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I'm not wrong Qin lelan yells out, Quan Nanzhai, do you think it's fun for me to do this?

This man doesn't know her at all.

She didn't do it all for him. He didn't praise her and beat her.

The more he thought about it, the more he felt aggrieved. As soon as his nose was sour, tears rolled down his eyes.

Qin lelan's tears, for Quan Nanzhai to say that the attack power is comparable to nuclear weapons, he has no way to take her.

But he can't let go so easily, otherwise the silly girl will make the same mistake and hurt herself again.

She certainly did not know that, in his heart, even if the power of the president, there is no better than her.

When my father was angry with me, the big deal was not to talk. He would not even touch me with one finger. Qin lelan rubs his eyes wrongly, but Quan Nanzhai, you villain, you even beat me.

Think of her from small to large, the family who is not holding her in the palm of the hand hurt, a few more hair, grandma will worry about half a day.

Today, her favorite brother beat her with his hands. She moved, and her little fart was still in pain. It can be seen how tough his brother was.

Know why I hit you? After all, Quan Nanzhai softened his voice and gently rubbed the place where she had been beaten by him.

Anyway, you are bullying me. I need to know why you beat me. In fact, as long as she calms down, she can figure out why he started to hit her, but she is not willing to admit defeat.

This time, if she concedes defeat, and similar things happen in the future, he will start to hit people, she will not.

Doesn't it hurt? He asked, deliberately lowering his voice and pretending to be ferocious.

Quan Nanzhai, would you like to give it a try and see if I want to talk to you? Hum, this man still wants to push forward.

Quan Nanzhai dealt with her foot injury again: it's forbidden to do such a stupid thing again. Otherwise, we will be responsible for the consequences.

What do I do, what do you care? Hum, slap her a few times, and give her a piece of sugar to eat. Do you think what kind of things she will think have never happened?

Quan Nanzhai said: you also know that your father is reluctant to touch you when he is angry again. That's because you are his daughter, he loves you and loves you. He is reluctant to let you suffer a little injury. If you let him know that you are injured like this, do you think he will fly from New York at once?

Don't tell them. Qin leran kicked her feet excitedly, which touched the hard chair and made her wail again.

Don't move Quan Nan Zhai to hold her down. Her voice is deep, but it can't disguise her deep concern. If you are injured, I will also feel sad.

Qin leran:

this man just knows where her dead point is. He says that she can blame him.

"Remember, you should take good care of yourself whenever and wherever you go in the future," said Quan.

Quan Nanzhai

call brother lie

you all call me by name. Why can't I call you by name. Hum hum, don't think she will forget how he just bullied her if she says something nice.

I don't want to be obedient? He raised his eyebrows.

Brother lie shouted and said again, you hurt me.

It's painful to remember.

Then you let me call back.

OK. He said, "I'll let you take care of the wound when I'm done with it.".

Qin lelan:

this man knows how to catch her.

When she saw that he treated her wound so carefully, she was willing to blame him.

Half an hour later, Quan Nanzhai helped Qin Lenan to deal with the wound and confirmed that she was OK. Then he slowly looked up at her and said, "OK, what do you want to do with me?"?

You sit here. Qin leran patted the position around him.

OK. Quan Nanzhai sits beside her.

Get closer. She said.

Yeah. He's closer.

Get closer. So far away, can I eat people? Does brother lie, the bad man, regard her as a small beast?

Closer? Closer, he can only hold her in his arms. Does she mean that?

Don't understand? Qin lelan was shocked at him, but he didn't believe that he didn't understand her. He must be pretending to wait for her to throw in his arms.

I see. He smiled and held her in his arms and rubbed her head. Is that close enough?

Lower your head a little. She told him like a queen, and QUANNAN Zhai did as she said.

Qin leran put his hand around his neck and raised his head slightly: My punishment is that I will kiss you, but you are not allowed to kiss me back. I will take the initiative.

Little girl, do you want to play with fire? Right south Zhai Mou in dark want to roll.

Not playing with fire, I'm punishing you. Qin leiran naively thought that her way of punishing him was the best.

But she finally forgot that her strong brother was not a sheep but a wolf. She had just touched his lips, and he immediately turned passive into active and kissed her wildly.

Qin leran pushes him hard, but the resistance is ineffective.

Why did he become the leader of the game from the very beginning?

Alas for the scene of the art party.

Yaya found the man she had been thinking about these days was also on the spot. When she saw him leave, she ran after him without thinking.

Mr. Qin, please wait a moment. After all, Yaya is short. She ran to catch up with Qin Yinze. When she caught up with him, she was too tired to breathe.

What's up? Qin leiran looked at the woman who dared to block his way. He had no impression of her.

Hello, Mr. Qin. I'm your sister's friend. My name is Yaya. When Yaya introduced herself, she extended her hand and thought that she should shake hands politely.

Who ever expected that Qin Yinze didn't mean it at all, didn't even say a word more, and would leave if he missed her.

Yaya is the first time to see such a rude person. She catches up with Qin Yinze again and stops him: I said that Mr. Qin, I introduced myself. You should also be polite.

Chu Yuan, Qin Yinze still didn't manage ya, but called his entourage and staggered ya to leave again.

Chu Yuan, the entourage, immediately came forward and stopped Yaya for the master: this young lady, my young master is not interested in you, so you'd better not bother yourself.



She was so angry that she kicked her foot, which just hit the stone beside her, and she jumped up in pain: who is this? Where's the arrogance from?

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