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Whether he means a gift or a kiss, she likes it.

But Jane chose the former on purpose and replied, "I just didn't tell you. As long as it's from you, I like it."

"Qin Yue slightly calm face, discontented way:" you know I asked is not this

Simply blinking, said do not understand: "you ask is not this, that is what?"

Qin Yue: "..."

It seems that's what he asked.

"Qin Yue, do you know how happy I am?"

He certainly did not know how happy she was, but what gave her happiness was the man who accompanied her all these years.

Qin Yue rubbed her head and said in a soft voice, "stupid, how can you say such things suddenly?"

"Over the years, you have always been supporting me in silence, giving me more energy to work on my clothing design. I can have today's results, half of the credit is because you fully support me. " Because there is a Qin Yue and their family behind her, Jane can devote herself to her work and realize her dream of growing up.

"I'm your husband." Qin Yue is such a simple answer, but it is also the most heartwarming one.

Jianran looked up at him: "Qinyue, do you know? Now I'm happier than the whole world. Thank you for being with me all the time. Thank you for making me have a clear baby and a cute baby. "

Qin Yue sent a lot of things to Jianran, houses, cars, shares, jewelry and so on. However, the most pitiable thing for Jianran was their treasure - Qin leran and Qin Yinjian.

With Qinyue, her and some of their treasures, their family is the happiest and most complete.

"I'm your husband." Qin Yue's answer is still so simple that it can't be simpler.

The word "husband" in Qinyue is definitely not only a simple identity, but also the most solid support for her when she promised to marry him.

"Of course I know you're my husband." Jane smiled and snuggled back into his arms. "It's because you are my husband that I feel so happy."

If she didn't meet Qin Yue, her life would go to another road, and how that road is, she dare not think.

She was very glad that she met him and agreed to his marriage request. She was even more glad that he was her husband and the support she could rely on for her whole life.


At the same time, a taxi slowly stopped in front of Qin's mansion.

The passenger paid the fare and opened the door to get off.

The door opened and the passenger got out of the car. Then he saw that the passenger was a little boy who looked like he was about ten years old.

He looked up and said to the security guard of the guard box, "please ask Qin Xiaobao to come out."

When the security guard saw it, he recognized the young master and hurriedly greeted him: "Zhan young master, are you alone?"

"Is it strange that I am alone?" The little boy glanced at the security guard and said, "if you don't ask her to come out, you can pass a message to her for me. Her husband kicked her son out. You asked her if she wanted her son. If she does not want her son, he will run away from home. "

"Young master Zhan, wait a moment. We'll inform the young lady right away." This little guy is young. He is the little prince of the war family. No one dares to neglect him. Call Qin Xiaobao immediately.

Qin Xiaobao was chatting with Qin's mother when she received the news. She could hardly believe that her son was alone outside the Qin's gate.

I can't believe that Qin Xiaobao still came out. There is still a distance between the gate and her son, with his pen on his back, standing in the cold wind.

Because today's wind has some big, the little guy put on a thin coat and stood in the cold wind like that.

Although Qin Xiaobao always confronts her son, quarrels with him, grabs his food, grabs his toys, and does all kinds of things.

But no matter how willful she is, she is also the child's own mother. When she saw such a big child standing in the cold wind, Qin Xiaobao's heart ached.

She hurriedly ran to the little guy's side and held him in her arms: "Stinky boy, why are you here alone? What about your stinky old man? "

"Who else can I have if I'm not alone?" The little boy was just arrogant. When Qin Xiaobao held him in his arms, he immediately rubbed against her like a child. He said wrongly, "the old man Zhan Nianbei drove me out of my home. He asked someone to buy a ticket and put me on the plane, and I came to New York. "

"Why did he drive you out? You were born to me, not to him. Why did he drive you out of the house? " It was Zhan Nianbei who drove his children out. Qin Xiaobao was so angry that he wanted to fly back to bomb Zhan Nianbei's base camp.

"Cough..." The little guy coughed, "Mom, the reason why you gave birth to me is that the old man Zhan Nianbei didn't give much effort. But I know that you are the hardest one. "

"Even if he does, he can't get you out of the house. Only I can bully you, he can't. " Qin Xiaobao is a typical example of only allowing state officials to set fire and not allowing people to light up their lights.

At home, she can bully the little guy, but Zhan Nianbei can't bully her son.

This time, Qin Xiaobao ran away from home because he didn't help her in the milk fight with him.

She was angry that their father and son were united to bully her. In a fit of anger, she flew to her New York home.

At this moment, hearing that his son was bullied by Zhan Nianbei, Qin Xiaobao was eager to go back to Jiangbei to find Zhan Nianbei.

She turned to the security personnel and said, "please tell my parents and my brother and sister-in-law for me. I'll go back to Jiangbei first and come to see them another day."

Qin Xiaobao's character is so urgent that he is in a hurry to go back to Jiangbei to find Zhan Nianbei to settle accounts.

After nearly 20 hours of running, they finally returned to Jiangbei. When they got home, Zhan Nianbei was sleeping in bed.

Their mother and son had been working hard all day. He not only didn't make a phone call, but also slept so well.

At this sight, Qin Xiaobao angrily drags the quilt off Zhan Nianbei and kicks him: "Zhan Nianbei, you son of a bitch, why do you sleep so well? Why did you drive both of us out of the house? "

"A bastard is a bastard. Why add an old word?" Zhan Nianbei sat up and looked at Qin Xiaobao sleepily. "Who has driven you and your son?"


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