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If a man is gloomy and cold, it makes Shen Lingxi shiver.

She looked at him coldly and said in a cold voice: Devil, who do you think you are? When is your turn to decide my business? Give me my ring back, or I won't let you go.

He said she was not qualified, which means she was defiled by him, but even so, she still wanted to take back the ring that Dragon Wing gave her.

That's the only thing longyi left her.

When longyi is away, she is not qualified to go to longyi's side again. At least she can think of him with this ring.

Who am I? Ha Man sneers.

The memory of the dead woman is very good. It's only a year since she forgot him completely.

Even if his face is destroyed, even if he changes his face, doesn't she find a little similar to Dragon Wing in his body?

Maybe it's not that she has a bad memory, but that the man who has been played around by her has never stayed in her heart, and it's strange that she will remember.

At the moment when the man was distracted, Shen Lingxi bit his teeth and pushed him away, turning around and jumping into the pool again.

But as soon as she turned around, the man grabbed her and lifted her back: now I'll tell you who I am.

Don't touch me, you let me go. Devil, if you touch me again, I will stab you to death. Shen Lingxi grabs and bites again. She has once. She must never let this hateful man touch her again.

The man held her, no pressure, a few steps on the upstairs, a throw her in the room that narrow bed.

Her whole body of water soon soaked the quilt on the bed.

Shen Lingxi's head and body are full of injuries. She felt dizzy when she was thrown on the bed like this.

Before she could turn over, the man's tall and strong body had bent over, and he put his hand on her and held her firmly.

Roll away the hand was controlled, Shen Lingxi raised her foot to kick the man, but the man slightly a side to avoid her attack.

It's not that I haven't been on it. What do you pretend? The man stepped on the bed one by one, pressed Shen Lingxi under his body, leaned over her ear and whispered. You don't want to know who I am. I'll tell you now, who am I?

Realizing what the man wanted to do, Shen Lingxi turned pale with fright and tried to push him away, but her hands and feet were controlled by him. She could not resist at all. She could only watch the man do what he wanted to do to her again.

Do you feel it? Feel who I am? My dear Miss Shen, you should have a good feeling of how I want you. The man's face also raised a bloodthirsty smile, but also a heavy blow.

Shen Lingxi closed her eyes, clenched her teeth and clenched her fist. She told herself in silence that she would be given by a beast.

He'd better not let her catch the chance, or she will surely tear him to pieces.

If she doesn't tear him to pieces, she vows not to be a person in a day. It's hard to teach dozens of children in a class, but Qin leran doesn't feel tired at all.

As long as you think about all she has done to help brother lie cultivate a new generation of talents, she has a steady stream of motivation, which seems to be endless.

After dinner, she took a bath and hot feet. Then Qin lelan had the happiest time of the day. She could lie in the warm quilt and chat with her brother.

When Dangdang

picks up her mobile phone and sends a message to brother lie -

well, this time, Qin leran doesn't ask if you think about Ranan, but directly asks how much he thinks about her, so he has to think about it, whether or not.

Qin leran thought that he was too smart to send messages, and then he stared at the screen of the mobile phone, hoping that she could see it as soon as brother lie replied to her.

When staring at the screen of the mobile phone, a phone call came in. The phone number was too familiar for her.

These days, she helped in the disaster area. After she was busy, she thought about brother lie. She didn't call home to report safety.

This is not the mother called, think she really is not a filial good child.

Qin lelan answers: Mom, do you want to take it?

Well, I miss my baby so much. On the other end of the phone, Jane sighed. I haven't seen my baby for only a few days. I feel like I haven't seen it for several years.

Mom, I miss you so much, but halfway through, Qin lelan's nose is so sour that he can't speak.

What to do?

I don't think how much I miss my mother at ordinary times. How can I feel so sad when I hear my mother's voice and think of not being filial to them?

However, don't worry about mom and dad. We are all very well. As long as you are good outside, mom and dad will be relieved. This is the heart of parents in the world, as long as the children are good outside, then the family can be good.

Mom, dad? Qin leran nodded. She was the happiest child in the world. So many people loved her.

Your father just looked at Qin Yue, who pretended to be reading the newspaper silently, and said again, your father seems very busy. Let's not disturb him.

Cough Qinyue pretended to cough, discontented to look at Jane, when did he say he was busy?

Do you want to talk to the child? Jane pretended to be surprised, pretending not to see what was in his mind.

Qin Yue frowned. He didn't want to talk to the children. He sat here and listened to their mother and daughter talk about what they were doing?

If you want to talk to a child, just say it. How do we know you want to say nothing? Jane hands the mobile phone to Qin Yue and says it well. Don't make my baby angry.

This man clearly thinks about his daughter every day, but he still puts on a high and cold posture. If his daughter doesn't call him, he doesn't ask about his daughter.

Jian ran wanted to stab him: Mr. Qin, it's not you who are suffering from such a disguise. Is it really good?

However, my father thinks that no matter how much camouflage and discontent you have, Qin Yue's heart will melt when he hears his daughter's soft voice on the phone.

He can't help but soften his voice: however, it's cold near the sea. You should remember to add more clothes sooner or later. Don't catch cold.

Think of him as president Qin Da, that's a big man who is very stingy with words, but talking to his daughter is still these trivial things.

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