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Yaya is so angry that she kicks the hard stone on the ground again. How could such a proud and arrogant brother be such a cute and sensible girl in the small vinegar world?

Don't think it's good-looking, just think all the women in the world have to stick to him.

However, she took a fancy to other people at first sight, not because they were good-looking and their own temperament.


Behind him came the voices of Dazhuang and xiaoxiaole. They laughed so much that they almost went upstairs to play drums and gongs to celebrate.

"What are you laughing at? Is it funny? Do you two have too much to eat Yaya glared at the two bad friends.

"Ya Ya, you always say that my toad wants to eat swan meat. How can you make such a mistake today?" Dazhuang points to the direction of Qin Yinze's disappearance, and then says, "that man is not on the same road as us. You can think about it. Why climb a high branch and suffer yourself?"

In the first sentence, Zhuang is still hurting Yaya. In the second sentence, he saw that YaYa was said by his classmates and friends for many years.

Some people, some things, just enjoy it far away.

What doesn't belong to you will never belong to you. Even if it reminds you one day, it's also a very hard road.

Big Zhuang always thinks that Qin leran would be his girlfriend, but he only thinks about it. If Qin leran really agrees to be his girlfriend, he may not dare to accept it.

"My toad just wants to eat his swan meat. What's the matter?" Yaya doesn't believe it. She wants to eat the swan meat named Qin.


Another look at the direction of Qin Yinze's disappearance, tightly clenched his fist, seemed to make some firm determination.


"Young master, that woman did not follow." Chu Yuan stands outside Qin Yinze's car and reports the follow-up.

"I asked you to check the information of these people the other day. How is it going?" Qin Yinze rubbed his eyebrows and looked at the car in front of him.

Although the car in front has done a good job in keeping secrets. You can't see what the people in the car are doing from the outside, but you can think of it with your toes.

Quan Nanzhai's drivers and bodyguards are all around the car. There are only two people in the car. Apart from intimacy, what else can they do?

Qin Yinze's two hands were still tightly held, and the blue tendons appeared on the back of his hands, which showed his inner anger.

"Don't worry, young master. Those three people are children of ordinary people. Now I go to university in Linhai City. A few of them began to volunteer two years ago. They were not used by others and would never bring a hidden danger to the young lady. " Chu Yuan said.

As early as Qin leran contacted with these people, Qin Yinze asked Chu Yuan to check the details of Yaya and other three people, which would eliminate all potential threats around Qin leran.

He did it for a while because of his parents, and for another, because of himself.

Qin Yinze slowly took back his eyes and said, "we will send people to stare at these people later. The details of the people they have contacted should also be found out. No one is allowed to fall down."

"Yes, I will arrange it." Chu Yuan said respectfully.

Qin Yinze suddenly opens the door, gets off the car, and then comes to the cab. Without waiting for assistant Chu Yuan to get on, he starts the car and rushes out like an arrow out of the string.

His car rushed straight to the luxury car parked in front of him, and the distance was getting closer and closer

Quan Nanzhai's bodyguards noticed the danger. When they took out their matching guns and raised their guns to aim at Qin Yinze, Qin Yinze turned the steering wheel and rushed past Quan Nanzhai's car about a meter away.

The two people in the car were so hot that they were interrupted by this little commotion. Qin leran pushed Quan Nanzhai aside and said with a red face, "bad guy, you have broken your promise."

It is said that she kisses him, and he is not allowed to fight back. At the beginning, he snatched the initiative in his hand, kissing her with no power to parry.

"You are playing with fire." After all, this little girl is too simple. She still doesn't know how much concentration is needed to eliminate a man's desire once it is provoked.

"Qin lelan angry mouth:" after no more kissing me

Quan Nan Zhai chuckled: "really not allowed?"

"Never when I don't agree." He must not be allowed to make further progress. If he continues like this, she will be "eaten" by him soon.

"My stupidity!" Quan Nanzhai stroked her head, and he began to laugh with a low, deep smile. "It's so cute to be silly."

"Quan Nanzhai, don't say I'm stupid!" Does he think she knows nothing? Wrong, she knows a lot, but this stupid man thinks she doesn't understand.

"Quan Nanzhai? Uh huh? He snorted, threatening, and disliked her calling his name.

"Brother lie, it's not early. Take me back, or my friends will be worried if they can't see me." She knew what he was dissatisfied with. She changed her mouth and smiled at him with a bright face.

"Send them a message. I'll sleep in the car tonight. I'll be with you. " How can he rest assured that the injury to her foot is not cured.

"Brother lie, you, you You still want to be in the car? " Why does this man like to be in the wild so much? Can the wild stimulate men's conquering psychology more?

Quan Nan Zhai stabbed her in the head: "but what's in your little head?"

"Tofu dregs." She didn't forget that he scolded her like this not long ago.

"You!" Quan Nan Zhai shakes his head helplessly. He really has no way to deal with this little girl who is full of ancient spirit and strange ideas.

"Brother lie......" Qin lelan nestled into Quan Nanzhai's arms and rubbed against his chest. "You can't kill me again."

"He said:" obedient, no one will be cruel to you

Qin lelan stared at him: "obedient? I am a person, of course, will have their own ideas. Do you think you have a pet? "

Quan Nanzhai stroked her head and said, "when you go back, I will give you a pet to keep. With it, you won't be so bored."

"No!" Qin lelan refused, and then changed the topic, "brother lie, how is the matter about sister Lingxi's murder handled?"

"When we are together, we don't talk about others. As long as you know that you have me, I can handle these things. " Quan Nanzhai knows why Qin lelan has changed the subject, and he doesn't continue to talk about pets.

When Qin leran was born, his father adopted a Pomeranian for her, named Mianmian Mianmian has always been with her, accompanied her to grow up slowly. When she was ten years old, Mianmian died of illness because she was old.

After Mianmian's death, Qin leran was sad for a long time. For a long time, he didn't want to talk to others.

Later, when her brother was born, she turned her attention and became lively. /p

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