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Qin lelan:

it turns out that her fierce brother is not fierce, but he just doesn't show her fierce side in front of her.

He roared so much that she didn't dare to say a word again, but her eyes turned and turned. She looked lovely and pitiful.

However, no matter how poor Qin leran is, Quan Nanzhai's face is still gloomy and frightening, and he doesn't speak a word. He looks angry.

Quan Nanzhai doesn't let her talk. Qin lelan puts his head on his chest and rubs like a poor kitten.

Once or twice, rub and rub, she does not believe that strong brother has the heart to ignore her.

After several rubs, Quan Nanzhai still ignored her with a gloomy face.

Qin leran quietly glanced up at him. When he saw his face, Qin leran knew that her brother was really angry this time.

This man is so good-looking when he is angry. How can girls dislike him?

She reached out her hand and touched him on the chest: brother lie, don't you have to stop talking, she heard Quan Nan Zhai roar again: I told you to shut up

Qin lelan:

she's so aggrieved. It's her who is hurt, and it's her who is hurt. He's still fiercely treating her. Does he have a little compassion at the bottom?

Quan Nanzhai carried Qin lelan to the car with the fastest speed.

Fortunately, his car is spacious and has enough space for activities.

He rewarded Qin lelan for sitting in his chair, turning to take the medicine box and solemnly ordered: stretch out your feet.

Hum, I'll tell you when I feel sad. What are you doing so ferociously? Qin lelan flattened his mouth and blinked. He was crying to show him.

If she put on this expression in a normal way, her brother would immediately raise his hand to surrender, but today he has not surrendered, and still has a straight face.

Although his angry look is also very good-looking, but angry look is also very fierce ah, such he looks good but not cute.

Quan Nanzhai didn't say anything more. He reached for her feet.

His action seemed rude, but he held her foot with a light force, without any gravity.

Quan Nanzhai takes off two large slippers on her feet and gently takes off her dancing shoes.

Even though he has been very careful, Qin leran's feet are badly bruised, and the meat has been stuck to the shoes.

When Quan Nan Zhai touched her gently, Qin Yueran gave a cold gasp of pain, which made her bright eyes have tears.

Listen to her breathing sound, Quan Nan Zhai is also a heart twitch, but more severely said: this time I know the pain, just don't know?

Qin leran stubbornly bites his lips. Hum, he is cruel to her, and she doesn't care about him.

Because the shoes are stuck with the rotten meat, if you forcibly tear off the shoes, you will surely tear the wound again.

Quan Nanzhai hurriedly pulled the potion and soaked the shoes. After the shoes were soaked, he helped her take off the shoes again, which made it easier and would not cause the second injury.

Qin lelan's feet are white, tender and tender, with some baby fat. They look lovely. But today, the paws of the fat feet become bloody, hurting Quan Nanzhai's eyes.

Seeing this scene, Quan Nan Zhai's face was even more grim: Qin lelan, is that tofu dregs in your mind?

This silly girl, suffered such a heavy injury, why continue to jump?

Don't she know how many people will worry about her?

Qin lelan still didn't speak. This time, he didn't want to talk to him, but was so angry that he couldn't speak.

He even called her by her first name.

This is the first time that I'm talking to you. Don't you know the answer? When he said something bad, Quan Nan Zhai did not stop his work.

He immediately took the medical cotton stained with the liquid medicine to clean the wound, and carefully cleaned the blood stains on her feet.

Qin lelan still doesn't speak, staring at him with big black eyes.

Qin lelan, who do you think you are? Am I the one you can bully? He yells again, Qin leran's anger is also great. He kicks his foot up and kicks it on him. Get out of my way. I don't want you to take care of my affairs.

How can he yell at her like this?

Is her foot hurt because of her playfulness?


she didn't expect that the temporary stage conditions were so poor. If the dance stopped halfway, it would not only spoil the audience, but also worry many friends who care about her.

She didn't want to disappoint the villagers in the disaster area, and she didn't want ya ya and others to worry about her, so she stuck to it.

She was hurt, it was very painful, but she wanted to go back to the tent and deal with the wound, and then she could bear it.

However, I didn't expect to let this man, the man she cares most, treat her fiercely.

Qin lelan, you Quan Nan Zhai is so angry that he can't wait to catch her and beat her ass.

What happened to me? Want to hit me? Quan Nanzhai, dare you? Qin leran turns around and pulls the door open to get out of the car, regardless of whether his feet are still injured or not, let alone whether he wears shoes or not.

You Quan Nan Zhai is about to get angry with this wayward girl. He grabs her back with his long arm extended. Don't you want to die?

Let go Qin Yueran and stare at him. He said angrily, "I don't need a man who can only be cruel to me to pretend to be nice to me.".

Hypocrisy? Well, since you say that, I'll show you. Quan Nan Zhai put her on the chair, and slapped her on her little butt.

Quan Nanzhai, you beat me. You beat me. Her parents never beat her. Why is this man?

Why did he do this to her?

Qin leran was so angry that she bit her teeth. She felt that she had a bag of explosives in her body and was about to be exploded by this man's gas.

Quan Nanzhai, Qin lelan is struggling, but she can't escape from his grip if she is controlled by one of his hands.

Do you know what's wrong? He snapped, as if he were training an innocent child.

Asshole, you dare say I'm wrong. Qin lelan cries like a little beast. Quan Nanzhai, if you apologize to me, I won't forgive you.


if she beats her, she will never forgive him.

Do you know what's wrong? Quan Nan Zhai asked in a deep voice.

I'm not wrong, shouted Qin lelan.

Don't know what's wrong? Quan Nan Zhai Yang started again, but this time he couldn't do it.

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