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SHEN Lingxi groaned coldly and looked out of the window: please leave here, I don't want to see anyone now.

Her embarrassment, her injury, all her helplessness and fear, she will hide well, never let others see her wound, let others seize the opportunity to laugh and insult her.

The woman looked at Shen Lingxi and said coldly: Miss Shen, it's my young master who asked me to help you clean up.

Clean up?

Shen Lingxi sneers. How can I help her clean up?

Shall she put the great and small wounds that the devil has made on her in front of another stranger?

Let others see the dirty things that the devil left on her, let others know how the devil bullied her here not long ago?

She's disgusted enough. Please don't remind her again. Don't disgust her again.

Woman near the bed: Miss Shen, can't you hear that I don't need it? Shen Lingxi bit her lips and went out. Don't let me see you again.

The woman said: the young master also told me that if you don't let me help you, he doesn't mind helping you clean up himself. Does Miss Shen want my young master to serve you personally?

Hearing this, Shen Lingxi only felt his back cold.

Who is that devil?

Why did he arrest her?

Why insult her?

What good is it for him to embarrass her?

The woman's attitude is very cold. She doesn't want to talk to Shen Lingxi. She immediately pulls the quilt that Shen Lingxi covers her body.

What are you doing? Shen Lingxi panicked, instinctively holding the quilt tightly, holding the strength of the quilt tightly as if to protect his last dignity.

Shen Lingxi, do you think you are still miss Shen? The woman approaches Shen Lingxi and lowers her voice and says, "here, you are just a tool for people to vent. What do you have to resist?"? My young master is willing to touch you. That's your blessing. Don't put on a look of dead parents. It makes people sick.

As soon as the voice fell, the woman pulled the quilt off Shen Lingxi's body and threw it in the corner.

Shen Lingxi's body with large and small scars was shivering in the naked air.

Maybe it's not cold that makes her shiver, but anger that makes her shiver. She can't let anyone insult her.

What do you want to do? Who is that devil? Shen Lingxi shouted hysterically, his voice hoarse.

Seeing the scars left by Shen Lingxi's most intimate affairs between men and women, the woman's eyes sank slightly, and there was a fierce flash in her eyes: Miss Shen, open your legs a little, I'll clean them for you

this time, she still didn't wait for Shen Lingxi to react, so she reached out and broke Shen Lingxi's thighs

humiliation, hatred and so on

many emotions attacked Shen Lingxi at the same time Xi's brain, she is out of the instinct of self-protection, waving her hand to the woman.

Pa -

this slap exhausted Shen Lingxi's whole body strength.

She glared at the woman, her eyes seemed to be burning: even if I'm not Miss Shen, I can't let you do what you want.

Yes, she admits that she is not popular in the Shen family and is often used as a chess piece by the Shen family, but she still has her self-esteem.

If even she gave up herself, who else would love her to protect her?

No one in the world is willing to treat her sincerely and protect her except her dragon wings.

However, just today, the man with the same magic color has destroyed her last little hope.

The woman had a pain and instinctively wanted to fight back. However, just as her hand was raised, a voice came from the earplug on her ear: try to move her.

The man's voice is deep and dumb, but it also has the absolute domineering dignity that can't be ignored.

Hearing the master's voice, the woman stiffly stopped the waving hand, but the cruelty in her eyes became more and more obvious.

She took a breath and tried to calm down. After a while, she adjusted herself: Miss Shen, I'll wring a hot towel for you and wash it yourself.

Shen Lingxi felt that this man was malicious to her. This man's sudden change of attitude made her suspicious, but there was no time for her to think too much.

At present, she needs to clean herself and a set of clean clothes. She also needs to find a way to escape from here.

Under the surveillance of that woman, Shen Lingxi bit her lips and endured the humiliation in her heart to clean herself up and put on clean clothes.

The man said: Miss Shen, I have changed the bed sheet and quilt cover for you, so you can have a good rest. If you need anything, just press the button at the head of the bed and I'll come over.

Finish saying, the woman will change the dirty bedspread and dirty washing clothes to carry away, the room again only Shen Lingxi a person.

As soon as the man left, Shen Lingxi's tense nerves were relaxed.

As soon as the nerves relaxed, the pain on her body and head broke out again, especially the place where her head was bruised.

She lay down slowly with her hands on the bed, closed her eyes, and was still attacked by a wave of more intense pain.

Does it hurt?

In fact, it's not that painful.

For her, no matter how strong the pain in her body is, it is still far away from the pain in her heart.

Xiao Xi, this is for you.

Lying on the bed, confused by the pain, Shen Lingxi heard the pleasant voice of the man again.

She looked up and saw that he was smiling at her.

She also chuckled: what are you going to give me?

He said: you close your eyes.

She asked: what is so mysterious? But he closed his eyes without hesitation.

Soon, she felt that he took her hand, put a cold thing on the ring finger of her right hand, and raised her hand to kiss: you can open your eyes.

Shen Lingxi opened her eyes slowly and saw a ring on her ring finger: are you?

He said with a smile: proposal ring.

Proposal ring, so he is proposing to her.

Shen Lingxi stroked the ring on his finger, which symbolized their vows. He felt a thrill in his heart: no one can propose as simple as you.

He picked his eyebrows: what? You don't want to?

She shook her head hard.

He's a little worried: Shen Lingxi, you promised to be my bride a few years ago. You can't promise nothing.

Shen Lingxi poked his forehead with a smile: who said I didn't want to? I just said you didn't mean it.

He added: then you should wear the ring well. You are not allowed to take it off before I change our wedding ring for you.

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