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The news that Shen Lingxi's killing was controlled by others became more and more intense, which almost caused a stir in the whole country A. many melon eaters who did not know the truth began to spontaneously organize to point out the behind the scenes of human flesh.

But it's a pity that no matter how they dig up the news, they can't find any news about the girl except the photo that was exposed before.

There are even doubts that the girl is not real.

It's very likely that she was a smoke bomb deliberately released by someone with power and power to exonerate Miss Shen.

This conjecture was soon supported by many people.

After the rational analysis of thoughtful netizens, more and more people support their views. In a short time, everyone has transferred the target hot spot to the person with power and power behind the scenes.

It's true that the netizens are Sherlock Holmes on the Internet. Soon, some netizens smell different breath, and the gunpowder line leads to Shen's family.

It's the stupidest way for people behind the scenes to make fun of Qin lelan.

Qin leran is the girl that Quan Nanzhai cares about most and his weakness. It's right to use her to deal with Quan Nanzhai, but they ignored a very important key point.

Quan Nanzhai cares so much about the girl. It's on his territory again. How could he let his girl suffer a little injustice.

In addition to the president's relationship, there is Sheng Tian's leader, Qin Yue.

People who know him should know that the business tycoon is a man who wants to spoil his wife and daughter.

If someone wants to make an idea of his daughter, ask him if he agrees or not.

Not only Shengtian's Qin would not agree, but also the elder brother who has been guarding Qin leran for 14 years.

He should not only protect the sister for his parents, but also protect the girl who has been hidden in his mind.

Just ask, layer upon layer, who has the ability to dig out Qin lelan?

Of course, the smart Qin leran doesn't fail to understand this truth.

Therefore, no matter how much trouble there was outside, she didn't care about it at all. She still stayed in the disaster area and had a good time.

Apart from the foot injury is not all good, walking is a little inconvenient, and there is almost nothing else that makes her feel uncomfortable.

"Sister xiaovinegar jar, I want to invite you to our house for dinner in the evening." After all the classes in the afternoon, Qin lelan was cleaning up her textbooks, ran to the podium to pull up her clothes and looked at her expectantly.

They come to help teach these people and the people in the disaster area to eat a large pot of rice in most of the time, and we eat together in the canteen.

Today, I heard that muddleheaded dad went to the city. I guess he brought delicious food back. Muddleheaded likes Qin lelan, so he wants to call her together.

One more mouth, one more pair of chopsticks to share the delicious food brought back by muddleheaded father. Qin lelan is not bad at eating. Especially after her injury, brother lie brings her soup every night. She wants to refuse muddleheaded.

But for the look of confused expectation, Qin leran couldn't say no, so she nodded and smiled: "thank you! Then go back first, and my sister will come in a moment. "

"Sister, my mother said I would wait for you, or I'm afraid you won't go." Muddleheaded to his mother to tell him, always honest to say.

"All right. My sister will pack up the textbooks and go with you when she says hello to them. " Qin Le ran pinched the confused face, just as he pinched their lovely face.

When she pinched their little cute, little cute was always very disgusted, always put on a small adult appearance, saying that women can't touch men casually.

How old is he?

Isn't it an eight year old kid?

How dare a little baby, who has not been weaned for a long time, say that he is a man?

Compared with their lovely family, the muddleheaded eight year old is much more lovely. When she pinches his face, he always blushes and smiles shyly.

Yes, eight year olds should have the appearance of eight year olds. It's right to be confused, not cute.

Although the mouth said that little cute is not cute at all, but at the thought of him, Qin lelan wanted to go home and hug him.


I want to knead the most lovely face of their family and listen to his shouting elder sister.


Muddleheaded mother specially invited Qin leran to eat at their home, mainly to thank Qin leran for making their muddleheaded family love to learn.

Before, they were confused because of the famous bear children in their class. They are good at sports and have a fast brain, but they just don't like learning.

When I was one year old in primary school, I couldn't distinguish the Arabic numbers of 6 and 9 clearly. Once I drew a picture and got 65 points, but I proudly told my confused mother that he got 95 points.

Confused mother is really crying and laughing after seeing it. She knows that it's not her own son who is not smart. His brain is no more stupid than others, or he doesn't meet the right education method.

"Little vinegar teacher, please take a seat." Mudu takes Qin leran to the tent of Mudu's house. Mudu's mother quickly takes a small stool, wipes it with her sleeve, and warmly invites Qin leran to take a seat.

"Silly mom, you don't have to be so polite to me. We've known each other for so long. Make yourself at home." Qin lelan likes to laugh. When she laughs, she has two small vortexes, which are particularly painful. With her good character, she has a very good relationship with the people in the disaster area.

In fact, her real character is not so approachable. Her character is changeable. In what kind of environment, she knows what kind of character to use to communicate with others.

She is willing to be kind to the people in the disaster area because they are very simple and sincere.

"Well, we're not going to be polite to you, and you're not going to be polite to us." The confused father took a Wahaha and gave it to Qin leran.

Although the government has tried its best to ensure water and electricity supply, it is still inevitable that water and electricity will be cut off occasionally in the disaster area. Sometimes it is difficult to drink water. It is a luxury for them to drink Wahaha.

Qin leran took the drink with both hands and handed it to muddleheaded: "muddleheaded, my sister likes to drink pure water. Would you like to help my sister drink it?"

"Good." Muddleheaded looking at this bottle of Wahaha, saw two eyes are shining, elder sister said don't like, then he will do it for you.

Children's world is so simple, what adults say, they all believe, will not think of a deeper meaning.

"Silly dad said:" small vinegar altar teacher, thank you for making our family silly love learning, if he can enter the University in the future, your greatest credit

Qin leran stroked muddleheaded head and said: "muddleheaded dad, not my teaching method is good, but our muddleheaded is smart. As long as he studies hard, he will be admitted to a good university in the future. "

When a child of such a muddleheaded age is admitted to college, she should have become the wife of her brother.

She can run his country with her brother and make his people live a better life. /p

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