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who are you? What are you up to? In front of him, Qin lelan felt the danger. She instinctively stood in front of Quan Nanzhai and wanted to protect him.

Quan Nan Zhai pulls Qin leran back to protect him, and looks at the man sharply: it's you.

It's me. The man seems to be smiling, but he can't feel his smile. Mr. President, I haven't seen him for a long time. Do you miss me very much?

Quan Nan Zhai suddenly said with a smile: I have thought about you for three years. For the past three years, I have been thinking about how to tie you back every day.

In the moonlight, the blue eyes of men are more cool and evil: you miss me so much. If I had known, I shouldn't have been hiding from you.

In the moonlight, Quan Nan Zhai's eyes, like ice needles, stared at the man and slowly opened his mouth: dare to see me today?

The man of evil spirit laughs a way: I this is not to worry about you to have a little lover, gave me to forget, do not come to no good.

Quan Nanzhai is also laughing: now that we are here, let's stay and don't go. All the places here are ready for you. You are welcome to stay here.

In the moonlight, the two of them, black and white, said nice words in their mouths, but they had a gunpowder line in their eyes, which seemed to detonate at any time.

Hearing the ambiguous conversation, Qin lelan stared at Quan Nanzhai and the man, looking at them again and again.

She seems to know something about the great event, and her eyes are almost popping out of her surprise: brother lie, you guys pull up your sexy lips, laugh so hard, and look away, and stare at Qin lelan, little girl, as you can see between us.

At this moment, Quan Nanzhai understood that the real purpose of this man's coming today was that his eyes were heavy: what do you want to do, muring Feng?

Mu Lingfeng is trying to say something, but he sees a man running over in a hurry, wearing a cold sweat, saying eagerly: Mu Shao, Miss Sheng, she runs again

Mu Lingfeng is slightly shocked, her blue eyes sink, and she murmurs: Damn it, that stupid woman is looking for death again, and he can't care about Quan Nanzhai, and turns around and leaves.

Half a sound later, his voice came back from afar: Mr. President, the man asked me to pass on a word for him. Shen Lingxi took it. Thank you for your care this year.

As soon as Mu Lingfeng left, Qin lelan jumped away from Quan Nan Zhai and looked at him like a rich wolf and beast.

Quan Nanzhai has a headache. He approaches her: but Qin leran makes a sign to stop him: brother lie, go quickly. I need to calm down and think about it.

However, Quan Nanzhai, who is so easy to flinch and give up, made two big strides to Qin lelan, forced her into his arms and knocked on her little head: silly girl, what's in your head?

Qin leran thought a lot in his head, struggling to escape: brother lie, let go first, let's talk about it.

Oh, no, she can't accept the picture of her head. Her fierce brother Wuwu, what should I do?

She couldn't stop the flimsy imagination.

However, don't think about it. At this moment, Quan Nan Zhai would like to catch the culprit of Mu Lingfeng and have a good whipping.

That man, is it not good to mix up with his underworld? What's the trouble? Don't think he has enough trouble? Next time we meet, we must put the evil of Mu Lingfeng in prison, so that he will never turn over.

Brother lie, who is that man? What is the relationship between you? If he doesn't ask and get a clear answer, Qin lelan feels that he will think more and more outrageous.

The answer to Qin lelan is the sudden kiss from Quan Nanzhai. If he wants to kiss the little girl, he can only think of him in her head and nothing else.

At first, Qin lelan resisted, but gradually pushed Quan Nanzhai's hand to grab his shirt, sinking into another different experience he brought her.

When Nanzhai released her from power, all Qin leran thought was how strong brother had just kissed her, and had already thrown the man out of jiuxiaoyun.


behind him, there was a groan of pain, which made Quan Nanzhai and Qin Yueran look back at the same time.

The president shrank. It's bad luck to think of him. He came to invite Miss Qin at the order of the Lord's son. No one was invited. His ears were half missing, and his life was almost gone.

Quan Nan Zhai Mou's color sinks: spades

Qin leran quickly stops him: brother lie, let me deal with this man.

At the call of the master, spade rushed over, but saw Qin lelan stop it, and looked to Quan Nanzhai for help: Mr. President?

Qin leran, holding Quan Nanzhai's arm, turned to the man and said, "let's go.". Don't let me see you again.

It's not that Qin leran is soft hearted, but that she wants to know this man's master and brother lie.

As the saying goes, beat the dog to see the owner.

This man was just sent by the man named Mu Lingfeng. Spare his life, and it's his brother who gives his friend a face.

Thank you, Miss Qin, for getting up and running as fast as you can.

Quan Nan Zhai looked at her with burning eyes: however, how can you be so sensible?

Does brother lie like sensible ran better? Qin Le ran blinked at him, and said again, if you like, you have to say it, or I don't know.

I like it. He stroked her face, like to want to eat you.

Good. You eat. Qin lelan looks up and shut his eyes, a lovely look you can handle.

Quan Nanzhai, a silly girl, kneaded her into her arms, hoping to knead her into the blood of her bones and integrate with her. Then she could never be separated from him again.

Qin lelan looks up and asks: by the way, brother lie, who is the one who rescued Lingxi? Can that man believe it? Will Lingxi really be ok?

With that man in, he won't let anyone hurt Shen Lingxi. Mention that person, think of a year ago, right south Zhai's eyes flashed a bloodthirsty dark awn.

The man is still alive and back.

He came back alive when everyone thought he was dead.

This year, that person's experience must be quite painful.

Now he comes back alive. It's time to end the murder a year ago, which killed so many people.

He will personally clean up those villains behind him, and make them pay 10 times and 100 times the price one by one.

He will use practical actions to let those people know that he is the master of the country.

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