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once, he told her that he was not allowed to take off the ring until he had put it on for her.

Longyi's words to her were still ringing in her ears from time to time, but she didn't keep the promise she made to him.

When she was engaged to Quan Nanzhai, she took off the ring that Dragon Wing gave her, tied it with a rope and hung it on her neck.

She can't wear the finger any more, so she puts the ring closest to her heart and waits for him to come back.

Wait for him to come back and put on the wedding ring for her.

But she had been waiting for a long time. She could not wait for him to come back. She could not wait for him to take off the ring and put on their wedding ring for her.

Now her innocence has been destroyed. Even if he comes back, how can she face him?

Dragon Wing, where are you? Do you know how much I miss you? These words, she can only think in her heart.

Thinking of reading Dragon Wings, Shen Lingxi always has a habit of holding the ring he gave her in her hand.

At this time, as usual, she reached around her neck, but did not feel the ring she had never left.

Didn't touch the ring, Shen Lingxi touched it again, still didn't touch it, she was stupefied, a turned over and sat up.

That's the only thing longyi left her. How could she get it off.

Shen Lingxi can't care that the injury on her head is still in pain. She opens the quilt and searches all over the bed. She can't find it on the bed. She searches all over the room.

She didn't let go of the small room, but still couldn't find the ring she was looking for.

No in bed, no in the room, so where will the ring fall?

Shen Lingxi stroked the aching head to think whether it was just that woman who took away the sheet and quilt cover?

It's possible.

Think of these, Shen Lingxi shoes come and wear, turn around to go out.

When she opened the door, she didn't see what was going on outside at all. She rushed out and hit a strong meat wall.

The meat wall was so strong that Shen Lingxi's head was almost knocked unconscious by him. She was so dizzy that she almost fell to the ground.

Fortunately, the man grabbed her and made her stable without close contact with the cold and hard ground.

Thank you for not saying it. Shen Lingxi looks up and sees the mask on his face.

What happened earlier, like a flood, rushed to Shen Lingxi's mind. She was so disgusted that she covered her mouth and vomited.

Just seeing him makes her sick.

Men hook their lips and smile coldly at the corners of their lips: Shen Lingxi, Shen Lingxi. Before the dragon family was destroyed, you threw yourself into my arms and gave me a hug. When you gently crooned on me, you pretended to be like me.

After retching for a while, Shen Lingxi wiped her mouth, turned around and left. The man's voice slowly and rhythmically sounded behind her: are you looking for this?

Shen Lingxi looks back and sees the dangerous eyes of the man, as well as the ring in his hand.

He took the rope and hung the ring on the rope, just like that in front of Shen Lingxi.

Give it back to me. Shen Lingxi reaches out for it, but the man moves faster than her. He dodges her a little.

Want to? He looked directly at her, his eyes deep and unpredictable.

That's mine. You give it back. Shen Lingxi pounces on her again, trying to get her ring and her baby back.

This time, the man even saved his side, but raised the man high, Shen Lingxi could not touch the ring.

One of them is a petite figure of over 160 cm, the other is a tall figure of over 180 cm.

The man stood here, like a mountain, Shen Lingxi could not catch him at all.

She jumps, grabs and roars: Devil, give me the ring back, give it back to me quickly.

He raised the ring high, like flirting with a monkey: Shen Lingxi, why do you say this ring is yours?

Shen Lingxi growled: "this is mine. I have been wearing it all the time. Please give it back to me quickly, or I will not be polite.".

Man chuckles: you're welcome? Why are you so rude? You're just a plaything I caught. Why are you not polite to me?

I can only see that ring in Shen Lingxi's eyes. As for who this man is, she didn't think about it at all.

Even if it annoys him, he will break her neck. She doesn't care. Nothing is more important than her taking back the ring.

Give it back to you? He's still laughing, but it's a wicked laugh.

Give it back to me. Shen Jixi is still fighting, but he can't.

Say a few reasons for me to give it back to you. If you say it well, I may be able to give it back to you. He said.

Give it back to me. It's mine. You have to give it back. Shen Lingxi had already lost her mind and could not think calmly at all.

It must be returned to you. Man evil smile, hand a stretch, throw out the ring window, Shen Lingxi, this ring is your own hand off, then you are not qualified to have it again.

Shen Lingxi watched the man throw the ring out of the window. She rushed to reach for it, but she didn't get it. Instead, she hit the wall.

Don't, don't, can't, can't she immediately turn around and rush out of the yard and see a pool under the window that just dropped the ring.

She didn't think about it. She plunged into the pool.

The water in the pool is cold and piercing, but Shen Lingxi can't feel it. She sinks into the water and looks for the ring.

She sank into the water but couldn't find the ring. She couldn't find the ring given by longyi.

Shen Lingxi, do you want to die? This dead woman, her body is still injured, and she jumps into the pool. Is she not going to die?

The man didn't hesitate to jump into the water and forcibly hold Shen Lingxi and drag him to the bank. But Shen Lingxi didn't want to. She pushed and kicked her again, just to keep him away from her.

When she had some time to spare, she sank to the bottom of the water again to find the ring.

Seeing that the time spent in the water is longer and longer, the man's face is more and more ugly: Shen Lingxi, knowing today, why did you start.

This time, he buckled Shen Lingxi and forced her to finish the case.

Devil, what are you doing? Isn't it enough that he destroyed her innocence? Do you want to destroy the only thing left by longyi?

He asked in a cold voice: it's just a ring. Look how nervous you are.

It's not a ring. It's her dragon wings. It's a proposal ring he gave her. It's a keepsake to support her through the year.

They had no idea how important that ring was to her.

That's more important than her life.

But you don't deserve it. The man said.

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