragon Wing.

"Who am I? It seems that your memory is very poor. I should do something more to remind you. " He extended his hand and quickly controlled her.

This time, it's still the same as the previous times. Shen Lingxi has no power to parry At last she heard him say, "I will make you my child's mother!" /p

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